And for today’s article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of everything about Sunggyu’s military enlistment, which is one of the most important things that all men in Korea have to do for two years. So are you guys looking forward to it? Then let’s get started~!

The Military Enlistment Day

Sunggyu has entered the training center of the 22nd infantry division on May 14th last year around 1:15 p.m. KST. The Infinite leader expressed his wish to enter quietly, that’s why he didn’t do any interviews before his enlistment. He simply waved to the fans and said, “Thank you,” before entering the training center. The other members are currently in Russia for an event, so he was only accompanied by the staff representative from Woolim Entertainment. Ahead of his enlistment, Sunggyu’s close friend Bora, a former member of Sistar, shared a photo that was taken in 2016 on her personal Instagram account and commented, “I will make sure to visit!!! Don’t get hurt and be healthy!! Let’s go to an escape room again like that time when you are discharged!!” Here is Bora’s photo with Sunggyu and the others:

Finished His Military Training

On June 23rd, 2018, Sunggyu finally finished his military training smoothly! On the same day, Infinite’s official Twitter account posted a photo and wrote, “Recruit No.122 Kim Sunggyu! Greeting Inspirit after concluding his completion ceremony well, salute!” The photo shows Sunggyu together with one of the other members of Infinite, L, who attended the ceremony to show his wholehearted support. Their account also posted another two photos with a tweet that says, “He is busier than anyone these days, and his schedule was full today as well. But he adjusted his schedule and ran to see the leader!” Sunggyu was confirmed to enlist in the military on May 14th, as he’s now completed the basic training. He will continue as an active-duty soldier with his official assignment.

Performing In a Military Musical Shinheung Military Academy

A musical theater called Shinheung Military Academy started in September 2018 with new faces. The story told of patriot youths at the academy who fought to gain independence from Japan. The first performance tour is scheduled to begin in September 2018 and last until January 16th, 2019, where they took the cast from 12 different cities around Korea for a total of 65 performances. This musical featured Infinite’s leader Sunggyu, and two famous actors, Ji Chang Wook and Kang Ha Neul, who are currently serving in the military. The three of them will return for the 2019 encore performance, and they will be joined by two other celebrities who are also serving. All three roles have been double-cast, Ji Chang Wook and musical actor Gong Eun Sung will play as Dong Kyu, Kang Ha Neul and 2AM’s member Jo Kwon as Pal Do, while Sunggyu and SHINee’s member Onew will play as Jung Chun Chun. The encore performance of Shinheung Military Academy took place on February 27th, 2019, and continued until April 21st, 2019, at Kwanglim Arts Center’s BBCH Hall in Seoul.

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