Similar to other boy and girl groups, BTS also has their secret or tips to maintain a perfect body shape. Therefore, in this article, Channel-Korea will break down each member’s diet plans, and the members’ consistency to do those diets.

List of BTS’ Members’ Diet Plans

In this headline, you will see a table containing BTS’ diet plans which include any special foods, workouts, or unique methods the members are doing. The following is a list of their diet plans.   In the next headlines, we’ll go deeper into each of their diet plans.

Jin’s Diet Plans: Eat Chicken and Do Workouts

The complete details of Jin’s diet plan can be seen here, but basically, he can keep his weight off by eating chicken and doing workouts. He usually eats three times a day, and he eats chicken at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For a long time, Jin chose chicken breast as his mainstay diet menu. When he was promoting his fourth studio album Wings with the other members, he revealed that he only ate two packs of chicken breast every day for a year. Due to malnutrition caused by that extreme diet, Jin changed his plan and combined chicken breast with other healthy foods, such as sausages, veggies, soups, and carbohydrates. Actually, Jin is known as a member who has changed his diet a lot (transforming from unhealthy to healthier ones), but he still has chicken breast as his favorite today.

Suga’s Diet Plans: Intermittent Fasting

Suga is one of the members who have the most extreme diet plans. Actually, the Daechwita singer has never been on a fixed diet. He only tries to manage his intake duration, a method known as intermittent fasting. He applies the 6/18 fast to his body, requiring him to endure hunger for 18 hours and eat continuously for the next six hours.

J-Hope’s Diet Plans: Practice Dancing Longer and Do Cardio Workouts

As a member of the BTS’ dance line, J-Hope is obliged to excel in dancing and be an example for other members. For that, J-Hope always extends his dance practice period for a few hours. He indeed takes regular dance practice with other members, but he practices dancing longer alone. Talking about his calorie intake, J-Hope never follows some fixed and strict diets. He usually eats as much as he wants, but he regularly eats oatmeal, fruits, chicken, fish (especially salmon), and vegetables.

RM’s Diet Plans: Eat Regular Meals and Drink Water a Lot

Similar to J-Hope, the BTS leader doesn’t follow strict diet plans. RM eats as much as he wants, but he still doesn’t like junk foods. He eats regularly three times a day, and sometimes he eats light snacks. However, he still has a calorie limit, and he tries not to eat more than 2.000 calories per day. Due to his packed schedule and training, RM also drinks a lot of water to keep his body fit and hydrated. RM once mentioned this as one of his healthy diet tips, but it’s not clear whether his drinking water habit can help him to lose or gain a certain amount of weight.

Jimin’s Diet Plans: Eat Only Chicken Breast Every Ten Days

Among all the seven members, Jimin has the most extreme, insane, and controversial diet plans. His diet plans have become a hot topic in ARMYs and generally among K-pop fans, especially the time when he only ate chicken breast every ten days back in 2016. The further details of his diet plans have been covered here, and based on that article, ARMYs should be glad that Jimin is no longer following such a controversial diet. In several BTS interviews in 2016, Jimin often revealed that the members (especially Jin) were very worried about him and constantly encouraged him to eat. However, when the eating invitation came up, he used to lie helplessly on the floor saying “I’m not going anywhere….”. Jin also reminded him of the negative impact on his health when going on such a diet, but Jimin reassured him that he would take care of himself. Since then, Jimin’s feelings have become more sensitive when he hears the words “dieting” and “chicken breast”. In addition, he also suffered from many health problems. Some of these include heavy breathing, easy bruising, acne worsening, skin dull, hair and muscle loss, and a higher sensitivity to smell.

V’s Diet Plans: Eat Soup and Enjoy Eating Foods

Kim Tae-hyung is the member who is least stressed about diet plans. Similar to RM and J-Hope, he doesn’t have a strict diet. He only tries to eat light meals, and he likes to eat whatever he wants to eat. V also mentions that soup will help maintain body weight, and that’s why he enjoys eating soups. Furthermore, he also enjoys eating all kinds of food. He believes that the feeling of food’s enjoyment will make our foods less fatty, and won’t make us gain weight.

Jungkook’s Diet Plans: Eat Salad and Juice, and Do Cardio Workouts

If we recall BTS’ pre-debut moments, you might notice that Jungkook has the most different body shape. His body has transformed significantly and this is probably due to his vegan-based diets and cardio workouts. The Golden Maknae has been trying to work hard to gain muscle mass and maintain his famous abs. However, he also tends to plan on losing and maintaining quite a low body weight. The menus of Jungkook’s daily meals can be seen here. For some days, he often skipped meals, especially when he was preparing for concerts and comebacks. During those periods, he reveals that he only eats when he’s hungry. He also tries to not eat snacks and unnecessary foods.

Jungkook also has to follow some packed workout plans. He does cardio exercises, such as move squats, push-ups, jump squats, pike push-ups, planks, and leg raises for two until three hours. He often shares his workout moments through videos.

Some of his videos have attracted a lot of attention from his followers, including Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds. That’s all that you need to know about the BTS’ members’ diet plans. So, what do you think about their diet plans? Do you think that their diet plans are healthy enough and can provide effective results to the members’ bodies?

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