Oh My Girl’s Dancing Machine, Yoo-A

Yoo-A is a member of the Korean idol girl group Oh My Girl. She is the main dancer, lead vocalist and the face of Oh My Girl. Amongst the other members, she is famous for her small and cute doll-like face. Her hobbies are spending time alone and listening to music. Her real name is Yoo Yeon-joo but she changed her name to Yoo Shiah.

Pre-debut Era

During her pre-debut era, she attended Hongyoungjoo Academy. Before joining a dance academy, she posted a question to an online community asking for people’s opinion of her wanting to join a dance academy. She also uploaded her picture as she posted the question. She wrote, “This year I will become a junior high school student. I am still very young but can I attend a dance academy? My dream is to become a singer so I will train a lot and I want to participate in an audition. I will grow and I will become taller. In case I am successfully accepted in an academy, can I wear skinny jeans when I attend classes?” At a very young age, she had a clear purpose to reach her dream. The online community praised her for her cuteness and her strong will and spirit to become a singer. In the end, she was accepted in the academy and became a trainee of WH Entertainment before debuting as a member of Oh My Girl. Yoo A has always been cute and pretty since a very young age. At a very young age, her face seemed normal but as she grew to be a teenager her face looked small compared to her body. It appeared that her face didn’t grow, only her body grew bigger and taller. At a young age, she had monolid eyes, but after debuting she now has double lid eyes.

Debut with Oh My Girl

Yoo A debuted with Oh My Girl on April 20th, 2015, at the age of 20. Oh My Girl debuted with a mini-album titled Oh My Girl which included the lead single “Cupid.” Her small face and proportional figure earned her more attention as compared to other members.


“Cupid” was one of the singles on Oh My Girl’s debut mini-album. Oh My Girl first performed “Cupid” on SBS’ The Show. At the time, Oh My Girl debuted and performed with eight members. Their “Cupid” MV was dominated with blue and pink pastel colors. Their concept for “Cupid” was a cheerleader concept. Oh My Girl looked lively and sporty in cheerleader outfits. The MV was dominated with blue and pink pastel colors to show their girly and young image. Yoo A caught the attention with her cute smile and lovely yellow outfit.


Closer is Oh My Girl’s comeback album after their debut album. The album was released on October 8th, 2015, with five tracks including the leading song titled “Closer.” In the “Closer” MV, Yoo A took center stage and became the face of the group at the start of the MV. She looked super beautiful with white short dress showing her long legs and proportional figure. The concept for “Closer” was a mystery and fantasy like from a children storybook. They first appeared in a big house surrounded by creeping plants and later, one of the girls appeared impersonating one of the most famous characters in children’s stories, Little Red Riding Hood.

Liar Liar

Oh My Girl released their third album, Pink Ocean, on March 28th, 2016. The album came with five singles including one lead single titled “Liar Liar.” During a live performance of “Liar Liar,” all members wore a girly outfit with a different color. “Liar Liar” is a catchy and addictive song. The concept for Pink Ocean’s “Liar Liar” was pure and lively teenagers. In the MV, they wore outfits that are worn daily by ordinary girls. Yoo A was very cute when she showed up from under a napkin.

Windy Day

Windy Day is Oh My Girl’s fourth album. Windy Day was released on May 26th, 2016, and contains eight singles, including the leading single titled “Windy Day.” This album also includes the song “Liar Liar” in a Chinese Version. “Windy Day” starts with acoustic guitar melody and mellow atmosphere but suddenly changes into upbeat music with a little sound of Indian acoustic guitar. It was rollercoaster single with mellow atmosphere interchanged with upbeat music. Yoo A looked a little bit more mature with a sleeveless dress in the MV.

Listen to My Word (A-ing)

On August 1st, 2016, Oh My Girl released a special remake summer album. The lead track of the album was “Listen to My Word (A-ing)” featuring Skull and Haha. The single had a Jamaican and reggae beat which is easy to listen. During a hot and tiring summer day, listeners can relax while listening to a cool and refreshing reggae style music. In the MV, Yoo A showed just how small her face is by covering her face with only a clamshell.

Coloring Book

After their special summer album, Oh My Girl released their fourth mini-album titled Coloring Book which includes the leading single of the same name. The album was released on April 3rd, 2017. Before the release of this album, one of the members, JinE left the group to receive treatment and continue recovering after her health issues. “Coloring Book” has a North European music style with energetic tempo from start until finish. The melody is peerless with back and forth addictive melody. “Coloring Book” has cute lyrics and memorable pop dance music. The MV concept starts with all the members wearing all-white dresses trying to make a cake in a white room. One of the girls drops an egg that gives the white room color. Suddenly, all the girls go wild and throw different colors at the wall of the white room. In the MV, Yoo A dyed her hair with black color which made her slightly less visible.

Secret Garden

WM Entertainment announced the fifth mini-album for Oh My Girl titled Secret Garden, which was released on January 9th, 2018. Their popularity had already skyrocketed and their concert tickets were sold out within minutes of sale opening. Secret Garden earned Oh My Girl their first and second trophy for their work. The next “concept elf” of Oh My Girl returned with normal girls’ dream concept. The girls are gardening to keep their secret garden that exists in their dreams. The single is filled with Asian melody inside the main rhythmical rock music. Yoo A again becomes the center stage of the choreography. She wore a black floral dress and dyed her hair black to create a mysterious image.

Remember Me

Remember Me is the 6th mini-album of Oh My Girl. WM Entertainment announced the release of a new album on September 10th, 2018. The album includes five tracks with the leading track titled “Remember Me.” Continuing the Secret Garden concept from the previous album, this time Remember Me uses a Sky Garden Concept. Fans are invited to a sky garden. Under the dark sky, bright as fireworks, Oh My Girl members shed their beautiful bright light. Yoo A looked super chic in a white floral dress. This time, she dyed her hair blonde.

The Fifth Season (SSFWL)

The Fifth Season is Oh My Girl’s first regular album. It was released on May 8th, 2019. The lead single of the album is titled “The Fifth Season” (SSFWL). The cover of the album was a painting of the group in ballerina dresses. For this album’s concept, all members of the group turned into ballerinas. As usual, Yoo A looks stunning and elegant with an asymmetrical black dress. Amongst the other members, she is the only member who wears a sleeveless dress. It seems her stylist wanted the audience to admire the combination of her small face and sexy shoulders. That’s everything about the cute Oh My Girl’s Yoo-A’s transformations throughout the time. Cheering for her entertainment career. What do you think? Please, don’t forget to kindly leave a comment in the section below!

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