Here Are the Things You Need To Know About the Charismatic Leader of The Boyz: Sangyeon!

The Boyz (formerly known as Cre.kerz) is one of the South Korean boy groups with eleven members. The group started its career in the K-pop industry on December 6th, 2017. Like most K-pop groups, The Boyz has one member as the group leader. Maybe some of you guys are new The Bs (The Boyz’s fans) and have followed the group for a while but you still don’t know a lot of things about the leader. If you are one of these people, then this article is all you need! This article will give you lots of information about The Boyz’s leader and how he became the leader of his group.

Sangyeon: The Charismatic Leader of The Boyz

The leader of The Boyz is Lee Sangyeon, better known as Sangyeon. He is the main vocalist of The Boyz along with Kevin and New. Sangyeon is known as the charismatic leader of the group. The last of two children in his family, Sangyeon has an older sister. So, if you think that the youngest child can’t lead, you’re totally wrong! Sangyeon has so many leadership skills, making him a leader that can bring The Boyz to further success.

Why Did Sangyeon Become the Leader of The Boyz?

There are several reasons why Sangyeon was chosen as the leader of The Boyz. Those reasons are as follows:

Other Members Believe Sangyeon Is the Best Leader

Choosing Sangyeon as their group leader is probably the best decision made by The Boyz’s members. Sangyeon is the oldest member and was on November 4, 1996. The gap between his age and Eric the maknae’s age is about four years and one month. As the oldest member, he felt a responsibility to lead The Boyz since its official debut. The reason is not only because of his age, but other members also believe that Sangyeon is “absolutely destined” to be their leader. Other members see that Sangyeon is good at managing them. He is also a good listener, and, sometimes, he gives brilliant solutions to their problems. The members feel cared for and needed because Sangyeon always cares for and respects them. The Boyz members also mentioned once that Sangyeon is the one who can unite them all. As we know, managing a group with many members is not an easy task. Even though it’s not easy, Sangyeon always tries to make the atmosphere in the group friendlier and more conducive. He tends to make funny jokes and entertains the members in every way he can. Sangyeon believes that a group with a good atmosphere will create a solid group and better friendships, thereby enabling the group to work better and harder.

Sangyeon’s Personality Towards The Boyz Members

Another reason why Sangyeon is suitable as a leader is because of his personality. Actually, Sangyeon never thought that he could become a great leader. He mostly grew up as a shy boy. When he attended school, he was pretty shy and less talkative. He seemed like someone who couldn’t lead people. However, things changed and so did Sangyeon’s personality. Right now, he’s trying to be more communicative towards his members and has become more extroverted. He is very straightforward when expressing his mind. For example, Sangyeon clearly stated that he doesn’t believe in astrology and MBTI personality readings. He has become the most determined member, and he won’t give up working on something until he achieves what he wants. When he’s practicing his dancing and singing skills, he trains over and over again if he feels his skills aren’t good enough. He’s very confident and very sure of himself and his members. He’s really a good example for his members. Sangyeon is often perceived as someone who has a very charismatic image. Eric the maknae once mentioned that Sangyeon looks very cool when he writes songs. His personality and his public image make him a perfect fit as a “father” for The Boyz. Usually, fathers are leaders in their families, and Sangyeon seems to have a perfect image of what a father does for his family.

IST Entertainment’s Leader System About Choosing Their Group Leaders

Normally, in K-pop groups, the group leader is the oldest member of the group. But, there are some notable groups whose leaders are not the oldest members. In IST Entertainment, the process of choosing the group leader is completely done by the group members. Mostly, boy and girl groups under IST Entertainment have the oldest members as leaders. Besides Sangyeon, there are also Apink’s Chorong, Bandage’s Chansol, and Weeekly’s Soojin. Those are the oldest members who also became group leaders for their respective groups. Victon, at first, was led by the oldest member Seungwoo. But, because Seungwoo left the group to make his second debut in 2019, the leader position was given to Seungsik. The Boyz has a unique concept about its leader. Indeed, Sangyeon is the leader of The Boyz, but he co-leads the group with Jacob. Jacob is the second oldest member who is considered the “mother” of The Boyz. That’s all the information about Sangyeon, The Boyz’s leader. So, what do you think about Sangyeon’s leadership? Do you agree with The Boyz members’ opinions about their leader? If you agree with them and you like this whole article, share this article with your friends! See you again!

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