The issue of smoking is currently being discussed a lot because of a viral fancam showing BTS’s V smoking before the 2022 Grammy Awards began. Because of that fancam, does that mean that V is really an active smoker? What about the other BTS members, are they also active smokers? This Channel-Korea article will answer these questions, as we will give you a glimpse of BTS’s current and past smoking status.

List of BTS Members’ Smoking Status

The following is a list of BTS members’ smoking status.   Through this table, we can see that there are three members who smoke, or have smoked before. In the next headlines, we’ll see the details of those three members’ smoking status.

Suga’s Smoking Status: Has Smoked Before

Suga is widely known to ARMYs that he smoked before joining Big Hit Music as a trainee. Actually, the rapper himself has never directly stated that he has smoked before, but ARMYs and K-pop observers believe that he smoked. The reason why he smoked is also not clearly revealed, but this may have a lot to do with his family background. ARMYs know that Suga was born into a poor family in Daegu. According to CNN, the poorer a community is, the more likely its people are to smoke and become addicted to tobacco. This is probably what had happened with Suga because his family’s poverty made him stressed and hopeless, causing him to turn to cigs. Back in 2010 when he did an audition at Big Hit Music, he was still a 17-year-old active smoker. When he passed the audition and was recruited as a trainee, the Big Hit recruiters were aware of his smoking status. However, the recruiters still saw optimism from Suga, because it seemed that Suga had promised to stop smoking if he officially became a trainee. Many fans believe that right when Suga became a trainee, he immediately stopped smoking. According to fans, there are several possible reasons why Suga stopped smoking, including: These are some reasons why Suga gave up on smoking. To this day, Suga has never reported smoking or holding a cig. However, a scene in the Love Yourself Highlight Reel showed that Suga was holding a cig in his mouth. That scene only told background stories of Love Yourself, and it didn’t mean that Suga is actively smoking anymore.

Jimin’s Smoking Status: Has Smoked Before

Jimin’s smoking status was questioned by fans because he and Suga were caught smoking by fans. There have been ARMYs who claimed to have seen Suga and Jimin when they were trainees, and the fans said they smelled like tobacco. However, there’s no further evidence of this, so many people don’t believe that Jimin has smoked before. On the other hand, some fans believe that Jimin has smoked before, probably for the same reason as Suga. Jimin was born into a family whose situation is similar to Suga’s, but they weren’t as poor as Suga’s. For this reason, many people believe that Jimin has tried smoking at least once. It isn’t clear when Jimin quit smoking. However, fans speculate on some possible reasons why he stopped smoking, and some of them are: These are some reasons speculated by fans about why Jimin stopped smoking. To this day, Jimin has never reported smoking.

V’s Smoking Status: Currently Smoking

Kim Tae-hyung has been caught smoking several times by fans, making fans believe that he’s currently smoking. One of them was in 2019 when V was spotted vaping Juul, a popular Korean electronic cigarette brand. Many people believe that Juul is less harmful than conventional cigs, but it still contains addictive nicotine as the conventional ones. That’s why, when V’s photo spread enormously through the internet, ARMYs heavily criticized V’s decision to start vaping. V’s new photo in 2022 also made ARMYs angry with him. This time, V was smoking at the 2022 Grammy Awards backstage with a Big Hit Music staff member. It was reported that he smoked a Juul before the ceremony began. Again, many fans and haters believe that the video of him holding Juul is true, and criticized his decision again to e-smoke.

On the other hand, many ARMYs believe V didn’t smoke. They have said that the device in V’s photo isn’t a Juul device. They have said that Juul has a stick in the middle, but the device held by V doesn’t have a stick in it. The photo continued to be a hot and debatable topic, as the haters and ARMYs kept giving their own defending and attacking opinions.

Other BTS Members’ Smoking Status

Apart from Suga, Jimin, and V, fans have speculated that the other four members don’t smoke and have never smoked even once. They even stated their distaste for cigs and smoking in general. For example, Jungkook stated that his dad is an active smoker and he hates it. Jungkook once met a smoking ARMY in the street, and he suddenly suggested she stop smoking. RM also said that he doesn’t like smoking and cigs are disgusting. So, that’s all you need to know about BTS members’ smoking status. What do you think about V’s smoking video during the 2022 Grammy Awards? Do you think that the video is true, or do you believe that the video has been edited by BTS haters?

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