Twice is Here!

Here comes Asia’s number one girl group, TWICE! This K-Pop girl group with nine members (Tzuyu, Nayeon, Sana, Chaeyoung, Jihyo, Momo, Jeongyeon, Mina, Dahyun) was formed in a reality competition show. TWICE, managed by JYP Entertainment, in fact, has a major impact on the Korean mainstream. Since their debut in 2015 until now, TWICE still manage to dominate the entertainment industry by their catchy, upbeat and quirky songs. Let’s check out some of their best iconic lines from our favorite girl group’s songs!  

Sana’s Shy Shy Shy – “Cheer Up”

Shy shy shy is a popular line from the song “Cheer Up” that was released on April 25th, 2016. It was Sana’s part, that she made it sounds like Sha sha sha. It turns out that this line going viral wasn’t planned at all. Sana did not expect that her part would become so popular. She even thought that she was being made fun of because she is Japanese and couldn’t pronounce the word right, but we know that’s not the cause. Nevertheless, she made shy shy shy sound so cute and adorable. Bet you can’t stop listening to her part after hearing the song. Look, even the male idols imitate her shy shy shy. So cute!  

Ji-hyo’s Mollae dwieseo ana noel nohji anheullae – “Fancy”

Mollae dwieseo ana noel nohji anheullae! (몰래 뒤에서 안아 널 놓지 않을래) was Jihyo’s part in the song “Fancy.” The line means, “I will secretly hold you from behind and never let go.” This part was sung by Ji-hyo passionately with her strong voice. Fans gotta be feeling attacked by this part. Thus, some of them made a meme out of it for fun.  

Sana’s Knock Knock – “Knock Knock”

Knock knock from the song “Knock Knock” goes to Sana’s part. This line became iconic because of the way she sings it. You can check out this line at 0:41 of the song. Bet her cute knock knock will continue knocking out her fans.  

TWICE’s Let me see how you gon treat me, I ain’t no easy, Better think about it twice – “Like Ooh Ahh”

Let me see how you gon treat me, I ain’t no easy, better think about it twice was from another hit song from Twice “Like Ooh Ahh.” This line became iconic because this line was sung for the dance break of the song with the group’s sexy and energetic synced moves. Show them how you gonna treat her, Once!  

TWICE’s I’m like TT, just like TT – “TT”

Never heard of it? Well, you officially have been living under the rock! I’m like TT, just like TT is one popular line from TWICE’s 2016 hit song “TT.” When the music video of “TT” was released, it left sparking interest and excitement among K-Pop fans around the world, also left some viewers confused about the actual meaning of its lyrics and dance concept. Some speculated that some of the choreography was also sexually suggestive. But actually, the members (TWICE) are making a hand gesture resembling “TT,” using thumbs and index fingers that resemble tears as it is used as a crying emoji in Korea. Despite all of the misunderstanding, the beat on this line is pretty catchy to sing and with easy and playful choreography. So, that’s why this line became so popular and iconic. Let’s dance it all away! I’m like TT, just like TT, tell me would you be my baby~

We present a ten-minute video of the line just for you! Enjoy~   Ji-hyo’s Cheer Up Baby, Cheer Up Baby – “Cheer Up”

Cheer Up Baby, Cheer Up Baby! is the chorus line from the song “Cheer Up.” This part was sung by Ji-hyo. Besides the iconic shy shy shy, this line also has succeeded in getting the audiences to sing it over and over. Check out the fanboy’s fan-chant over Cheer up baby! You can also try singing this line to cheer up your friends!   Momo’s Joreujima eolma gaji anha bureuge haejulge baby – “Cheer Up”

Joreujima eolma gaji anha bureuge haejulge baby was sung by Momo in the song “Cheer Up.” This part plays at 0:57 based on the official music video uploaded by JYP Entertainment. The line means: “Don’t urge me, it won’t take long and I’ll let you call me baby.” A similar line was also sung by Momo at 2:05, it goes joreujima eodi gaji anha doeeojulge neoui baby which means: “Don’t urge me, I’m not going anywhere, I will be your baby.” This part became iconic because, in this part, Momo is dressed as a pretty agent while walking to us and posing with her guns. No wonder fans went crazy over this part.  

Tzuyu/Sana’s Jjirit jjirit jjirit jjirit – “Signal”

Jjirit jjirit jjirit jjirit is a phenomenal line from the song “Signal.” This song’s concept sees the girls granted superpowers by an alien force, which they use to talk about trying to get a guy to like them. So the Jjirit jjirit part refers to the sound of the signal that they’ve been sending trying to get the guy’s attention. It’s shocking how this song is catchy at all. Also, don’t forget the pose by lifting your both hands above your head and making a signal with your fingers, just like Daehwi (Wanna One) does in the picture! Welp, the fans gotta be so addicted to Twice’s Jjirit jjirit to not get tired of it. Because me, too! And we present a one-hour Jjirit jjirit for you just in case.


Da-hyun’s Ireon nae mam moreugo neomuhae neomuhae – “TT”

Iroen nae mam moreugo, neomuhae neomuhae is one of the most iconic lines from the song “TT,” which has the meaning You don’t know how I feel, you’re so mean you’re so mean. Twice brought this line adorably and completed it with cute ‘angry girlfriend’ moves while shouting Neomuhae! Neomuhae!. There’s nothing to question anymore why this line could become such a hit. No one can refuse their cuteness for bringing the line to the K-Pop industry. Anyway, you can try going Neomuhae neomuhae for fun to your partner. It would be cute to annoy them a little. Here, learn from V and Suga from BTS to do the Neomuhae neomuhae!

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