Learn More About the Precious and Expressive V!

BTS has a hidden member in it, and who would have thought the last member that Big Hit revealed as a BTS member would have such extraordinary charisma and amazing talents. Of course he’s Kim Tae-hyung! The manly voice that he has often makes girls fall in love for the umpteenth time, but it turns out it’s not only his voice that’s capable of making others fall in love, it’s his visual that is also able to shake the world! Kim Tae-hyung, or as we know him, BTS’s V, is known for having 1000 expressions and skills that he shows naturally. But who knows if BTS’ V and Kim Tae-hyung have differences in their charisma, even though both of them are his own self? In this articl, Channel-Korea will talk about some differences in BTS’s V and Kim Tae-hyung’s charisma. So, let’s check this out!

Kim Tae-hyung, Saxophone Player with Amazing Acting Skill

Not only good looking and having a beautiful voice, Kim Tae-hyung also can play musical instruments and is good at acting! Kim Tae-hyung showed his secret talents when BTS was invited on the reality show “Star Show 360” as a guest. At the time, and for the first time after becoming a trainee and debuting, Tae-hyung showed his skill playing the saxophone. In actuality, Tae-hyung started learning to play when he was in junior high school, to prepare to enter an art high school. Tae-hyung then showed off his skill with moves that made him look like a professional saxophone player, even though he struggled a little with pitch, because he rarely played after becoming a group member. His ability to play the sax gives him his own his own appeal, and gets attention for ARMY. His funny whims when he was playing adds an element to his charisma, especially when he debuted in dramas. Tae-hyung is the first BTS member who had an opportunity to try his hand in acting. He had the chance to star in a colossal drama alongside with popular actors, entitled “Hwarang:The Poet Warrior Youth”. In acting, he played his role very well, even though it was his first drama. although he was stuck with his schedule in BTS, it finally all resolved because of support from the other members. Tae-hyung was able to get attention from the audience, so that the drama could become a drama recommendation. Here are some excerpts of the drama that he played in!

BTS’s V: Charismatic Singer With Many Hidden Gems

So many people suppose that he is a member who just sings. But as time goes by, V actually has many hidden gems in himself. V often said that he wanted to be part of a rap line with RM, J-hope, and Suga, but people thought he was only joking. Who would have thought that he really could rap, and that his skill could be sharpened. Here’s some video that demonstrates that he’s a talented rapper:

Not only did he surprise people with his rapping, V, who was initially only part of the vocal line, also joined the dance line along with Jimin, J-hope, and the youngest member, Jungkook. Each member of the dance line has their own charisma, not to mention’ V, who is often known as ‘face genius’ because his face is always captivating when performing. V does use his facial expressions when dancing, an example is when he was performing his solo song ‘Singularity’. It not surprising that everyone’s eyes were on him, especially when he danced with a smirk. He becomes more serious, sexier, and more charming when on the stage, but offstage he just becomes adorable Kim Tae-hyung.

Yeon-tan Chose Between Star and Normal Mode

BTS’ V, or Kim Tae-hyung, is called the ‘King Of Expression’ by ARMY whether he’s on the stage or not, and so it goes when he plays with his lovely puppy Yeon-tan, often called Tannie. Tae-hyung has been taking care of Yeon-tan since he was just a puppy, and he nurtures his pet lovingly, even like a father and son. But how does Tae-hyung play with Yeon-tan when he becomes a star, versus nomal mode? Everyone knows that Tae-hyung really takes care of and loves his puppy. The first time Yeon-tan appeared in public it was an accident, where Jin was celebrating his birthday with ARMY on Vlive, then Tae-hyung peeked in the window with a cute puppy. That’s when Yeon-tan became a star. Taehyung increasingly exposed the puppy by going live on the Vlive channel, and he frequently uploads photos and videos of Yeon-tan on Twitter, which makes everyone jealous of Yeon-tan because the puppy can get more attention from Tae-hyung. When away the camera, or during normal mode, Tae-hyung and Yeon-tan love their days like everyone else. Taehyung often takes Yeontanon picnics, they watch TV together, etc. That Tae-hyung is very affectionate and considerate.

Interaction With BTS Members

BTS’ V is a person who is known for his ridiculousness; even the other BTS members say that he looks strange and hyperactive. But, behind it all, Tae-hyung is often called friendly to everyone, and seems like someone who doesn’t have a care in the world, when in fact there are many things on his mind. Tae-hyung can fix everything and achieve things he wants slowly, and one by one. This was said by the other BTS members, who know him better than anyone. Tae-hyung is close to every BTS member, but he’s closest with maknae line, Jimin and Jungkook. They always do everything together, until they disturb the hyung line. Tae-hyung often messes with Suga, wherever and whenever. On KBS Gayo Daejung 2019, BTS and other stars gathered on the stage to enjoy the opening ceremony. Then, when music was on, everyone was dancing also with Tae-hyung. At first he danced with Jimin, but then Tae-hyung held Suga’s hand while inviting him to dance together. Then, when Tae-hyung wanted to hug him, Suga’s facial expression was saying “no I can’t”, and refusd Tae-hyung’s invitation to dance with a funny expression. Besides Suga and the maknae line, Tae-hyung also often interacts with the oldest member, Jin. Jin is 3 or 4 years older than he is, but Jin really cares and loves him like his own younger brother. Tae-hyung often spoiled him, and also became an understanding brother by listening to Jin’s dad jokes patiently.

Interaction With ARMY

ARMY often gets good fan service with BTS, especially at each BTS fansign event. When when BTS held a fansign in 2017, one example was the interactions between BTS’ V with beautiful fans. When the pretty girls arrived by him, they were invoved in a conversation that was quite interesting. V suddenly said to the fans, “Looks like there must be a lot of men who want to contact you (means want to know her more), right?” Hearing what V said, the girl looked a little shy. However, V showed his protective side and asked her to give the names of the men that bothered her. He wents on to say “If you think they aren’t good for you, or if you don’t like them, you can say my name.” After saying that, V seemed to give her a warm look. V also said that he doesn’t mind if, when there are men who are still bothering her, she drives them away by saying he is her boyfriend. “You can say to them, ‘Hey, I’ve boyfriend right now. So don’t bother me.’” After saying that, V was seen smiling shyly, then did a high five with her. After that, the fans shifted to the next member.

  Not only during direct interaction, lately BTS’ V is often online in Weverse, the platform for ARMY and BTS’s for interaction on the internet. Even in Weverse, V has given advice about ARMY’s relationships, and is not ashamed to talk about what he’s felt in his life. Taehyung also once commemorated ARMY who posted the disgrace of BTS’s members to stop doing it.

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