To this day, we can definitely say that all K-pop groups already have their own lines, including BTS. So, are you curious about the lines in BTS? If you are, then you need to keep reading this article, because this article will give you a glimpse of the lines in BTS.

List of the BTS Lines

In this headline, we will take a look at some of the lines in BTS. BTS members (and their fan base ARMYs) usually divide the group based on the members’ ages and their positions in the group. However, there’s a specific line in BTS that is made not based on their ages or positions. Here are the lines. In the following headlines, we will take a detailed look at the lines one by one.

The BTS Hyung Line

Similar to other groups, BTS also have a subgroup consisting of the four oldest members. The oldest among the four members is Jin, and the youngest one is RM. Simply put, we can say that RM is the middle member, as well as the leader of the group. In this line, there are three rappers (RM, J-Hope, Suga) and one vocalist (Jin). If you guys are new ARMYs, you won’t realize that Jin belongs to the hyung line. Indeed, Jin is known by ARMYs as the most childish BTS member. ARMYs also feel that Jin looks younger than he should be, and these are the reasons why Jin is called the BTS fake maknae. Besides Jin, sometimes Suga is also called a fake maknae, just because he’s the shortest member of BTS. Similar to other hyungs in other groups, the four members always take care, and give advice and attention to the younger members. This responsibility is heavier on RM, who is also the leader of BTS.

The BTS Maknae Line

Apart from the four oldest members, there are also the other three youngest members. With one of their hyungs, the three youngest members are all vocalists and dancers. Talking about their appearances, many people believe that the members look their age. However, newcomer ARMYs are somehow surprised that the maknaes are quite tall, even taller than some of their hyungs! In a K-pop group, the youngest members are usually the naughtiest and the noisiest members. This also applies to BTS, as the three youngest members used to be nosy to their hyungs. This can be seen very clearly in Jungkook a.k.a the evil maknae who likes to joke and tease Jin until Jin gets annoyed with him.

The BTS Rap Line

The BTS rap line members usually appear swag and have captivating voices. We can safely say that this line is BTS’s most creative line because all the members of this line are the members who contribute the most to writing lyrics for BTS’s songs. Not only do they write rap lyrics, but they also participate in writing lyrics for the non-rap parts. Among the three members, the member who writes the most songs is RM. The rap line members are also the members who constantly release tracks that only contain rap lyrics. There are several popular rap songs released by them, most of them are intro tracks, outro tracks, and all the tracks of BTS’s Cypher.

The BTS Vocal Line

The vocal line consists of the maknae line added with Jin. They are often praised by fans for their unique voices and their impeccable vocal techniques. Each of them has a different type of voice, with Jimin’s voice being able to reach high notes elegantly. Meanwhile, V has a lower and deeper voice, and Jungkook’s voice is smoother than the other two. Because of their distinctive voices, they are commonly referred to as the BTS vocal powerhouse. ARMYs also often praise the line for their amazing high notes and slick falsettos. The vocal line doesn’t write lyrics for BTS as much as the rap line. Even so, there are some BTS tracks that are written and sung only by the vocal line. Most of these tracks are outro tracks and side tracks.

The BTS Dance Line

Officially, BTS’s dance line members have never become the group’s main choreographers, except for Jin who choreographed “Spine Breaker“. However, some choreographers, like Nick Joseph, have admitted that he introduced his choreography to the dance line first, and asked them to improvise the choreography. BTS’s dance line often helps the other members to learn the choreographies easier. In addition, they have also performed freestyle dances on several stages. Similar to the vocal line, each member of the dance line has their own strength in dancing. J-Hope and Jungkook are mainly known for their energetic moves. Jimin has a very flexible body, making him able to execute some godly-level moves. V, the new member of the line, doesn’t have any dancing specialization, but his moves have become more precise and polished.

The Bermuda Triangle of BTS

The last line of BTS is called The Bermuda Triangle. This is not the line made based on members’ age and positions. The line was solely made by ARMYs (and K-pop fans in general) because the three members of The Bermuda have very stunning and captivating visuals. Talking about this line, quite a few people out there have given other nicknames to this line. ARMYs know well enough that Jin, a member of The Bermuda, is referred to as Mr. Worldwide Handsome. That’s why many people also call this line “Mr. Worldwide Handsome and His Two Handsome Brothers”, with the “two handsome brothers” referring to V and Jungkook. That’s all you need to know about the lines in BTS! So, what do you think about the lines? Do you think that there are other lines made by ARMYs that haven’t been mentioned in this article?

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