Let’s See the Memes from the ‘Most Handsome Face’, BTS’s V!

Having a handsome or perfect visual is a gift that is given from God, and it must be maintained as well as possible. Sometimes, if many people see something perfect, they will surely think that it does not have any flaws, or, we could say, the unexpected side. But, it turn out that statement is a wrong for the members of BTS, especially for Kim Taehyung, or BTS’s V. The member who has been called ‘The Most Handsome Face’ apparently doesn’t hide his true self at all, he wasn’t even ashamed when his face had a pimple or expressions that were funny and disgraceful. Memes with his face have been scattered among ARMY. What are V’s memes like? Related to all of this, Channel-Korea will share everything about  V memes. Are you guys curious? Keep reading!

BTS Tae-hyung Shock Meme

The first meme is Taehyung’s (BTS’ V) shocked expression. Taehyung is known for his cuteness and expressive face. According to the other members, Taehyung is the most natural among them. The oldest member of the group, Jin, once said that Taehyung seemed to come from another planet. Taehyung’s face isn’t only cute when he’s doing aegyo. When he was shocked, many ARMY laughed uproariously. Many ARMY have been collecting pictures of Taehyung’s shocked expression., for example, like when he was in makeup. At the time, he was made up by the makeup artist (stylist,) and his face covered entirely with ‘foundation’. When Taehyung saw himself in the mirror, and he saw that his eyebrows looked bald, he immediately put on a surprised face while wondering why his eyebrows were gone, and it made everyone laughed. Not only that, there’s a photo where he looks really shocked at the BTS Vlive channel, BTS RUN. Taehyung’s face flinched when they were playing the kick the bottle challenge. When Jungkook got his turn and succeeded in completing the mission, there was Taehyung’s face, gawking like he was stunned. The photo below is when the maknae line (the youngest members) is looking at an artist’s appearance at an annual awards show. Taehyung and the other member looked surprised because they were amazed by the performance of the artist who was on the stage. The photos below are several memes made by ARMY, featuring the shocked face of their idol!

BTS’s Tae-hyung’s Dancing Meme

The meme above is when BTS was on a weekly idol television program. On the program, BTS was asked about who they idolized, and what album was the first one they got. Taehyung, who has admired the SM Entertainment girl-group SNSD (Girls Generation), answered that the first album that he bought was an SNSD album. Then the host asked him to dance one of the moves in the SNSD song ‘Gee’. Finally, V (Taehyung) did the dance and he looked shy. Besides being expressive, Taehyung is the most hyperactive member, and has a lots of ideas. Taehyung often does live broadcasts on the Vlive channel, and then, in the middle of the live while he’s eating,he ends up randomly dancing.

BTS’s Tae-hyung’s Drinking Meme

Do you still remember the tweet from Taehyung on the BTS account? Yes, it was like the picture above, and contained photos of him wearing a blue and white checkered shirt, doing random poses, and was all blurry. It turns out that picture is from when Taehyung got drunk for the first time, legally. The photos above are some of Taehyung’s style when he drink a cola. He really like cola more than alcohol, although he also likes to drink alcohol. Taehyung always did make everyone around him shake their head, how could he not? He drink the cola by putting the cola’s can on the glass. The meme above explains the parable, if someone is asked by a friend about their school or college in a semester, and at that time they were sitting relaxed and drinking a glass of water or tea. Then the person who was asked turned out shocked and almost choked because of the question. In fact, that person who was sitting and drinking (Taehyung) didn’t want to be asked about school or college. This meme was made by an ARMY with the username @_fullmoon.

weheartit.com If you want to see Taehyung drunk, directly, you can see and watch it by searching for it on Vlive, Run BTS. The time when it happened was when BTS celebrated their anniversary (FESTA). There are so many faces made by Taehyung that are often used for memes. Still related to Run BTS, we can see Taehyung drinking a glass of water with 6 straws at a time. And see, he drank it like he was blowing a trumpet.

Tae-hyung’s Face Memes

Having a handsome face like a prince, BTS’s V (Taehyung) actually made his fans laugh. Bored with his perfect face, Taehyung often makes silly faces and makes everyone around burst out laughing. One example was when BTS held a tour in the Philippines. At that time, this Daegu man posed as if he was imitating memes, and over time he made ARMY burst out laughing. At first, Taehyung made a “peace” gesture with his fingers, and then his fans immediately shouted for him, and suddenly Taehyung deliberately make a scene when he smiled while glaring wide.

— The Seoul Story (@theseoulstory) May 7, 2017 In addition, when Taehyung cries, his face looks funny, and some people even took a screenshoot of him and made him a meme. Below is an example of a Taehyung meme when he’s crying. At that time he said “No way, I didn’t cry, Seriously. I didn’t,” while his face and his mouth were not synchronous. His face looked flooded with tears, but his mouth seemed to force a smile, and he said that he was fine.

pinterest.com The meme below was made by ARMY, and BTS is one of ARMY’s support systems when they feel down. That’s why when ARMY felt sad, then they remember that there is still BTS who always accompanied them. What makes it funny is that Taehyung became the icon. Taehyung’s photo on the left is when ARMY feels sad, then, on the right side, is when ARMY remembers that BTS is the only thing that will always be their support system.

BTS’s Tae-hyung’s Happy Meme

Taehyung does fir a definition of an idol that looks so natural. Usually, if an idol has a pimple, then they try to cover it up. But this didn’t happen with Taehyung; instead, he showed his pimple when he did a live on the Vlive channel. It’s not the first time he showed a pimple, he shows them every time he gets a pimple on his face. He shows it to ARMY with a happy face, and say, “I have a new friend, and they just came today!“. Not surprisingly, ARMY perpetuated it by making a meme like the one below! Taehyung is also known as the man who smiles with a square mouth. So, several times, there have been memes made about his square smile, and compare it with an emoji that smiles broadly, with the saying “I see no different”, which means that Taehyung looks like an emoji. Did you know that Taehyung has a different side? if he becomes BTS’ V, then he will give off a sexy and handsome aura, but when he becomes Taehyung, or Taetae, then he will become more adorable. As below, he smiles innocently with his two chubby cheeks, and it makes everyone want to pinch his cute cheeks!

Actually, Taehyung’s memes are very numerous, but there are some popular memes from him, or that are often used by ARMY when posting things related to BTS, or we could use it as a joke. Like the two photos below, it can be seen that Taehyung is surrounded by heart emojis, which give a slight twist effect. This is usually done by ARMY if BTS makes them fall in love, whether from an appearance or a photoshoot.

Latest News!

https://twitter.com/KTH_Facts/status/1205809716363837440?s=20 The biggest boy-band in the world, BTS, held a fan meet called “Magic Shop” in Osaka, Japan on December 14, 2019. BTS’s V was pure perfection in “teteland,” in his home turf. All ARMYs and J-ARMYs (Japan Army) were fascinated by the irresistible sound and perfomance of vocalist and visual, BTS’s V. He became the talk of the city of SNS in Twipple, and was trending at number two with the keywords “Happiness and Cuteness” in some countries. Starting with an adorable introduction, BTS’s V actually held a concert where goers were completely spellbound.

— ✨Taehyung Facts⁷ Sweet Night (@KTH_Facts) December 14, 2019   Moreover, he blessed fans with his artistic alter ego’s, Vante’s, photography, the morning before Muster, by making “Vante” trend around the world a few minutes, after posting alongside with several other keywords, such as Taetae and Beautiful, which also became a trend in more than 20 countries.

— 방탄소년단 (@BTS_twt) December 14, 2019 It turns out that it’s not only his face that always gets used as a meme, but Taehyung can also captivate the hearts of ARMY with his photography. That’s a variety of memes from Kim Taehyung. Do you guys love him just because of his face? Or are you in love with everything that he does and he has? Write your answer in the comment section!

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