He has a characteristic soft voice that’s well-suited to mellow songs. No wonder Sung Si-kyung got the title ‘The King of OST,’ because he always sings popular mellow songs for Korean drama series soundtracks. He has released numerous original soundtracks for popular drama series, such as My Love from the Star, Secret Garden, and many more. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with the top 10 K-drama soundtracks sung By Si-kyung you should listen to! Let’s check it out. Who knows, you’re favorite song might be on the list. Keep reading to find out more.

연연 (Love Love) – OST from ‘Worlds Within’

Sung Si-kyung is a solo singer who often lends his soothing voice to the original soundtracks of television series. On November 4, 2008, Si-kyung released the original soundtrack part.3 “Love Love or A Lingering Love” for the drama Worlds Within. 

The song is telling about the story of someone who loves someone else deeply. The love sometimes really hurts, but she or he is determined not to love any other person and the love for her or him unfolds unknowingly. His soothing voice really touched viewers and helped them become really immersed in the story of the drama.

한번의 사랑 (One Love) – OST from ‘A Thousand Days’ Promise’

In 2011, Sung Si-kyung sung another mellow song, called ‘One Love,’ as a part of the original soundtrack part.3 for the drama series “Thousand Days’ Promise.” His soft voice really made the story even sadder, and made viewers want to cry after listening to it. 

‘One Love’ is the romantic story of a man who loves a woman unconditionally. He feels that the happy moments are too short for them. Regarding what will happen in the future, he will still love her. He hurts so much when he cannot do and give her anything of him. He wants to share everything in this world, the beautiful things, and everything, just with her.

너는 나의 봄이다 (You’re My Spring) – OST from ‘Secret Garden’

In 2010, The Ballad King, Sung Si-kyung, sang “You Are My Spring” for the popular drama series Secret Garden‘s Original Soundtrack part.4. For those who have ever watched the drama, then they will like this song. The soft tones and distinctive voice of Sung Si-kyung, make this ballad really nice and good to listen to.

This song tells about someone who loves their partner and wants to be by their side, even if it hurts. The song, with a soft tone and the seductive voice of Sung Si-kyung, really made viewers immediately fall in love with the song.

Sung Si-kyung performed the song ‘You’re My Spring’ live on MNET’s Yoon Do Hyun MUST on episode 73. The audiences were captivated by his amazing and soothing voice. 

제주도의 푸른밤 (The Blue Night Of Jeju Island) – OST from ‘Lie To Me’

In 2011, Sung Si-kyung sang a remake of an old song from the ’80s, The Blue Night of Jeju island, originally performed by Choi Sung-won, which was released in 1988, for television series “Lie To Me.” 

The Blue Night of Jeju Island is a serene song that invites listeners who are tired of pubs, cafes, and crowded places, to go to Jeju Island to feel the sea and the quiet nights that only exist on the island. 

The song really gives fresh memories to people who are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life and love nature, and can relate to the place it describes.

내가 살아갈 곳 (The Place Where I Live) – OST from ‘Ohlala Couple’

The Place Where I Live is a song by South Korean ballad singer, Sung Si-kyung. The song is a part of the television series from KBS, Ohlala Couple’s Original Soundtrack part. 2, that was released in 2012.

The song is about the regrets of a couple who break up and still cannot move on. Someone being next to his lover was as natural as breathing, so when he sees his lover turn around, his heart gets dull and he cannot breathe. He wonders who will ever love him as she did? Who will love her as he did? He then realized that he feels like he has fallen in love again. As the lyrics said, “and there is only one person in the world who will always protect my side and cry with me. I will shout out that I love you more loudly than the first time I confessed to you. The place for me to live is in your arms, I will give my last love to you.”

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