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Memorist is a tvN drama starring Yoo Seung-ho and Lee Se-young. This drama aired its first episode on March 11th and the last episode on April 30th, 2020, at 22:50 KST. In the drama Memorist, Lee Se-young plays the role of Han Sun-mi, an elite profiler who works closely with detective Dong in collaboration with Dong Baek (Yoo Seung-ho) to track down the whereabouts of a serial killer. Synopsis  The Korean drama Memorist was adapted from a Webtoon of the same title. The webtoon was written by Jae Hoo and published in October 2016 on the Daum Webtoon Company website. The drama that carries the mystery thriller genre tells of Dong Baek (Yoo Seung-ho) who is a middle school student that suddenly gains supernatural powers. Every time he touches someone, he can read that person’s memories. Dong Baek reveals his memory reading ability to people and he becomes a detective. Armed with this power, he handles a mysterious serial murder case. Unlike most fictional heroes who hide their identities, Dong Baek actually makes his abilities known to the world when he dares to fight evil. SPOILER ALERT!!! Yoo Seung-ho and Lee Se-young also gave a little spoiler that will occur in the second half of this drama. That’s why they hope viewers will look forward to it. “Along with Jin Jae-gyu’s appearance, Dong Baek and Han Sun-mi began to deal with the ‘Eraser’ case, a killer with superhuman strength, in earnest. However, as the only one in the world that has been confirmed to have power, people will be cautious and doubtful. Not only that, but the audience will feel the tension and wonder about the true identity of the killer,” explained Yoo Seung-ho. “The conflicts that Dong Baek and Han Sun-mi have with the ‘Erasure Killer’ will increase, so I hope that the viewers’ interest will increase as well. And the relationship that Han Sun-mi has with people will also change, and that will become the focal point in future episodes. So, viewers can also feel it,” concluded Lee Se-young. Important Scenes

How Are U Bread

How Are U Bread is a South Korean-Chinese web drama starring EXO’s Suho and Lee Se-young. This drama was on the air between January 17th and February 15th, 2020. In the drama titled How Are U Bread, Lee Se-young plays the role of Noh Mi-rae who is portrayed as a serious and workaholic figure. She is a writer, she always has a lot of ideas to write and always does it thoroughly. Synopsis The drama How Are U Bread is about Noh Mi-rae’s neighbor, played by Lee Se-young, who has a very famous bakery. Many buyers queue up to buy bread from his shop. Rumor has it that the bakery is popular because there is Ha Do-woo, played by EXO’s Suho, a baker who has a secret recipe. Ha Do-woo always thinks of his first love when making bread, that’s what makes his homemade bread always delicious. When making the dough in the morning, Ha Do-woo stirs with emotion. Plus, Ha Do-woo also likes to see baked bread, with a loving look. Noh Mi-rae is Ha Do-woo’s neighbor, she is friendly and often helps the neighbors when they are in need. But behind that, each has his own problems. Ha Do-woo has trauma in his own family where he disappoints his father because he prefers baking bread with westernized style. He should be able to bake traditional Korean rice cakes and carry on Korea’s family and cultural heritage. Meanwhile, Noh Mi-rae often feels frustrated with her boundless dreams. The story continues with their growing romance because Ha Do-woo shows interest in Noh Mi-rae. Both must overcome their personal and work problems so the love story can succeed.

Doctor John

Doctor John is a drama aired by SBS, starring actor Ji Sung and actress Lee Se-young. This drama aired its first episode on July 19th, 2019. This drama tells the story of anesthetists who are very skilled in their field of work. Doctor John tells the story of doctors who try to uncover the causes of pain felt by patients who suffer from chronic diseases. In the drama titled Doctor John, Lee Se-young plays the character of an anesthesiologist named Kang Shi-young. She is a soft-hearted and caring doctor of her patients. She is also an anesthesiologist who is quite intelligent and has a family background in medicine. Synopsis Cha Yo-han (played by Ji Sung), is an anesthesiologist. Aside from being a doctor, he is also a professor. He is a master and quite proficient in his field. However, it is unfortunate that he is quite arrogant. Because of malpractice accusations that caused patients to “sleep” 3 years ago, Cha Yo-han had to be willing to stay in prison. Meanwhile, an anesthesiologist who is interested in studying with Cha Yo-han, Kang Shi-young (played by Lee Se-young) has a more friendly and sympathetic character. She also joined and was associated with Cha Yo-han. Kang Shi-young is also the most exemplary student in medical school. Not only did she become a doctor, but her mother also had the same occupation. Because of her mother’s well-developed medical abilities, Kang Shi-young has an ever-increasing drive to become a doctor. Important Scenes

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