Besides that, Ga-In’s controversial songs have also become popular. For those of you who haven’t listened to the songs, in this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with the information about the top 10 songs from Ga-in that you should listen to. So, check it out!

Set Me Free

Ga-In’s song entitled Set Me Free is a soundtrack for a drama that received a high rating, VIP. The drama starred Jang Nara and aired in October 2019. This drama has amazing soundtracks, one of which is Set Me Free by Ga-In. This song has a four-minute duration, and was composed and written by Kim Beom Joon and Kim Si-hyuk. Set Me Free is the latest song that she sang in 2019, as a filler for the drama’s soundtrack, and the official video was released via VLENDING on YouTube on November 18, 2019. The video shows footage from the drama, as well as Ga-In singing in the recording studio. Set Me Free is a mellow song, and the lyrics are so sad and heartbreaking. So, watch and listen to the song in the video below!


Who’s doesn’t know about this controversial song? Ga-In made her comeback in 2014 by released FXXK U (feat. Bumkey), which used a sexy concept on the music video that was officially released on January 27, 2014. In this music video, she looks sexy and there are also many vulgar scenes with actor Joo Ji Hoon, who was the model in the video. This video was rated with 19+, and it tells the story of a woman who was forced to have sexual intercourse with her boyfriend, so the video was released at midnight. FXXK U was boycotted or banned from SBS, and was not allowed to be aired, because the lyrics were too vulgar and used harsh words. Moreover, the music video is too mature. Although the song was boycotted, Ga-In’s song reached number three on the Gaon music chart, and number two for the Korea Hot 100.

Paradise Lost

A year after her comeback with FXXK U, Ga-In released her EP “Hawwah”, and the song that became the title track is Paradise Lost. Joo Ji Hoon’s ex-girlfriend always shows a sexy impression with all of her music. The music video for Paradise Lost was released on March 11, 2015. In this music video she used a super sexy costume and showed off her legs. The dance choreo in the video is also considered to be provocative; she looks stretched like a snake with movements that tend to be erotic. Although the music video got protested, Ga-In still successfully brought this song to the top of the Korean music chart, that is Gaon. Paradise Lost was also nominated at the 17th Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2015, in the categories “Best Dance Performance – solo” and “Song of The Year”. By the way, for those of you who haven’t watched the music video, you can check it out below!


It turns out that in 2012 Ga-In was involved in a controversial music video for her song titled Bloom, which was uploaded on October 5. The music video was released in conjuction with the album entitled “Talk About S”, where Bloom was made as the title track. With a very unique concept, Ga-In got the attention of music listeners through her music video. Bloom tells about the feeling of a woman who has fallen in love, which is likened to a flower in bloom. But unfortunately, the song that was written by Kim Ee Na and Lee Min Soo was claimed to have an inappropriate music video. Despite receiving criticism before releasing the music video, Ga-In remained consistent and released it without cutting it, even though the scenes were controversial. In term of music quality, Bloom reached the 2nd spot on the Korea Hot 100 and Gaon charts!

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