“Wiggle Wiggle”

On January 5, 2015, Hello Venus released their fifth digital single entitled “Wiggle Wiggle.” This single was written by Brave Brothers and Galactika and composed by Brave Brothers. Before they released the single, Fantagio Music revealed that Hello Venus would make a comeback in early 2015. Then, the agency released a photo and music video teaser rated 18+. Through this single, Hello Venus peaked at number 66 on the Gaon Digital Chart, a Korean music chart.  In this comeback, they used a sexy concept within the K-pop dance and pop dance genres. The concept can be seen from the group’s photo teaser that was uploaded by the agency (Fantagio Music). In the photo, they wore colorful costumes with short shorts that showed their long legs! Because they were considered too sexy, mature, and vulgar, their music video and dance choreography were banned by various music show programs on several TV stations such as SBS, KBS, and MBC. Their dance choreography was the reason they were banned because they twerked and wiggled. To promote their song on television, they had to change the controversial choreography. But, despite the music video and the choreography that created controversy, their music is really good to listen to. What’s more, the music can make the listeners want to dance!

“I’M I’ll”

“I’m I’ll” is one of the tracks from their fifth mini album or Extended Play (EP) that was released on July 22, 2015. This song was produced by Brave Brothers, Park Hyunjoong, JS, Galactika, and Chakun and was distributed by Fantagio Music and NHN Entertainment. “I’M I’ll” is in the genres of K-pop dance, electronic, and hip hop. This song also has a fast beat with a catchy melody and lyrics! The music video was released on July 26, 2015, and for the performance music video version, they had already released it along with the mini-album on July 22, 2015. In their comeback with this track, they carried a sexy and elegant concept that can be seen in the music video. Here’s is the music video for “I’M I’ll!”

They held the comeback stage for this track on MBC Music’s Show Champion on July 22, 2015. They’re performed passionately and also danced with energy! This song reached 7th place on the Gaon Album Chart from July 26 to August 8, 2015. The song also got 19th place on the Gaon Monthly Album Chart in Korea. Apart from this track, The EP/mini-album also came in at number 44 with 959 copies sold!


“Mysterious” is one of the tracks from their sixth EP titled Mystery of Venus that was released on January 11, 2017. Actually, this EP was their last EP before they announced their disbandment in 2019. Previously, on January 4, 2017, they showed a music video teaser where the members were dressed in shiny jackets of different colors and them performing in front of a white background. For this comeback, they used a boyish look and had a unique concept. As usual, Hello Venus’s song has upbeat music similar to R&B and hip hop. The dance moves, as always, look energetic! Meanwhile, the song tells the story of a girl who wants to know more about a boy she met. Although the track “Mysterious” didn’t enter the top of the music charts, the EP Mysterious of Venus successfully entered the Gaon Korean Album chart at number 12 from January 8th to 14th, 2017. The music video for this track was released on January 11, 2017, and features ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo and Seo Kangjoon from 5urprise as the MV’s models. Here’s their music video for you to watch and enjoy!

To introduce their new song, they promoted on several music programs in South Korea. Hello Venus performed “Mysterious” for the first time on Mnet’s M! Countdown on January 12, 2017. Then, a day after, they promoted it again on Show! Music Core on MBC. Here’s their first performance of their comeback in 2017 with the track “Mysterious!”

“Sticky Sticky”

The Hello Venus song titled “Sticky Sticky” is really catchy and enjoyable! This song was released on November 6, 2014, and it is the 4th single from this group. The song was produced by Brave Brothers and the lyrics were written by Brave Brothers along with Elephant Kingdom. The song tells about a girl who is in love with someone. This single managed to reach 15th place on Gaon Social Chart, 34th place on Gaon BGM Chart, 69th place on Gaon Download Chart and peaked at number 87 on Gaon Digital Chart. Meanwhile, the single album also peaked at 6th place on Gaon Weekly Albums Chart and number 17 on Gaon Monthly Albums Charts. After ranking on several music charts, “Sticky Sticky” became one of the most popular songs from Hello Venus. The genre for “Sticky Sticky” includes K-pop, pop dance, and swing. Also, the music sounds really good to hear. The music video was released on November 6, 2014, to coincide with their single album’s release. And, as seen from the music video, they used a girl-crush concept with a little touch of sexy vibes for their dance choreography. Hello Venus sang this song for the first time on the weekly music program Music Bank on KBS Kpop on November 7, 2014. In addition, they also promoted their song by appearing on several music programs on various television stations such as Mnet, MBC, KBS, and others. If you want to see and enjoy their performance, take a look at the video below from their performance on Music Bank!


Like “Mysterious”, this song is a track from their sixth mini album Mystery of Venus. But, different from “Mysterious”, this song was released on July 18, 2016, and was produced by Devine Channel and Nikki Paige. The lyrics were written by Yorkie and Ryu. Unlike the previous concept, the concept for “Paradise” doesn’t contain sexy looks. Instead, it emphasizes a cute image and girly concept. In the music video that was released on July 18, 2016, they recorded on a beach, and the members’ visuals look so beautiful coupled with their sweet smiles. The music also sounds different from the music of their previous songs. In this song, they don’t use the hip hop or electronic genres but are more identical with K-pop music that sounds cheerful and sweet. Hello Venus did not promote this song on weekly music programs like their previous comebacks. Until now, the music video has only reached 1.8 million views. To support them, you can watch “Paradise” below!

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