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As the variety show already exists for about ten years and still counting, Running Man has a lot of funny episodes with various K-artists featured as guest stars of the show. This time, we will tell you about the 15 funniest Running Man episodes of all time. Let’s check them out!

Episode 237

This one of the funniest episodes’ mission was simple: the guests had to guess which object is going to float. The guests in this episode were Hani from EXID, Jung So-Min, Nam Ji-hyun, Yoon So-hee and Yerin from Gfriend. JI CHANG-WOOK AND NAM JI-HYUN’S RELATIONSHIP BEHIND HOT KISSING SCENE, ARE THEY DATING? The couple concept race has been tried a few times, but this time with another sensation because of the new game applied in this episode – especially the pop-up pirate. Not only that, but you can also see all the guests doing a weird yet funny dance that would shake your stomach if you’re watching it. Just take a look at the video above.

Episode 244

There were some funny Lee Kwang-soo and Song Ji-hyo moments in this one of the funniest episodes. As an extra, the KwangMong sibling couple comes in which provides some extra entertainment and plenty of laughing stock throughout the game. KIM JONG-KOOK’S LOVE LIFE AND RUMORED RELATIONSHIPS: YOON EUN-HYE, SONG JI-HYO, JUNG SO-YOUNG, ETC. Jessi and comedian Jang Do-yeon are helping so much in improving the general tone of the episode. One of the things (in my opinion) that is kind of useless is the first act where the Jong-kook – Do Yeon couple tears out all the other couples’ name tags.

Episode 195

What makes this episode as one of the funniest Running Man’s episodes is that Yoo Jae-suk acted as an MC instead of a participant in the race. This episode performed some popular idol groups of 2NE1 and 2PM as the guests along with artists Jo Jung-chi, Yoon Jong-shin, and Muzy. ATEEZ’S WOOYOUNG VS 2PM’S WOOYOUNG: WHICH ONE IS YOUR FAVORITE? Besides the entertaining race and Gary’s epically funny mistake, the real star of this episode was Yoo Jae-suk’s horrendously ugly shirt that would absolutely shake your stomach.

Episode 213

Starting from the opening of this episode, you will realize how funny it is going to be. This one of the funniest episodes of Running Man is filled with some of the actresses that you never thought would be that funny and competitive, as you can see in the video above. KANG GARY’S LIFE AFTER ‘RUNNING MAN’, WHAT IS HE DOING NOW? The expression of HaHa, Gary, Lee Kwang-soo, and Kim Jong-kook would make you want to watch it again and again. The mud fight also completes this video to be the funniest episode of Running Man.

Episode 247

This episode would discover Lee Kwang-soo’s house. In this episode, the other members forcefully have a party in Kwang-soo’s house. He was so surprised when the members and crew came to his house. What makes it funnier is, Lee Kwang-soo keeps thinking that he won the game until the end of the race, when actually he did not.  

Episode 251

This episode provided a bit more of a mature concept and theme for a couple. For viewers under the age of 17, we suggest you not to watch this because it would be boring for you. But, for young adults or adults, we suggest you watch this because this is the most romantic yet funny episode in the history of Running Man. The appearance of HaHa’s wife and also Song Joong-ki and Jo In-sung as the cameos make this episode more complete.

Episode 188

This one of the funniest episodes of Running Man was filmed in Australia. There were a total of three episodes that were filmed. At first, this episode has a slow start, but then becomes very entertaining when events unfold. ARE YOU CURIOUS ABOUT RAIN AND KIM TAE-HEE’S BABY DAUGHTER? All the Running Man members and a guest, Rain, flew to Australia to accomplish multiple tasks. The members and Rain also had to wear kangaroo costumes that were tickling them, and us. Doing scuba-diving for treasure or traveling back to the gold-mining days made this episode even more complete and it will fill you with a lot of laughter.

Episode 140

If you are a fan of Lee Kwang-soo, this episode provides many funny moments of him that will shake your stomach. This episode’s story is about the world which had been infected by a virus. The Running Man members had to find the anecdote and return laughter to mankind before becoming infected themselves. CUTEST BROMANCE BETWEEN SONG JOONG-KI AND LEE KWANG-SOO Kwangsoo was the one infected by the virus and had to spend the rest of the episode in a complete “rage,” giving the viewers some of the most entertaining moments of the entire episode. This one of funniest episodes of Running Man is worth watching to lighten up your day!!!

Episode 300

If you are a fan of BTS, you must watch this episode because this is the very first time BTS members have been guests of Running Man. The mission involved moving as many of the boxes as much as they could, and this would provide you with many laugh-out-loud moments. WHAT ARE THE BELIEFS AND RELIGION OF BTS MEMBERS? In this episode, you can see BTS members and Running Man members competing and bothering each other to make sure their team is the winner, which is the point of making this episode fun. Jimin was being clingy to Lee Kwang-soo to slow down his movements. Meanwhile, Kim Jong-kook took the three members of BTS to slow down their movements which was making Mama Jin panic. This episode literally is quite worth watching!

Episode 127

The mission of this episode is quite simple, the Running Man members must complete three missions unanimously to escape from the confinement. Even though the members didn’t move locations or play a simple game instead, this episode would not make you bored. Especially, when some of the members got a punishment just like in the video above. I guess the chemistry and harmony can entice the viewers’ attention.

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