Nana started modeling at 12 before debuting as an actress in the movie The World of Kanako in 2014. She doesn’t just have a beautiful face, she also proved that her acting is brilliant when she snatched the Best New Artists category for her acting debut at the Hochi Film Awards. What a multi-talented girl! In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you the information about Nana Komatsu’s top 5 movies you should watch if you haven’t already, so stay tuned!

The World of Kanako

The first of our recommendations is none other than Nana Komatsu’s debut movie, The World of Kanako. It is a 2014 Japanese thriller directed by Tetsuya Nakashima, starring Kōji Yakusho and Nana Komatsu. It was released on July 4, 2014. The World of Kanako tells a story about Showa Fujishima (Koji Yakusho), a former detective who, one day, loses his daughter Kanako (Nana Komatsu), who is a model student. To find his daughter, he has to explore her life more closely. That’s the premise of The World of Kanako and, as you can see, the movie is pretty dark. In this particular movie, director Nakashima continues his willingness to play in other film genres while at the same time making quality works, which he proved again through this film. Having a similar vibe to his previous film, Confessions, The World of Kanako allows the filmmaker to create a dark thriller about revenge which, if you want to compare, almost matches the level of Japanese filmmakers who are famous for their “sick” films, Takashi Miike, both in terms of content and the tone. Many people praised this movie, for example: [jejeje]: 8/10 recommended movie. twisted plot. [donsan]: This is a mirror to reality folks, not a fairytale. This was not made to bring hope to humanity, it is actually reflecting our current nature. [blank]: Woah! Such an amazing story. Many of them said it confusing but to me it have amusing plot. The actors really done a great job! Watch The World of Kanako‘s trailer here if you’re curious.


Bakuman is a Japanese movie directed by Hitoshi One in 2015. It’s the tale of two young manga (comics) artists trying to break into Japan’s manga competitive sphere. Minami Ichikawa created Bakuman and it was written by Hitoshi One. The film stars Ryûnosuke Kamiki, Nana Komatsu, Takeru Satoh, Hirofumi Arai, and Lily Franky, with music by the band Sakanaction. It’s based on Tsugumi Ohba’s popular manga of the same name. The film was featured at the Sydney and Melbourne Japanese Film Festival in 2015. Bakuman tells a story about pursuing dreams and love. Moritaka Mashiro (Takeru Satoh) doesn’t want to follow his uncle’s route, who worked as a manga artist, but died of exhaustion in the end. Moritaka Mashiro says that he is going to graduate from college and work in an office. Things alter, though, when he falls in love with a girl at school. The girl (Nana Komatsu), hoping to become a voice actress, informs Moritaka that they can get married, but only after both of them have achieved their dreams. Moritaka then teams up to publish his first manga with fellow student Akito Takagi (Ryunosuke Kamiki). Just like the manga, the movie has many reviews too! [pennyelenabooks]: Bakuman is interesting from the perspective that we get to see how mangaka work. It’s amazing how they manage to actually hand draw all these pages! [manuelasaez]:  The film is wonderful and any fan of Manga and Japan will love everything about it. Fascinating is an understatement [ebossert]: I definitely recommend Bakuman, and I can’t really think of any big flaws to complain about. This is a solid movie. Watch the Bakuman trailer here!

Destruction Babies

In 2016, Nana starred in Tetsuya Mariko’s disillusioned youth movie, Destruction Babies. The movie also starred Yuya Nagira, Nijiro Murakami, and Masaki Suda. Destruction Babies sets a story in the tiny seaport town of Mitsuhama, in the southern portion of Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture. Taira Ashihara (Yuya Yagira) and his older brother Shota (Nijiro Murakami) live on their own. Taira Ashihara is always struggling and chooses to leave the city. Taira Ashihara goes to downtown Matsuyama. He provokes people into a battle every time he spots someone who looks tough. Taira Ashihara is interested in Yuya Kitahara (Masaki Suda). They’re going on a violent spree on the road against individuals. Then the two young people steal a vehicle. They’re heading out of town with Nana (Nana Komatsu), who stole it in the vehicle. Meanwhile, Shota’s younger brother goes to discover Taira in Matsuyama. Watch the trailer for Destruction Babies here and check the warning before you decide to watch the movie, there’s something might be triggering for you.


Drowning Love

In 2016, Nana Komatsu starred in a teen romance titled Drowning Love, directed by Yuki Yamato, based on the manga with the same name. Masaki Suda, her co-star in the previous movie, Destruction Babies, is also in this movie actingas her romantic interest. Drowning Love tells a story about Natsume Mochizuki (Nana Komatsu), who is working in Tokyo as a teen model but she learns she has to relocate to her father’s hometown, Ukigumo. She is in a hopeless condition because in Ukigumo, she is unable to do the stuff she wishes to do. She meets Hasegawa Koichiro (Masaki Suda) one day. He’s the Hasegawa family’s heir. His family is rich in the region and respected. Natsume Mochizuki and Koichiro Hasegawa are drawn to each other, but their destiny is changed by something. Many people left positive reviews for Drowning Love! [Alia]: I really loved this movie the acting was superb masaki suda was perfect and i was really impressed by daiki shigeoka, Nana komatsu also did a great job [Mikeunicorn]: I havent read the manga version but I love everything about it. The progression is just fine and the angles just make everything makes sense in the story. [Nanauy]: Nana Komatsu really does suited to this role of Natsume, because of what she usually have in this kind of expression in real life.  Go watch Drowning Love‘s trailer here!

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