The popularity of the show in Asia is no joke. In fact, it has been fan-subbed into various languages, such as English, Persian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Burmese, Arabic, Russian, and Turkish. People love good entertainment, and they especially love good entertainment that makes them laugh. It’s common to laugh loudly or snicker silently following the funny remarks from Haha, Kwangsoo, Jae-suk, Gary, or one of the Running Man cast members. But what about the episodes that sent you running out of fear? Now, that’s a content material right there! Check out these 5 episodes below to get insight into Running Man‘s scariest episodes!

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Episode 155

Broadcast on July 21st, 2013, in the middle of hot summer, this Running Man episode might be the perfect way to cool off the heat with genius funny remarks as well as the horror twist at the end of the ride. In this episode, the cast members (along with a special guest star, Korea’s sweetheart Miss A’s Suzy) travel down memory lane when they relive their school glory days in search of their destined match. At first, the cast members were having fun with their high-school role-play, like how Jong-kook looks so natural sitting in the back and how class president Kwang-soo is the pet giraffe, and of course, Ji-hyo as the school jjang (best fighter in school). But, the episode took a dark turn when it was revealed that between the sappy cliche high school love story, there will be death and a ghost will appear among them. This episode is indeed not for the weak of heart. Take a peek at some of the cuts below:

Episode 261 – High School Special

Different from the usual episodes which are hilarious and have the ability to shake the stomach, episode 261 offers not only a good laugh but also the kind of laugh with a subtle chill running down your spine. If this episode can be put into 2 words, it would be: exhilaratingly scary! This episode’s guest star line-up includes the names of great singers from the 1990s (if their 1-million-copies sold albums can justify it) such as DJ Koo, GOD’s Park Jun-hyong, COOL’s Lee Jae-hun, DJ DOC, Kim Gun-mo, and Ha-neul. The mission in this episode was very simple, the members were only asked to find their name tag in the Women’s School for a certain amount of time. But, there was, of course, a little twist. Not only the members had to find their personal name tag, but they also had to find the name of their cameraman who has worked together with them for 5 years. Inside the building, all members were very frightened by the ghosts that had been prepared by the creative team. You can imagine what kind of chaos they made there. Take a look at some of the clips below!


Episode 347

In this episode (originally broadcast on April 23rd, 2017), the Running Man cast members alongside the special guest, comedian Jang Do Yeon, took a dangerous trip playing spooky Halloween customs with each other. That’s all that we can say for now to get you curious. We’re not gonna reveal too much of the plot, but here’s the preview for you:


Episode 408

In this episode, the cast of Running Man tried to face their fears of ghosts in the “Oxford Castle” or also referred to as “Ghost Castle.” The members took on some scary challenges by staying at the infamous Oxford Castle. For those of you who haven’t heard, the Oxford Castle is the place where Queen Matilda, who almost become the first Queen of England, was locked for three months before her death. Rumour has it that her ghost still remains there. Based on this, the cast members were given a mission where each of them had to enter a room, take a polaroid of five letters, and guess the name in order for them to be exempt from sleeping in the castle. But, of course, you know how it turns out. They failed to guess correctly… and they had to face the consequences… Aside from the horror challenge, the cast members also had to do some extreme challenges that included them crossing the World’s Longest Crossing Bridge. Sounds thrilling right?


Episode 463

And finally, we have arrived at the latest scary episode of Running Man! This scary episode of Running Man will show a slightly different show from the usual episodes. If usually, the missions carried out in the program are silly missions that make the main players of Running Man laugh, then this time, Running Man will present a spectacle of the haunted house mission which requires the players to pass through every corner of the room to carry out every mission that was given. This episode’s guest stars include a few big names such as Korean actors Bae Seong-woo, Cho Yi-hyun, Kim Hye-jun, and of course, the veteran Korean actor who was always synonymous with the role of a father, Sung Dong-il. In the preview video, you can see some of the scary moments in this episode, beginning with the appearance of Lee Kwang Soo who is falling from fear, screaming and avoiding a spectacle which he considers very frightening, to the various kinds of fear reactions from the main players who are exploring a dark room nuanced horror. Some of the players looked seriously scared ranging from Jeon Somi, Song Jihyo, to Yoo Jae Suk. Every now and then the screen also displays some creepy ghost figures behind a dark cupboard, door, or corners of space. With the big bold title “Special Horror,” it is easy to expect that this episode will send you (yet again) running out of fear.   That is all our list of the top 5 scariest episodes of this long-running variety show! Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section below!

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