GWSN is the first girl group to be debuted by Kiwi Media Group, the agency owned by popular producer Kim Hyung-suk with seven members: Miya, Seokyoung, Seoryoung, Anne, Minju, Soso, and Lena. The group made their debut on September 5th, 2018, with the release of their extended play The Park in the Night Part One and the title track “Puzzle Moon.” Outside of their debut song and the title track, there are also a lot of interesting songs from the group. Don’t worry, among all of their tracks, we have collected and curated the seven songs from the group that are well worth your time to listen to. Check out the list below!  


“BAZOOKA!” is the title of the main track that is included in the fourth mini-album of GWSN, The Keys, released on April 28th, 2020, at 18:00 KST. GWSN worked together with producers Stupid Squad and produced a spunky instrumental song with a mix of muted guitar and retro beats. In the beginning, you can hear the usual cheerleader-like, cutesy, intro, and aegyo ad-libs. Immediately after the intro, you can feel that the song began to build up the groove that climaxes on the chorus part when the members sang their catchy phrase, “BAZOOKA!” that gave the enthusiastic feel of facing the day. The lyrics contain the usual cutesy and easy-to-remember style wording like “It’s shining twinkle, twinkle,” and “Oh, all night, oh my the stars are falling.” Both the catchy lyrics and retro music will get you hooked from the very first verse! We can also watch GWSN members’ dance performances in the music video with a variety of beautiful neon lights. Through the music video, GWSN presents songs with house music and synth-pop with an upbeat tempo and catchy melody and the dances that accompany it. Check out the MV, below!


Growing ~ for Groo

“Growing ~ for Groo” is one of the new songs included in the second mini-album THE PARK IN THE NIGHT part two by GWSN, released on March 13th, 2019. “Growing ~ for Groo” is a song that accompanies the mini-album outside its title track “Pinky Star.” Like “Pinky Star,” the song also gave a similar feel of a dreamy synth-pop song but without the usual spunky retro beat. It feels like this song is specifically made as a tribute for the fans who were supporting them. Through the song, WJSN wanted to sing their message that they hope to grow up together with their fans as can be seen in their lyrics: If the message was not any clearer, they also showed it with a special music video for fans. Through the music video for “Growing ~ for Groo,” fans can watch the appearance of GWSN members when attending various events, including showcases to fan meetings. Check out their song, below!


Red-Sun (021)

“Red-Sun (021)” is the title of the main song that was released by GWSN in the third mini-album The Park in the Night part 3. Through the song, GWSN again presents EDM house music with an upbeat tempo that can be found in their usual songs. As usual, the song started with a slinky instrumental intro that builds up into the chorus as the energy drops and launches itself into a full-blown deep-house beat in the chorus. Not only the music is not different than their usual style (which is a good thing), the group also doesn’t forget their signature catchy and cheeky lyrics, this time with the use of numbers as their wordplay (as we can also see in the title of the song that includes the number 021) Check out the music video of the song presented with visual effects that will spoil your eyes.


Pinky Star

This song is the title track of GWSN’s second mini-album titled The Park In The Night part 2, released on March 13th, 2019. Through this song, GWSN returns to carrying the deep house genre that has been constant in their music style since the release of their debut song “Puzzle Moon.” Same as their usual songs, “Pinky Star” starts with an instrumental intro that is accompanied by GWSN’s signature cutesy and sugary vocals. The music also carries with a sense of deep-house that we’ve been getting used to hearing from them. The music offered a complex emotion and feel through the variety of tempo and energy that the group brings, although the lyrics are still as simple as their usual repetitiveness. The song talked about the moment when a person almost drifts apart and getaway. Immediately after the intro, you will get hooked by the catchy verse. Then starting from the next verse, you will understand the song’s simple message: And then be taken to the feeling of running and togetherness through the reassurance at the end: Experience the feeling of the song by yourself as you listen to the group’s music video, below!


Puzzle Moon

GWSN made their debut by releasing the song “Puzzle Moon” (퍼즐 문) from their first album THE PARK IN THE NIGHT part one, released on September 5th, 2018. Through their debut song, GWSN established their music style with the bubblegum take on deep house that became the blueprint of their next song releases in the future. This trendy deep house song created a dreamy mood in a sophisticated way as it is accompanied by the sensuous beat and unique voices of each member. The song brought a message about the girls who realize their dreams and hopes and figure out their own identities as they begin to piece the moon-shaped puzzles that brought them together. This piece of lyrics might be their strongest message yet out of the song: While the chorus of the song is still filled with the usual catchy and easy words: Make it Moon Make it Moon I Wanna Full Moon Make it Moon Make it Moon I think I can get to the mysterious puzzle moon (I wanna full moon) The moonlight shines on me again Now I think I know Every question mark turns into an exclamation mark Check out the song and the MV, below!


Total Eclipse (Black Out)

“Total Eclipse (Black Out)” is one of the titles of the songs that are included in the third mini-album The Park in the Night part 3. It seems like GWSN members like to treat their fans by releasing a special MV for their non-title track songs, including this one. Same like their other songs, the song gave a dreamy feel and anime-pop mix EDM beat that we used to hear as the main opening theme of anime. Listen to the song below and tell us if you agree with us!


Wonderboy, the Aerialist

“Wonderboy, the Aerialist” is one of the four new songs that are included in GWSN’s newest mini-album, The Keys, released on April 28th, 2020. Unlike their usual synth-pop or deep-house feel, this song offers a more classic instrumental beat as the members showcased their vocal skills without much complex musical elements, although still, with the dreamy-like feel that only GWSN can pull off. The girls also gathered up their suit and pants and released a music video, complete with the sway dance that accompanies the soothing song. Check out the MV below!

Well, those are the top seven GWSN songs that we have curated for you. What do you think? Which one of the songs is your favorite? Drop your thoughts and chat with us in the comment section below!

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