SKZoo version of God’s Menu launched on February 2, 2021. Check the SKZoo character of each member of Stray Kids and details on this Channel-Korea below! Stay tuned!

List of SKZoo Characters


Bang Chan’s SKZoo Character: Wolf Chan

Bang Chan is always considered to resemble the wolf, so his SKZoo character is finally Wolf Chan. This appeared the combination of Wolf + Bang Chan becomes Wolf Chan.

Lee Know’s SKZoo Character: Leebit

Lee Know was chosen as a rabbit, so his character in SKZoo is Leebit. This is a combination between Lee Know + Rabbit becoming Leebit.

Changbin’s SKZoo Character: Dwaekki

Dwaekki means a hybrid between pig and rabbit. In Korean, the pig is Dwaeji, while the rabbit is Tokki. Therefore, it becomes Dwaekki. However, Changbin always correlated with this pig and rabbit due to their jokes. Changbin got SKZoo Character, Dwaekki. Isn’t it cute?

Hyunjin’s SKZoo Character: Jiniret

Jiniret is a ferret and Hyunjin got this character. Like other combinations, it refers to Hyunjin and Ferret, so Jiniret.

Han’s SKZoo Character: Han Quokka

Stray Kids Han SKZoo character is called Han Quokka, which resembles a quokka or squirrel. If Han combine with Quokka will be Han Quokka.

Felix’s SKZoo Character: Bbokari

Bbokari is a chick. Felix is the one who got the character. Do you think it’s fit for Felix?

Seungmin’s SKZoo Character: Puppy M

Puppy M is literally a puppy or juvenile dog. Seungmin is similar to a puppy, and his SKZoo becomes Puppy M taken from his name Seungmin.

I.N’s SKZoo Character: Foxl NY

I.N got SKZoo’s character Foxl Ny which is a cute desert fox. I.N resemble this cute fox, so it becomes Foxl NY.

Several Versions of SKZoo Characters

The SKZoo characters released by JYP Entertainment have several versions, including God’s Menu and plush dolls wearing a black sweatshirt with an “SKZ” and also SKZoo characters wearing detective outfits. All of them are initially adorable and undeniable to collect.

The Usage of SKZoo Characters

These SKZoo characters are inspired by BTS’ BT21, which represents each member and is shown as merchandise. All these characters made Stray Kids closer to the fans and used as Stray Kids’ promotional media both digitally and physically.

SKZoo Characters in Digital Media

Stray Kids used this character in their track God’s Menu, which touched fans in another way. The cute feeling is a kind of a vibe when watching the SKZoo version of Stary Kids. Check it out!

SKZoo Characters’ Physical Merchandise

The SKZoo character is not stopped on digital media. JYP Entertainment produces official merchandise such as dolls/plushies, key chains, sandals, stickers, posters, phone accessories, pouches, keyrings, smart tok, canvas bags, sticky memos, etc. There’s also an unofficial one that appeared in many forms. So, which one do you think it’s adorable to collect? Check all the physical merchandise of SKZoo characters here! It’s all about SKZoo characters of Stray Kids. Who is your bias, and do you agree with his SKZoo character? Put your comment and share your thoughts below!

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