Secret’s first popular song was Magic in 2010. It hit the #2 spot on the Gaon Single Chart. The music video that went with the song reached 1 million shares on YouTube and other video websites. Magic was written by famous composers such as Shinsadong Tiger, Kang Ji Won, and Kim Ki Bum. Surprisingly, Magic and I Want You Back are on Secret’s first mini album, Time, but it is far more popular than the debut song.


Madonna, which is also the name of the group’s second mini album, was released on August 12, 2010. The writer of this song was inspired by Madonna, the singer, as a confident woman. Even today, Secret’s fans are still playing this song on YouTube and are sad about poor decision made by TS Entertainment. Moving on to the next song…


This music video looks different from previous bideos; it is more energetic and fun. Love is Move is about a girl who tells her boyfriend not to take her feelings for granted, because she could change her heart of he did. The song released on October 17, 2011, with the same writer and producer as previous video, Kang Ji-won and Kim Ki-bum. It is the promoted single from Secret’s first full album, called Moving in Secret. it looks like their promoted singles are almost always successful doesn’t it?

Starlight Moonlight

Play the video! the concept of the video is cute so is the song. it was released on CD Single on June 1, 2011. The song is about a girl who is mesmerized by her crush and wanted to confess her feelings for him. She pictured her crush as a bright person, like starlight or moonlight. This song won the Gaon Monthly Single Chart on June. Gaon claimed the song was bought over 3 million times as a digital download, marking the best-selling single by Secret. This song was also made into a Christmas version and a Japanese version.


From their third mini album, Secret released another hit, called Poison on September 13, 2012. The concept for the music video is inspired by 40’s films, and featured beautiful girls stealing some jewelery and then killing the man they seduce to get the jewels. if we take a look at the previous video and this one, it’s clear the group does like to make videos with retro themes, and whatever the song is about, it surprisingly matches and ends up being a hit. Not only are the lyrics are good and catchy, but their performances and voices are top notch. That is why they became successful.

Talk That

Secret went on a hiatus before releasing their third mini album, but they came back with the Poison Extended Play and the single Talk in December. The song was written by Shinsadong Tiger and was released on December 4, 2012. The concept of the song is about a betrayal in a relationship. The song, itself, received positive feedback for having a more mature concept than their previous singles. During promotion for this single, the members of the group got into a car accident. Most of them just suffered some scratches and knee pain. Unfortunately, Hana suffered from broken ribs and bruised lungs, forcing her to stop her activities with the group. Hana came back to rejoin the group at the 22nd Seoul Music Awards, and Secret won a Bonsang award at that event.

Shy Boy

Shy Boy was released in November 2011. This is the first Secret song that was made into Japanese to widen their promotions in Japan. The concept of the music video is about girls from the 1950s dancing in swing style. Just like the previous songs, this song was also written by Kang Ji-Won and Kim Ki-Bum. all Secret’s hit songs are written and produced by popular people and audio mixers that have collaborated with other famous singers, such as DJ Khaled, Jason Mraz, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and so on. This song was in the top ten for three weeks on the Gaon Single Charts, and on Olleh Music, it became the number five most-streamed song and the best-selling song for the year.

Latest News

In 2016, one of the members, Sun-hwa decided to pursue a career in acting, and therefore ended her contract with TS Entertainment. This left Secret a three-member girl-band. Unfortunately, last year, on February 28, 2018, Hyo-seong and Ji-eun sued TS Entertainment because the agency was not following their contract terms. Even Hyo-seong claimed that she did not receive her payments. Not long after Ji-eun terminated her contract, she was followed by Hyo-seong. This immediately caused the group to disband. They went on separate ways; Hana become a solo singer and songwriter, Sun-Hwa started a career in acting, Hyo-seong tried her best to debut in new girl-band, and Ji-eun followed Sun-hwa into acting, but kept singing as well.

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