All idols really love to eat, including Jimin himself. He’s often caught on camera eating or doing a mukbang during live broadcasts, but in the past, Jimin actually has a dark aspect about his eating routine! Are you guys curious to know more about it? Don’t worry, because we have the answer for you. So, without any further ado, let’s get into our topic for today!

BTS’s Jimin Suffers from an Eating Disorder

Every country has their own beauty standards, such as in Korea, where white and flawless skin, having double eyelids, and being skinny are the goals for everyone. This is why many entertainment acts, especially idols, try to fit a lot with those standards, and Jimin is one of those examples. He always tries his best to look perfect in the public eyes, especially towards his beloved fans, ARMY. Around January 2018, a hashtag called ‘#JiminYouArePerfect’ became a worldwide trending topic.  This matter was first came up after Jimin talked about the process behind one of his solo songs, ‘Lie,’ which is about the struggle he had with dieting. He actually already used several dieting plans, even before debuting with BTS. But during the WINGS era, Jimin did an extreme dieting program where he tended to starve himself along with doing non-stop exercise. Because of this, he passed out several times during dance practices or rehearsals. During JTBC’s ‘Please Take Care of my Fridge,’ where he came along with Jin, Jimin revealed that he only ate one meal for 10 days straight, and he also said that it made him ill many times. He also said that he tries to lose around 15 pounds during the dieting period. While the members were eating, Jimin would only sit across the able and just watch them eat. All the BTS members tried to invite him to eat, as well, but Jimin refused and continued his diet, no matter how intense it was. Here is a complete time lapse of Jimin, showing how his weight drastically changed:

ARMYs were so concerned about this matter, all of them tried to encourage Jimin by telling him that it was totally fine for him to look less skinny, as long he is healthy. The other members also tried their best to give him positive feedback, and told his dad that he already did great enough for everyone. But now, Jimin seems to be a lot better than he used to in 2016. Although as an idol, he still has to manage his diet to keep in good shape, but he looks happier today. Jimin has also reassured ARMYs several times that he is okay. Well, we really hope that Jimin loves and cherishes himself more now!

Jimin Eating in Vlive

BTS has their own official Vlive channel, and sometimes Jimin loves to go live and interact with all ARMYs around the world. One of the things he like to do is doing a mukbang, or where a person records themselves while eating. Jimin sometimes did the mukbang shows by himself or with the other members. Now, let’s take a look at the moments of him eating during VLive broadcasts, shall we? A mukbang time with Jungkook and Jin, while having a mini concert (you can watch the full version at the VLive website or application):

Another Jimin, Jin, and Jungkook Vlive. At first, Jimin and Jin wanted to do a mukbang, but then Jungkook came into the room. The result was that Jimin only did a small mukbang, where he ate a small, round lollipop.

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