As a songwriter and composer, he has written more than 100 songs for the H.O.T albums and also for other groups and singers such as NRG and Fly To The Sky. Top female Korean singer, BoA, has also asked Kangta to create the song “Waiting” (Neul). When H.O.T. dissolved in March 2001, many loyal fans were angry. But a few months after the group broke up, Kangta surprised many fans by becoming the first member to make a solo debut. He released his first solo album Polaris, which was a big hit at the time, this was followed by his second album Pinetree in 2002. His first solo concert took place on August 24th, 2003. Since he has been a part of SM Entertainment for quite a long time, Kangta is currently believed to be one of the executive directors at SM Entertainment. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain to you everything about Kangta’s Love story rumor. So, keep reading, everyone!

Kangta With a Model

Member of the legendary boy band H.O.T, who is now a solo singer, has been rumored of dating a racing sexy model Woo Joo-ahn after an intimate video in the sauna. The dating rumors circulated after their intimate video in the sauna was uploaded by Woo Joo-ahn. The video shows Kangta and herself lying while hugging and kissing affectionately. Kangta was heard saying, “There is something strange here. There is someone who is too pretty lying here.” In response, Woo Joo-ahn sweetly replied, “Yes, sir. If you find me too beautiful, you can boldly approach me to kiss.” Shortly thereafter, Woo Joo-ahn deleted the video from Instagram. But the video had already circulated on the internet and caused rumors of dating. On Thursday (1/8), SM Entertainment responded to the intimate video of Kangta and Woo Joo-ahn in the sauna. “Their relationship ended a few years ago and we were told that Woo Joo-ahn accidentally uploaded the video before deleting it quickly,” the agency said. Rumors of Kangta dating invited various comments from the netizens. Many did not expect Kangta to date a racing model. Some call his taste as a legendary idol very low. “Kangta, you are a legendary idol. What do you do with plastic monsters like her?” commented one netizen. “I just didn’t expect Kangta’s tastes to be that low,” added another netizen. “Kangta deserves a better woman, if they are only dating, that’s no problem, but she doesn’t match with Kangta,” said another. “Kangta, raise your taste,” concluded another.

Kangta with Actress Jung Yoo-mi

Market News Outlet reported that Kangta and Jung Yoo-mi have been dating for two years. This is what SM Entertainment and Ace Factory said as their respective agencies. Kangta is involved in dating rumors for the second time on the same day, Thursday (1/8). Former member of the legendary group H.O.T is rumored to date a racing model, Woo Joo-ahn. Now the report says that Kangta is having an affair with Jung Yoo-mi. Market News Outlet reported that Kangta and Jung Yoo-mi had been dating for two years. Both are reported to be close friends after being introduced to each other by someone and started dating two years ago. But SM Entertainment as Kangta’s agency denied the report. “They are only close friends,” said a source from the agency. Jung Yoo-mi’s agency, Ace Factory, also said the same thing. “The dating report is not true. Kangta and Jung Yoo-mi are close friends,” the agency said. Previously, SM Entertainment also responded to the rumors of Kangta’s date with Woo Joo-ahn. The agency confirmed that they were dating but broke up a few years ago.

The impact from The Rumor

As a result of his intimate video circulating widely with racer Woo Joo-ahn, Kangta received a flood of criticism and had to stop all activities with SM Entertainment including delaying the release of his album. Kangta also could not participate in the SM Entertainment’s family concert, SMTown in Tokyo last August. Kangta also has reportedly withdrawn from the musical production “Hedwig.” Kangta was scheduled to perform in the musical that launches starting on the 17th at Hongdae’s Art Center in Seoul. News reports claimed that his recent cheating scandal was the cause of his decision to leave the cast. Kangta was recently caught in two dating rumors where a media press claimed he was dating actress Jung Yoo-mi, but his ex-girlfriend, Woo Joo-ahn, claimed they were back together. Announcer Oh Jung-yeon soon revealed that Kangta had cheated on her with Woo Joo Ahn in the years past. As Kangta’s personal affairs became a hot topic among the netizens, many criticized him for the multiple scandals.


After rumors of Kangta and Woo Joo-ahn dating circulated, Woo Joo-ahn had time to apologize through her Instagram account to Kangta and Kangta’s fans. On Friday, August 2nd, they both apologized and clarified their relationship through their respective Instagram. Kangta wrote, Hello, I’m Kangta. I apologize for causing problems for many people with my personal problems. After breaking up with Woo Joo-ahn last year, a few days ago (around the end of July), I met her. After that, we still kept contact. But because a video that was filmed before we broke up was accidentally posted on Woo Joo-ahn’s personal Instagram, it led to a situation that confused everyone. The post that she uploaded yesterday evening had been sent to me before she posted it. After talking, we decided to end our affinity from now on. Since this is a predestined relationship that ended beforehand, I don’t want to hurt Woo Joo Ahn anymore, and once again, I want to apologize for having troubled many people because of my personal matters.

A post shared by 강타 (@an_chil_hyun) on Aug 1, 2019 at 10:44pm PDT Woo Joo-ahn wrote, Hello, this is Woo Joo Ahn. I caused trouble and concern over the past few days due to my mistake… There were misunderstandings in the articles, so I uploaded the post yesterday after a discussion with Kangta. Afterward, we decided through a discussion to end our relations at this point. I once again want to express my apologies to Kangta’s fans, who must have been hurt due to my accidental post, and to Kangta, who deserves love from the public. I especially, really sincerely apologize to the fans. Even if you hate me, I earnestly ask that you forgive me and let go of the anger. I hope speculative articles will not be spread. Please, reporters, I ask this of you.

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