As we have the King of K-Pop, we also have this bad-ass woman coming from YG Entertainment, CL. CL is the leader from a disbanded girl group 2NE1, yet this group is iconic because it’s so different compared to the girly and feminine trend of the other girl groups from that era. CL and 2NE1 brought the hip-hop genre to e different level as would be expected from YG, and she also has as much swag as G-Dragon with her unique rapping skills. What would happen if this King and Queen collaborate? Their collaboration should be amazing! Two swags from YG Entertainment with a bad-ass performance, can you imagine? This time, Channel-Korea will show you G-Dragon and CL’s collaborations and be careful to not drop your jaw!


“R.O.D” is a hip-hop and rap song which was released in 2013 along with the Coup D’Etat album from G-Dragon. The song originally featured Lydia Paek, a rapper from YG Entertainment, but G-Dragon often performs this song with CL. The song is simply about the lover, who admires his girl so much. The girl is amazingly beautiful for him, and he promises to give her unconditional love.

In the video above, you can see G-Dragon and CL’s performance in SBS’ Inkigayo, they absolutely stole the audience’s attention! Look at their chemistry and how they interact on the stage, they could make all the VIPs jealous! CL’s voice also suits the song so much.

The Leaders

“The Leaders” was released in 2009 along with G-Dragon’s solo album Heartbreaker. This song is also epic, as “The Leaders” not only involves CL but also Teddy! This song is made for the leaders of BIGBANG and 2NE1 which were the front line of YG and Teddy as the first generation 1TYM leader. The song is basically about each leader proudly talking about himself, like how Teddy always produces good music, G-Dragon is small but his voice is rich and he’s being loved by all the girls, and CL is the one and only badass female!

In this performance, G-Dragon and CL act so intimate by hugging and teasing each other. Plus G-Dragon in red is so hot!

The other epic performance of G-Dragon and CL, where they sang “R.O.D” and “The Leaders” in ACT III, M.O.T.T.E. in Seoul. They dressed in red, CL appeared so sexy and pretty with her silver hair. She teased G-Dragon by dancing in front of his face but G-Dragon closed his face because he was too shy to see that! And also the moment G-Dragon was playing with CL’s hair is so cute. At the end of the performance, they gave each other the best friend hug. Dirty Vibe This time, G-Dragon and CL had the chance to widen their wings and extend their hands to international fans, as Skrillex, the western DJ, featured them in his song “Dirty Vibe” for his album Recess which was released in 2014. The song is a kind of mixture of hip-hop and EDM, and the lyrics are basically the typical rap lyrics about how the singer glorifies himself.

The music video also features G-Dragon and CL inside, themed in hip-hop, swag, and a little bit dark as a demon dancing in the chorus part. But still, G-Dragon and CL really kill it!


As we could expect from YG Entertainment, it always produces nice and unique hip-hop pieces of music. For the song “₩1000000,” which was released in 2016, they involved four young rappers from South Korea, they are G-Dragon the King, CL the badass female, Okasian or Kwon Ji-young the rapper from BLACKLABEL, and BeWhy. The collaboration could make anyone drop their jaw! “₩1000000” lyrics are all about these young and rich rappers with their amazing wealth up to ₩1000000.

This was one of G-Dragon and CL’s epic performances, starting with CL singing “Lifted” above the moving box, continuing with the golden G-Dragon singing “One of A Kind.” Then, BeWhy and Okasian pop out and then they sing together. CL looked so badass when she sat around the guest, while G-Dragon was jamming and covered half of his face with the white hat. This performance should be remembered by everyone as one of the most iconic performances in SBS’ Gayodaejun 2016!

Latest News

G-Dragon Deemed Fit to Serve as Active Soldier

In May 2018, G-Dragon was reported to have been reviewed for discharge as he underwent surgery for his ankle. Many haters said that it just a made-up reason by him to avoid his active-duty soldier service. Among this controversy regarding his military enlistment, a piece of happy news came that stated G-Dragon was found innocent for breaking the rules in terms of his current soldier status and his privileges. On March 2nd, the representative of the army stated, “Kwon Ji Yong has been deemed fit to serve as an active-duty soldier. According to the results, he’ll continue his service in the army unit.” It’s good for him that we know he’s now healthy and fit and ready to finish his duty!

Cancellation of CL’s Upcoming Talk Show CL Nine

All the GZB (the fandom name for CL fans) are probably eagerly waiting for CL’s activity as she has already been absent from the entertainment scene for quite a long time. CL was reported to be the main MC of the talk show titled CL Nine by JTBC2. Unfortunately, on May 28th, broadcasting officials confirmed that the show will be canceled due to the directional changes in the planning phase that caused the conflicts. The first guest of the show, Paris Hilton the Hollywood celebrity, stated that she was informed by the production team of the show that it would be canceled. Both G-Dragon and CL might be in a hard situation right now, so we should keep supporting them and patiently wait for them to produce more insane music. They might even collaborate and perform even more iconic performances like in the past! Do you have any thoughts about them? Kindly share your opinions in the comment section below!

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