In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you the age order of all SKZ members, along with their age subgroups.

List of Stray Kids Members’ Age

As written before, it was revealed that the leader Bang Chan is the oldest member of SKZ. After Bang Chan, you might have a hard time choosing the youngest member just by looking at their appearances. Or, you might want to know which member has the smallest age gap with the leader. So, here’s the list of SKZ members’ age in order, from the oldest to the youngest.   From this table, we can see that all SKZ members are almost the same age! The age gap between Bang Chan and I.N (the oldest and the youngest) is only 3 years and 4 months. This age gap is not so wide, considering that there are many groups out there that have a wider age gap between their oldest and youngest member.

Bang Chan: The Oldest Member and the Leader of Stray Kids

As previously mentioned, Bang Chan is the oldest SKZ member, and he was born in 1997 in Seoul, South Korea. In SKZ, there is no member born in 1997 other than Bang Chan, thus making him the oldest hyung in the group. He has the biggest age gap in SKZ, as the age gap between him and the second-oldest member Lee Know is 1 year and 22 days. As the leader of a group with many members, Bang Chan sees himself as an independent person who likes to do things alone. In an interview, Changbin once mentioned that Bang Chan is the busiest SKZ member. The members feel that Bang Chan is responsible for everything. He even does the music editing and matches the choreography to the song’s beats. That’s why SKZ members feel that Bang Chan is suitable to be their leader.

Stray Kids’ Hyung Line

The hyung line in SKZ consists of Bang Chan, Lee Know, and Changbin. Like the older brothers usually, the hyung line always takes care and gives a lot of attention to their younger members. However, they don’t just take care of them; they always play together with all the SKZ members. The two oldest members, Bang Chan and Lee Know have a cool and serious image. Meanwhile, Changbin always tries to look cute, making him the SKZ fake maknae. The hyung line always tries to bring the members together, and they always make funny things to make the group atmosphere better. Two of the three members of the SKZ subunit 3Racha are also from the hyung line, namely Bang Chan and Changbin.

Stray Kids’ Middle Line (The 00’ Line)

SKZ’s middle line consists of four members: Hyunjin, Han, Felix, and Seungmin. They were all born in 2000, with the smallest age gap shared by Han and Felix, which is only one day. Usually, the middle line, or the beagle line, is the most extroverted line in a group. This also applies to SKZ, because the four members are always fussing and doing silly things. The SKZ middle line members are the most spotlighted members, because there are visuals, rappers, dancers, and even gamers in this line. Han is known as a hardcore gamer, and he admitted once that the hyung line always keeps an eye on his gaming habit.

Stray Kids’ Maknae Line

In SKZ, the maknae line consists of only one person, namely I.N. Yang Jeong-in was born in 2001 in Busan, South Korea, and his age in 2022 is 21 years old. There are no other members born in 2001 other than I.N. His age gap with the second-youngest member Seungmin is 4 months and 17 days. I.N has a very maknae look because he always looks cute and adorable. Many Stays say that he looks cute because of his braces. As the maknae, I.N is overflowed with love, compassion, and attention from all of his hyungs. Because he’s the only maknae and his talents are widely showcased, he ends up being SKZ’s maknae on top. He once mentioned in an interview that his hyungs always try their best to make him happy, especially when he was heavily criticized by the public. So, that’s all you need to know about Stray Kids’ members’ age order and the age subgroups. What do you think about the members based on their age? Do you feel that there are some members who don’t look their age?

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