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Do-hyun (도현)

In Korea, Do means path, while Hyun means virtuous and able. Lee Do-hyun is an actor that performed alongside IU and Yeo Jin-goo in the tvN drama Hotel de Luna. In the drama, he performed the role of a devoted soldier who fell in love with IU’s character, Jang Man-wol. Sadly, he couldn’t marry her, but married another woman. In order to pay for his mistake, he deliberately allowed Jang Man-wol to kill him.

Seo-joon (서준)

Seo means auspicious, while Joon means handsome. Park Seo-joon is the epitome of young, handsome, and successful. Every project that he did became gold. All of his dramas and movies are a huge success, and he perfected his image with a easygoing and hardworking character. During the filming for tvN’s Yoon’s Kitchen, Park Seo-joon showed that he is hardworking, friendly, and eager to learn something new. His good looks captivate women and girls all over the world. The handsome Korean actor was born as Park Yong-kyu. Whoever gave him the stage name Park Seo-jun did an excellent job.

Si-woo (시우)

Si means begin or start, while Woo means divine intervention, protection, or rain. Siwoo is a member of the idol group C-Clown. C-Clown debuted on July 18, 2012, by releasing the mini album Not Alone. At their first showcase, reporter asked about the reason behind the stage names of the group members. The youngest member, Siwoo, whose real name is Kim Tae-min, said that “The name Siwoo stood for time and rain. I wanted to be the singer that delivers songs like the first rain after a drought.” Sadly, C-Clown disbanded after three years of activity.

Baekhyun (백현)

Baek means older brother and Hyeon means worthy and virtuous. Baekhyun means virtuous brother. Even though Baekhyun isn’t the oldest member of EXO, nor is he the leader of the group, Baekhyun has a supportive and accommodating character. According to EXO’s D.O, it was Baekhyun that encouraged and supported him when actively participating in dramas. He acknowledged D.O’s acting talent and said that D.O was the jewel of EXO. Baekhyun has a three-year age difference, but he once dated the leader of Girls Generation, Taeyeon. She is three years older than he is. Their relationship didn’t last long. Perhaps Baekhyun has the caring character that Taeyon likes.

Dae-hyun (대현)

Dae-hyun means great and honor. Jung Dae-hyun, or more famously known as Daehyun, is a member of idol group BAP. He was born in Gwangju province on June 28, 1993. BAP debuted in 2012, but disbanded in 2019. He initiated the crowdfunding to pay for the production of his debut solo album. He successfully released his album in April 2019. He participated in writing, composing, and producing the solo album. Dae-hyun signed an exclusive contract with STX Lionheart and is currently active as a singer and musical actor.

Ha-joon (하준)

Ha means summer, talented, while Joon means handsome. Ha-joon is a Korean actor that performed as the lead actor in various Korean dramas. He performed in MBC’s Bad Papa, tvN’s Arthdal Chronicles, tvN’s Black Dog, and SBS’ 6 Dragons. In Black Dog, he acted alongside beautiful actress Seo Hyun-jin and senior actress Ra Mi-ran. Ha-jun played the role of a popular and handsome school teacher. He teaches the Korean language and is popular among his colleagues and female students

Haneul (하늘)

Haneul means sky, heavenly. Kang Ha-neul is a handsome Korean actor. He performed in various successful movies and dramas. He collaborated with Park Seo-joon as a young police officer in the box office movie Midnight Runners in 2017. He performed as the leading actor and worked alongside youthful actress Gong Hyo-jin in KBS2’s hit drama Camellia. His character is pure, genuine, and simple. As a police officer, he is the type of who acts quickly but isn’t very good at planning and preparation. Outside of dramas and movies, Kang Ha-neul’s personality is friendly, easy going, and active. His smile and laughter could melt any woman’s heart.

Hyun-sik (현식)

Hyun means clever, smart, or brilliant. Hyunsik is a member of the idol group BTOB. Hyunsik is famous among the BTOB members for his cleverness and for being multi-talented. He knows and speaks four languages: Korean, Mandarin, English, and Japanese. He was a popular boy among girls in his elementary school. He can pay acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and piano. He actively participated in writing lyrics and composing music for BTOB songs. According to his friends, Hyunsik loves to cook, and he can make very delicious food.

Kwang (광)

Kwang means wild. Kwang-hee is an entertainer, TV personality, and TV host. He once participated as a member of MBC’s Infinite Challenge, and has hosted numerous TV programs. Occasionally, he’s also appeared in various dramas and variety shows as a guest. He is well known for his active, blunt, and talkative personality. He is among the chattiest Korean entertainers. Kwang-hee has proudly confessed to receiving cosmetic enhancement on his face. He even explained the details and the number of operation that he went through to achieve his look. Some netizens have praised him for his openness, but many other criticize him for deliberately and confidently revealing his cosmetic operations.

Tae (태)

Tae means one who is a great person. Kim Tae ho is the program directors of the Nation’s variety show, MBC’s Infinite Challenge, and has received praise for his work in the Sunday night program. He was known for making funny captions on variety show screens that help audiences in experiencing and understanding his programs. He has won numerous awards and accolades for his work as a program director. In 2017, he was involved in a joint labor strike between two of the strongest terrestrial TV stations in Korea. The strike urged better treatment for employees at the TV stations. He reportedly won awards for his achievements, but decided to refuse the awards as a sign of solidarity to his colleagues. That was all the information about Korean celebrities names and the meaning behind them. Do you think their names fit their character and personality? Tell us about your opinion in the comment section below!

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