K-Pop idols have a body that must be an essential asset to get the best performance when they have to work on stage. As an entertainer, they must also have a good and ideal body type, so they can impress many people while performing. Here are BLACKPINK’s member’s body types that you should know :   So, which one is your favorite BLACKPINK member from the list above? If you have already found your favorite BLACKPINK members and their body type, let’s get more details about them and learn more about the best part of their bodies in this article below!

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s Body Type: Apple

If you look at BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s body type, she has a wider waist than her shoulders. The thing that might shape her body shape is that she used to have daily exercise to have a smaller waist and a more significant hip. Women with an apple-shaped body will show a body that looks round from the top of the buttocks to the chest. However, the legs tend to be thinner. The curve of the waist is less visible or even invisible in the apple body shape. This is because the waist tends to be straight, almost parallel to the hips’ width. Meanwhile, the size of the chest, waist, and hip circumference, usually have almost the same size. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has an ideal weight and no significant changes occur in her body shape.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Body Type: Pear

BLACKPINK’s Jennie has a pear body type. She has a petite body that somehow can look sexy and cute at the same time. Her upper body also looks small, and her legs might have a thicker proportion than the other part of her body. BLACKPINK’s Jennie, who has a pear body type, has a trim waistline, but somehow her thighs, hips, and legs are body parts that stand out more. She also has hips that are wider than chest and shoulder circumference. Although it looks slim on the chest and arms, the thighs and buttocks usually look round and solid. In fact, every time she gains weight, her lower body looks fatter. Women who have a pear shape may have short or muscular legs.

BLACKPINK’s Rose’s Body Type: Hourglass

BLACKPINK’s Rose has an hourglass body type which is indicated by her shoulders that are not very wide and also a tiny waistline as well. BLACKPINK’s Rose has a smaller waistline than her hips. Since her body is thinner than the other members, it can be a little challenging to find a body type that fits her, but BLACKPINK’s Rose is considered to have an hourglass body type if you look at her shoulders, waist, and hip line. Hourglass-shaped women have the same size marks on their hips and chest. However, the waist size is smaller, and the shoulders look a bit rounded. Usually, the hourglass body shape is divided into upper and lower. On the other hand, women who have an hourglass shape tend to find it challenging to detect fat accumulation during weight gain. In this case, BLACKPINK’s Rose is a member who has quite a stable weight.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s Body Type: Inverted Triangle

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is the maknae who is super athletic and has pretty shoulders with narrower hips. Therefore, she has a body type with an inverted triangle. BLACKPINK’s Lisa also has toned legs that look strong and beautiful. Women with a triangular body shape have broad shoulders but small hips. In addition, BLACKPINK’s Lisa who has an inverted triangular body shape also has a wider upper body than her lower body. Some people may also find it challenging to define BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s body type since she has a skinny body, but her body shape belongs to the inverted triangle because from the upper body to the lower body’s precision is getting smaller. Well, that was all for the information about BLACKPINK’s body type. Nonetheless, everybody types are beautiful, and let’s still give BLACKPINK lots of love. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for exciting articles from Channel-Korea!

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