In this article, there’s detailed information about BTS’ RM’s solo mixtapes and singles that have been released. Known as a rapper with very meaningful songs and lyrics, BTS’ RM has also received several awards for his work in music and appreciation from many parties. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about BTS’ RM’s solo activities in this article below!

BTS’ RM’s Solo Songs

Having an identity as a K-pop idol does not mean they only work to promote their group, but they are also given the opportunity to continue to hone their talents in their respective fields. Likewise, BTS’ RM has had the opportunity to continue composing songs since he started his career as an underground rapper. Until now, more than 100 songs have been recorded with contributions to BTS’ RM. He has also released his solo songs which are included in his mixtape albums or as non-album singles. Check out BTS’ RM’s solo songs and mixtapes’ tracklists here!

“Too Much” (2014)

BTS’ Rap Monster appeared with a single titled “Too Much” which is adapted from Drake’s song with the same title. The song was actually released on November 21, 2013, and it was an unofficial song that was released by BTS’ Rap Monster. The “Too Much” lyrics tell about BTS’ Rap Monster’s frustration and criticisms by describing his struggles behind being the leader of an idol group because he is often viewed as a puppet.

BTS’ Rap Monster who released “Too Much” at that time received a lot of criticism because the lyrics describe a place with a lot of sadness and pain. BTS’ Rap Monster expressed anger through this song, and “Too Much” was released back when he was still associated with his underground hip hop reputation, which made the idol fans and hip hop fans conflicted about supporting him.

RM Album (2015)

After gaining success with BTS, Rap Monster is trusted to show his skills as a soloist. This BTS rapper also showed his best acting in the music video “Do You” which was released on March 20, 2015. In accordance with his position in BTS, Rap Monster displayed his rap skills in the music video “Do You.” This 3-minute video itself presents various and very fast rap lyrics from a singer whose real name is Kim Nam-joon. The “Do You” music video carries a simple concept in a black and white video theme and focuses on Rap Monster only.

The lyrics themselves contain how he ignores other people’s opinions and is confident in his unique style. The first mixtape titled RM contains songs that he composed himself, including “Do You,” “Voice,” “Do You?,” “Awakening,” “Monster,” “Throw Away,” “God Rap,” “Joke,” “Rush Feat. Krizz Kaliko,” “Life,” “Drift,” and “I Believe.” The mixtape was ranked 48th in Spin Magazine‘s “50 Best Hip Hop Albums of 2015” list.

mono. Album (2017)

Kim Nam-joon or better known as RM from the boy band BTS dominated music charts around the world with his newest playlist, mono. Released October 23, 2018, at exactly 12 AM, mono. immediately topped iTunes Top Albums in 88 countries, including the United States, Thailand, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, and Chile. This achievement made BTS’ RM the Korean artist with the most number 1 positions on iTunes Top Albums worldwide. RM even broke the record that BTS set with the album Love Yourself: Answer when it was released on August 24, 2018. The album mono. has seven tracks such as “Tokyo,” “Seoul (Produced by Honne),” “Moonchild,” “Badbye with eAeon,” “Uhgood,” “Everythingoes (With Nell),” and “Forever Rain.” Some of them are collaborations of the BTS leader with a number of artists both from Korea and abroad.

The song “Seoul” for example was produced by HONNE, a British electronic musician duo. He also took his friend, eAeon, who is also a member of the duo Mot. Besides that, there is Nell, one of the most famous indie rock bands in Korea. The launch for mono. was accompanied by the music video for the song “Forever Rain.” Besides that, RM also released lyric videos for “Seoul” and “Moonchild.” It is very difficult for an album to penetrate the Billboard 200 which is known as one of the benchmarks for the most successful albums in the United States and even in the world, especially if the album is not released in a physical format as well. However, digital sales for mono. are fairly successful because it was perched at number 26 on the Billboard 200.

“Bicycle” (2021)

In celebration of FESTA 2021 which is BTS’ 8th anniversary, RM released a new solo titled “Bicycle.” This song features not only melodic rap but also sentimental vocals. In a post, RM explained what made him write “Bicycle.” As the title suggests, “Bicycle” is inspired by one of the favorite activities of the 1994-born musician. “I’ve always wanted to write a song about bicycles. Three years since I produced Mono, I’m starting to feel a little tired of putting together the next series without being on a fixed timeline. FESTA is a good motivation for me because I finally wrote and released ‘Bicycle,’” RM said. The song and beautiful cover illustration for “Bicycle” is a collaborative masterpiece by RM, guitarist close friend John Eun, and his favorite artist Moon Sung-sik. He explained, “It took some work, but after pedaling everywhere between February and March, I was finally able to finish the words for ‘Bicycle’ to follow John hyung‘s guitar melody. I really got lyrical inspiration while riding my bike. I hummed the song so many times, I can’t even count it.”

RM continued, “The cover illustration was made by one of my favorite artists, Moon Sung-sik. I fell in love with the artwork that really captured his usual sketching style. I want to thank John Eun and Moon Sung-sik for agreeing to do the work this passionately with me!” Then, perhaps more importantly, RM revealed what the bike meant to him. Although it’s this activity that makes him “a little sentimental,” cycling is “something that liberates” him. “I always wished I had time to cycle. But, every time I started pedaling forward, I felt a little sentimental for some reason. Could it be because I missed a lot…? I don’t really understand why I feel that way,” RM said. “Maybe because I don’t have a driver’s license yet and I’ve never really driven a car before. Anyway, I appreciate the time I spend cycling because the bike is something that physically liberates me.” RM hopes that “Bicycle” can become the national anthem for those who share the same love for riding. “A song about bicycles has always been my goal because I’ve been cycling since I was a trainee. And, the blurry vision that passes by me as I pedal, I’ve always wanted to turn it into a song, a song that captures sentimental-but-also-fun, chill-feeling feelings, and against-cheek-but-warm-to-heart kind of feeling,” RM said. The BTS leader continued, “I hope ‘Bicycle’ stays on your playlists. I hope it becomes your national anthem. I hope you receive a small gift from the song I offered. Nothing will make me happier. Every day is a day good for riding. If you’re feeling down, try riding a bicycle. I’ll do the same!”

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