In this article, we will find out more about BTS’ Suga‘s family and his parents’ information. If some idols talk about their supportive parents during their career as a star, that’s not the case with BTS’ Suga. Why? Let’s find the detailed answer in this article below!

BTS’ Suga Never Revealed His Parents’ Identity

BTS’ Suga has a different story from most K-Pop idols when it comes to his family. He may be said to be very secretive and considers that his personal life is privacy that had to keep. BTS’ Suga never revealed who his family members and his parents were. No further information about BTS’ Suga’s parents, but he did tell about his past difficulties with his parents. It might be said that BTS’ Suga went through hard times with his parents, but he is a good kid and of course, he wants to get whole support.

BTS’ Suga’s Parents Dissaproved His Career As An Idol

Like most parents in general, Suga’s father and mother want their children to live successful and prosperous lives. That’s why Suga’s parents are very against their son’s passion for music. On the other hand, his parents want Suga to choose an office job to guarantee a more stable, less risky, and affluent life. This difference of opinion then becomes a challenge for Suga. However, these obstacles do not necessarily stop his steps. In 2010, he ventured to go from Daegu to Seoul to develop his potential and abilities.

How BTS’ Suga’s Parents React When They Met ARMY

Some fans said they had met and chatted directly with Suga’s parents. These little secrets were also revealed by Suga’s parents at the restaurant owned by his family. “At that time I was queuing with other Army and Suga’s father saw us. He immediately said, ‘I don’t know why you all like Suga so much’,” said one fan. Not only the father, but fans also told stories about when they met Suga’s mother. “Suga’s mother also sat at the table in front of us and asked if we were Army. I was immediately embarrassed, then Suga’s mother said he came to all BTS concerts. He’s very cute,” said fans. Not only parents, but another unique story also came from one of Suga’s friends. “Suga really likes Epik High. He always sings “Fly”,” said a friend who sat near Suga when he was in middle school. Meanwhile, it was also revealed that Suga’s parents called the child by his stage name and not his real name.

BTS’ Suga’s Parents Attended His Concert

BTS may be a global sensation right now, but its journey to success has not been an easy one. The members’ journey faced several obstacles, including their own parents who disagreed with their choice. BTS’ Suga, even cried when he saw his parents present at his concert in 2016. He bowed while shedding tears because his wish was finally approved by his parents. On July 27, 2021, it was the first time Suga’s parents attended his concert. The emotional moment also touched BTS fans, ARMY. BTS’ Suga explained that his parents didn’t understand rap, because it wasn’t part of the music they listened to. “So it’s only natural that they oppose what I do. And, of course, being a musician is also a very unstable profession,” he said. “I had to show my parents that it was possible. So that encouraged and motivated me to work harder,” he said. BTS had a winning year, with their song “Butter” dominating Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for seven weeks. Then, they again topped the charts with the song “Permission to Dance”. “Dynamite” bagged a Grammy nomination, although they didn’t take the trophy. With a few months left for the announcement of the Grammy nominations, the owner of the solo name Agust D expressed his desire to be nominated again, and bring the award trophy home to South Korea. “I want us to be nominated for a Grammy again. I want to receive the award,” Suga said, some time ago at a separate event. Well, that was all for the information about BTS’ Suga’s parents that you should know. Let’s give support to BTS’ Suga because he deserves so much love. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!

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