If you’re curious, let’s look in more detail at the scandal and controversy that Wonho has done in the past, causing his decision to leave the group and stop being an idol in the article below.

Debt Rumor and Smoking Marijuana

The beginning of the controversy occurred starting from a similar relationship between Han Seo-hee and ulzzang Jung Da-eun, who is a transgender. They posted a photo on Instagram saying that Monsta X’s Wonho was once in debt to Jung Da-eun, and the post immediately attracted the attention of fans, especially Monbebe, throughout the world. The fans were angry because they knew that previously Han Seo-hee has often looked for problems with idols, such as Bigbang’s TOP, BTS’s V, and iKON’s B.I. On October 29, Jung Da-eun posted a picture of Wonho on TV and wrote, “Ho-seok (Wonho’s real name), when will you pay your debt?” Han Seo-hee commented on Jung Da-eun’s post. “Give Da-Eun 30 million won.” In response, Starship Entertainment, Wonho’s agency, released an official statement on October 30, 2019. “(The rumors) are not true, and we are considering the possibility of taking legal action,” the agency said. Although it has been denied, Wonho has still been flooded with negative comments by netizens. Some netizens even believe that the idol born in 1993 does indeed owe money to Jung Da-eun. “It doesn’t sound like he’s joking,” commented netizens. “Imagine how hard he tried to run away from his debt to the point that Jung Da-eun had to do this,” added another netizen. “I will also be upset if someone borrows 30 million won from me and hasn’t returned it in 6 years,” said another. “The most accurate memory is from people who lend money,” netizens said. “30 million won is not a small amount, how could anyone forget to borrow that much money? Wonho is clearly cowardly and lies to his agency that he never borrowed it? According to his Instagram post, he borrowed it 6 years ago and it seems like everyone around them also know about it,” concluded another. After that, Han Seo-hee and Jung Da-eun still wanted to reveal other things about Wonho in the past to the public. They said Wonho was a criminal and talked about what he had done in the past before debuting as a famous idol. Beside Instagram, Jung Da-eun also revealed the story of Wonho’s past on his personal Twitter, @THCvors. “I know what you did in 2008. The Siwon Detention Center for special theft,” was the tweet uploaded on October 30, 2019. In the next tweet, he continued, ”I haven’t even started yet. Does entering a juvenile detention center make you a convict?” “You live your own life now,” continued Han Seo-hee in the next tweet. “This is not Jung Da-eun but Han Seo-hee.” Han Seo-hee’s accusation against Wonho is not a mild one, considering that someone is only put in a detention center after committing a serious crime. The drama of the two parties did not escape the comments of netizens. “Heol, he not only did not pay debts for 6 years but also never entered a detention center.” “The law for minors is poor so people rarely enter the detention center. If he gets put in there and is on his record it means he could be Lee Choon Jae or Jo Doo Soon next.” “Starship, haha. Investigated the case of voting manipulation and now claiming members like this, haha. Do they want to be the next YG?” “Doesn’t special theft mean he uses weapons?” “An idol who has a record of special theft, hahaha. Ridiculous children like this become celebrities, hahaha.” Jung Da-eun hasn’t run out of ways to attack Wonho besides the debt case that Wonho hasn’t paid to Jung Da-eun. This time he talked about how he and Wonho had smoked marijuana together. The case of Wonho smoking marijuana was also confirmed by Jo, the former director of Burning Sun, who is now being held in the Seoul Detention Center. Through a Dispatch interview on November 1, 2019, Jo revealed how he witnessed Wonho and Jung Da-eun living together and smoking weed while Jo was also in the same place. The event Jo talked about happened in October 2013. At that time, Jo wanted to borrow Jung Da-eun’s branded belt. Because Jung Da-eun was out, Jo was invited into the apartment to find the item himself. When Jo arrived, there really wasn’t anyone in Jung Da-eun’s apartment. But while searching for a belt, he heard the sound of the door opening, and Jung Da-eun talking to a man who was later declared as Hoseok, former member of Monsta X, Wonho. Jo then listened to their conversation. Wonho called out something from his pocket and asked, “Have you ever sucked this?” The bag is said to have contained cannabis. Lee Da-eun and Wonho were said to be sucking on this illegal item, without knowing that Jo was still in the apartment. Some time later, Wonho’s phone rang and he left Jung Da-eun’s apartment to answer the call. This opportunity was used by Jo to get out of the place. When meeting with Jo, Jung Da-eun looked shocked. “What are you two doing,” Jo said. “You just pretend you didn’t see anything,” replied Jung Da-eun. “Smells like weed,” Jo said. Contacted separately by Dispatch, Jung Da-eun confirmed that he had smoked marijuana with Wonho. “Yes, that’s right. I smoked marijuana with him. That’s the truth. It’s also true that Jo was in the wardrobe and heard it at the time,” Jung Da-eun said. Jung Da-eun said Wonho didn’t want to reveal where he got the marijuana. “I asked him where he got it from, but he said it was confidential. But I guessed who was selling it to him,” said Jung Da-eun. The Dispatch also mentioned that in September 2019 the police began investigating cases related to Wonho. At that time, Jo was being held at the Seoul Detention Center, while Jung Da-eun was at the Gwangju Detention Center. His second statement about Wonho was consistent, despite being in a different detention center. There were two investigation units formed by the police to investigate this case. One of the units even did a drug test by examining Wonho’s hair. At that time, Wonho had just returned to South Korea from Germany. However, the police do not want to open the test results, because they are still being investigated.

Relationship With Jung Da-eun

As was well known beforehand, the person who started the controversy in Wonho’s past was revealed again, namely Jung Da-eun. He used to be an ulzzang who had also been in one of the tv programs, Ulzzang Shidae, with Wonho before he debuted. They knew each other through the event, and have lived together in one house. Jung Da-eun also became famous after following ‘Ulzzang Shidae’. His name was once dragged when fans revealed that Wonho was a lover of the same sex, and said that his ex-girlfriend was Jung Da-eun, a girl who had been transformed into a transgender man. Jung Da-eun once said when he was doing live Instagram through Han Seo-hee’s account that he had received male hormone injection to make his voice become very low, like a man. He revealed that he had a former girlfriend who was 12 years older than he was and wanted to marry him if he would do hormone injections. Jung Da-eun revealed that he had done two hormone injections and considered it a “mistake” because if he wanted his voice to return to normal, as before, and he had to do surgery. Han Seo-hee, who is now in a special relationship with Jung Da-eun and being his girlfriend, says that Jung Dae-un already has an Adam’s apple and leg hair. K-Pop fans are very worried about Han Seo-hee’s whereabouts, because he often likes to destroy a K-Pop idol’s career by giving bad news about the celebrity’s life, and now he is known to have an affair with transgender Jung Da-eun. Han Seo-hee and Jung Da-eun planned the destruction of Monsta X’s Wonho’s career, and after they revealed Wonho’s life in the past, they went abroad, watched concerts, and dated in public as if they were celebrating the destruction of Wonho’s career. “I will just sit and wait for karma. I hope they end up in prison after the dirty things they did together,” commented netizens. “Doesn’t he feel ashamed? He’s a drug addict,” added another netizen. “Are there people who are even more despicable than they are,” said another. “They are really scary women,” netizens said. “So much garbage has been removed from the entertainment industry because of Han Seo-hee. I don’t know whether to thank him or not,” concluded the other.

Decision To Leave Monsta X

On October 31, 2019, Monsta X’s Wonho gave shocking news to his fans, Monbebe, by writing a statement that he decided to leave the group that had raised his name as an idol, Monsta X. Wonho wrote a letter of apology for the mistakes he had made in the past. With this letter, he also excused himself from the entertainment industry, saying he had to leave Monsta X and all his activities due to the widespread controversy in the public. “This is Wonho. First, I want to apologize for not being able to keep the promise that I will only give good memories to our fans and because it makes them in pain. Besides, I apologize for causing concern for many people because of my personal problems. I have received blessings and love that I did not deserve when promoting as a member of Monsta X. I sincerely thank you for making precious memories for me. To members who work hard with me and live with me, I want to tell them that I am grateful and that I love them. (I also want to show them) my heart is sorry. There was a time when I was immature and had made big and small mistakes, but after becoming a trainee and debut, I remained on track and worked hard to avoid feeling ashamed of myself. I announced that I will leave Monsta X today. I’m sorry for hurting members because of an unfavorable problem related to me. More than anything, I’m sorry for disappointing my fans who trust me. I have reached this decision after seeing many people experience difficulties because of me. Aside from our members, once again I sincerely bow my head to apologize to the fans who have trusted me and supported me. Please give strength to Monsta X. They have nothing to do with me. I carefully ask that you at least give support and encouragement to the members. These are people who are too good to stop and get hurt like this because of someone like me. I’m very grateful and apologize to the staff, members, and finally our fans who have allowed me to enjoy such happiness to date.” – Monsta X’s former member, Wonho

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