NCT Dream’s Jaemin has its own charming point because of his funny nature, and he is often a caring friend to other members and also to fans. Do you want to know how cute NCT Dream’s Jaemin is? Let’s find out more details about Nana or Jaemin in the article below!

Jaemin Adores NCT Dream’s Maknae

Jaemin is very popular for his personality and very funny nature. He is also very attentive to the members, especially the maknae in the group, such as Jisung and Chenle. Jaemin really wanted to be a big brother for his younger siblings. Jaemin also often bursts out laughing when he sees the meaning of the NCT Dream, especially Jisung when he was doing aegyo in front of Jaemin. He also often teases the other members, especially the maknae, by joking together and saying that everything that Jisung does is very cute. When filming ASMR for their YouTube content, Jaemin and Jisung had done it together but it became chaotic because Jaemin could not see Jisung’s expression and behavior, which was very innocent and caused him to laugh constantly. Jaemin is also very happy to play with the maknae of NCT Dream, and he looks like a mother who cares for her children. Jaemin also likes to eat snacks, and he once tried wasabi corn chips with Jisung but he seemed to dislike them because of their strange taste. There was also a moment where Jisung sat on Jaemin’s lap and he said, “If I don’t do this, Jisung will cry,” while shaking his legs so Jisung looks like a bump on Jaemin’s lap, but he enjoyed it. “You have to cry.” Jaemin said, and Jisung acted as if he was crying and Jaemin was pretending to be soothing to him. There was also a moment when Jaemin wore a bunny hat with the edges pressed and the ears from the bunny hat would go up and down. Jisung, who saw it was funny, immediately brought his face to his bunny ears and let the bunny hat go up and down on his forehead. When one of the tv music programs brought in NCT Dream, there was a question session where MC Kim Shin-young asked, “Jaemin loves Jisung too much, things like that,” and Jaemin immediately answered, “I do like Jisung the most. He’s my bias,” then the MC continued with a question about why Jaemin idolized Jisung, “He’s grown on me through fighting.” In one episode of ‘Idol Room’, Jaemin showed his affection for Jisung while hugging him tightly, and Jisung, who couldn’t stand, was screaming because Jaemin didn’t feel ashamed while hugging and snuggling on Jisung’s head. Jisung was also teased by Jaemin and he said that Jisung had a wash board (ABS), and Jaemin started tickling Jisung’s stomach. Because he was amused, Jisung immediately ran away from Jaemin. During the Boom promotion, Jaemin and Jisung, who attended one of the ‘The Show’ sessions, also showed their closeness. In one of the #ChenJi episodes on YouTube, Jisung also thought about Jaemin and he wanted to make something for his favorite hyung. He repeatedly said, “Jaemin hyung will love this.” In one dance video, Jisung and Ten were supposed to do a dance together, even bothered by Jaemin because he kept chasing Jaemin in the studio. In one episode of ‘Idol League’, NCT Dream was a guest on the show and Jaemin revealed that Jisung is the member who is most often in Jaemin’s bed to just eat, and he considers Jisung as his son. Jisung also clarified why he likes to eat on Jaemin’s bed, “That’s because we have bunkbeds. My bed is on the top side and Jaemin hyung is below. It is very difficult to get up but to get down from there is very easy. That’s why I have difficulty, especially since Jaemin often puts things on the stairs to get down from our bunkbed.” Jaemin and Jisung have fought because of this. Jaemin also often looks very clingy every time he is around Jisung. Because they also often spend time together. Jisung knows that Jaemin likes the color pink, and gave him a key chain that he made some time ago with Chenle. Jisung has said that Jaemin is his favorite hyung because he likes to cook delicious food for himself, and he likes to eat a lot of food, especially his favorite, namely potato pancakes. “Jisung, happy birthday. In 2 years you will become an adult. In my opinion, at 40s you … At 30s you will still be cute. No, you might be cute until you die.” – NCT Dream’s Jaemin.

NoMin’s Legendary Moments

Beside Jaemin’s interactions and moments with Jisung, Jaemin is also known to be very close to Jeno. Being in the same school, one class, becoming a trainee and debuting in the same group, they are Jeno and Jaemin NCT Dream. Their friendship has indeed been labeled as Best Friends Forever (BFF) by NCTzens. Many moments between Jeno and Jaemin ahve made NCTzens warm and heartbroken, because they saw their struggle to become idols together was achieved. In addition to being friends since childhood, they are also known as NoMin couple in NCT Dream. When Jaemin made a comeback in the Go era, NoMin Couple was again seen as a duo that was no less cool than the other members, and they looked very bright and charismatic in this era. Beside that, NoMin Couple was also present in the teaser for Go’s music video, and showed their charisma as teenagers. Besides spending a lot of time together, NoMin Couple is also often seen creating content together for NCT Daily on their YouTube channel. In some content, they were seen riding bikes together and eating at restaurants when they were free. NoMin Couple has also appeared in one episode of #JSMR, and they made chocolate cake together with the ASMR concept. Because they are the same age, NoMin Couple is also well-known as inseparable best friends, and they often have very adorable interactions when meeting one another. NoMin Couple also came to Indonesia to volunteer with the ‘Good Neighbors’ program. Beside being good friends with each other, NoMin Couple are also known as friendly idols who have gentle hearts. NCTzens understand their nature and that they are kind and friendly to their fans.

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