Many K-pop fans and observers believe that the indicator of a group’s or singer’s success is based on the first win that the group or singer has won. That said, if a group or singer hasn’t gotten their first win for some time — especially more than a year since the debut — then the group or singer is unlikely to be successful in the future. For this reason, many fans of K-pop groups or singers wonder when their idols achieved their first wins, including Engenes (Enhypen’s fans). Well, are you an Engene who wants to know when Enhypen got their first win? If you’re really curious, Channel-Korea has provided you with all the details about Enhypen’s first win.

Enhypen Got Their First Win on May 4th, 2021

Enhypen (usually written as ENHYPEN) made their debut on November 30th, 2020. The boy group consists of seven members who have been chosen through a survival show called I-Land. Those members are Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Niki, and Jungwon as the group leader. Enhypen debuted with an extended play (EP) album titled Border: Day One, with the lead single titled “Given-Taken”. However, the debut single didn’t get a win, nor was it positioned on South Korean music charts.

On April 26th, 2021, Enhypen made their comeback with a new single “Drunk-Dazed”. The song serves as the lead single of their second EP titled Border: Carnival.

Eight days after they released the single, they got their first win on May 4th, 2021, on The Show broadcast by SBS. We can see that the members didn’t have to wait too long for their first win, because they got it 155 days (or 5 months) after their official debut. Actually, it’s not really surprising, since all of the members have good talents. After their first win on SBS, “Drunk-Dazed” got more wins, consecutively on May 5th and May 7th, on Show Champion and Music Bank, respectively.

Enhypen Members Celebrate Their First Win

As written before, Enhypen got their first win on SBS’s The Show on May 4th. During that episode of The Show, the choice was among some talented boy groups, such as AB6IX and ONF. Enhypen competed against those two groups, and the three groups competed for the highest score in three categories. Those categories are broadcast views, digital sales, and physical album, and video and SNS views. Enhypen excelled in digital sales and physical album, as well as video and SNS views. This made Enhypen get a higher total score than the other two, placing Enhypen in the first rank, AB6IX in the second, and ONF in the last. When the MCs announced the winner, the Enhypen members were very happy. The members appeared on the stage after the announcement. They looked so surprised that they won, and they said thank you many times. For instance, Jake thanked Engenes for supporting them since their debut. Heeseung also said a few words and thanked Engenes, his agency, and his parents. To conclude the program, the members sang a glimpse of their winning song, “Drunk-Dazed”. That’s all about the first win that Enhypen achieved. The first win has been marked as one of Enhypen’s early achievements in the K-pop industry. So, what do you think about the first win ceremony? Do you think that Enhypen should have won earlier because they’re so talented? Anyway, whatever your opinion, let’s support Enhypen even more, so that they can achieve greater success in the K-pop industry. Also, if you like this article, don’t forget to kindly share it with your friends.

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