For this reason, many K-pop fans and observers are curious about first wins got by certain groups or singers. This isn’t an exception for Fromis 9, because many K-pop fans, especially Flovers (Fromis 9’s fans) wondered when Fromis 9 got its first win. So, for Flovers out there who want to know about Fromis 9’s first win, you should continue to scroll this article! In this article, Channel-Korea has given you all the details about Fromis 9’s first win.

Fromis 9 Got Its First Win on September 7, 2021

Fromis_9 released the album on September 1, and they got their first win for “Talk & Talk” six days later on September 7. The members could finally feel relieved, because they had waited for 3 years 8 months since their debut for their first win. This was the only win achieved by Fromis 9 through Talk & Talk.


Fromis 9’s Members Celebrated Their First Win

As previously mentioned, Fromis 9 got their first win on September 7, 2021. They got their first win on SBS’ The Show. In that episode, Fromis 9 competed with soloist Kwon Eunbi and boy group Mirae to get the win. To choose who deserved the win, SBS added up their respective scores in three categories. Those categories are: (1) broadcast views, (2) digital sales and physical album sales, and (3) music video and SNS views. Fromis 9 excelled in all of these categories, making its total score much higher than Eunbi and Mirae. The gap between Eunbi’s and Mirae’s scores’ wasn’t that big, with Mirae got higher score than Eunbi. When the three MCs announced the winner, Fromis 9’s members appeared on stage crying.

They were very happy because they had been waiting for this moment for the last three years. That’s why many members cried happily at that time. When they were on stage, the members were given a chance to say a few words to the viewers. As the leader, Saerom spoke her first words representing the whole group. She thanked the Flovers for supporting the group; she also thanked her agency (Pledis Ent.), the CEO, and her members who have been through a lot. The other members also expressed their gratitude, especially to their parents, Flovers, and the members. Then, to conclude the program, the members sang some parts of their winning song, “Talk & Talk”.

K-pop Fans’ Opinions about Fromis 9’s First Win Celebration

After the episode of The Show was broadcasted by SBS, many K-pop fans gave their opinion about Fromis 9’s first win. Mostly, those opinions came from Flovers, especially the new Flovers. Some of them highlighted the moment when Saerom gave her speech. The Saerom’s speech scene went viral on social media (especially Twitter) because while she was giving the speech, the other members were trying so hard to hold their tears. Even the maknae Jiheon started crying earlier, she started crying right after they got on stage! For this reason, many fans also shed tears, because they saw the members crying so hard on stage. Another scene that went viral was when they concluded the show. As written before, the members sang a glimpse of their winning song. Many members couldn’t sing properly, because they sang while crying. At that moment, many fans paid more attention to Saerom, Jisun, and Chaeyoung, because they could stand still and sing so well, while the other members couldn’t. In addition, Gyuri sang while playing ping pong, and reassured the other members that they would be all right. The viral scenes made Fromis 9’s name continue to appear on Twitter. The hashtag #fromis_9_1stwin even got its place as the #1 trending hashtag worldwide. It was trending right after the announcement.

— • (@fromiscience) September 7, 2021 Here are some notable tweets that used the #fromis_9_1stwin hash tag.

— CandyJelly Flover (@CandyJelly12) September 7, 2021

— Dem🍀💎 #ThankYouGyuri (@DemTheflover) September 8, 2021

— 용각산🍀🐼 (@syeoniee_124) September 7, 2021 That’s all about the moment when Fromis 9 got their first win. So, what do you think about the first win ceremony? To help Fromis 9 achieve even greater success in K-pop industry, let’s support them even more! Also, if you like this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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