Aside from being well known by the public, they also should show their competence in music show by winning their award. And winning awards in a K-pop show ain’t that easy!. Every month, a tenth of K-pop groups make a comeback or debut and that group competes for each other in every music show, whoever got the higher score in the vote would be won an award on a music show. So, have STAYC got their first win? If you are curious about that, stay in Channel Korea cause we gonna share the details of STAYC’s first win.

STAYC Got Their First Win On September 14th, 2021

STAYC is the first girlgroup that debut under High Up Entertainment. STAYC is an acronym for Star to a Young Culture that aspire to reflect the acts’ aim of dominating pop culture. STAYC have six-member that is Sumin, Sieun, Isa, Seeun, Yoon, and J. They debuted on November 12th, 2020 with the album single Star to Young Culture and the title song So Bad.

The debut song highlights unique individual vocal colors. The music video of So Bad that released on November 12th, 2020 received 2,6 million views in the first 24 hours. The album that was released on the same day also sold over 4.300 copies making it the most for a debut girl group in 2020. On September 6th, 2021, STAYC makes their comeback with their first EP Stereotype with the same lead single. Stereotypes reach 30 million views in 21 days and the album sales reach over 114.000 copies in its first week.

With considering good achievement, on September 14th, 2021, STAYC then won their first win in SBS MTV’s The Show. The win against fromis_9 and Purple Kiss with 8.760 total points from broadcast views, digital sales, and physical album, then video and SNS views. On September 15th, 2021, STAYC also on Show Champion while promoting Stereotype, following with their win on M!Countdown on September 16th, 2021. It’s impressive because STAYC gets their first win less than a year after their debut.

This Is How STAYC Member Celebrate Their First Win

The first win is always a memorable memory for the K-pop group, so do STAYC. When The Show MC announce the winner and STAYC up to the stage, they couldn’t hide their happiness filled with tears of joy. Sumin gives her thanks to Swith, their producer, and also their CEO, and not forget to thank their stylish and STAYC member who had worked hard. And as the tradition for every group who won music show, STAYC do encore and sing Stereotype but this time is filled with happiness knowing they have get their first win.

The Phone Ban That Continued Even When STAYC Got Their First Win

As a girl group, there’s certain rules a girlgroup should abide by as their company instructed them. As for STAYC, they have a phone ban that would lift when they get their first win. But, when STAYC got their first win on September 14th, 2021, turn out it didn’t make the phone ban rule lift!. Swifts found out that STAYC would only get their phone only when they win no. 1 on public broadcasts like SBS Inkigayo, KBS Music Bank, or MBC Music Core. Of course, this reason enrages Swifts because both STAYC and Swith worked hard to get not only the first win on The Show but also the third win on M!Countdown. As a group that gives a fresh vibe and unique individual vocal, STAYC’s is one of the groups we can look forward to.  As STAYC got their first win, it show the flowery path they would be going on in K-pop industry. So, that’s the story of STAYC’s first win? Excited to hear about another news from STAYC?. Don’t worry cause Channel Korea covering that for you. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on Twitter!.

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