A couple of idol names are probably coming to mind by now, but we are now going to discuss a certain idol and his reasons for leaving his band. Kim Woo-jin, one of the members who just debuted at JYP Entertainment with a group called Stray Kids is the first member to leave the band because of a problem. Let’s check out the more detailed information about Kim Woo-jin’s departure and the true reason for this all, only in the article below!

JYP Announced Woojin’s Departure From Stray Kids

On October 28th, 2019, JYP Entertainment announced Woojin’s departure from Stray Kids. In its official announcement, JYP Entertainment said Woojin decided to terminate his exclusive contract for personal reasons. “Hello, this is JYP Entertainment. Woojin, who has been with Stray Kids as a member to date, has left the group due to personal matters and terminated his exclusive contract. We express our apologies for causing trouble for many fans with this sudden news, Therefore, Stray Kids’ mini-album Clé: LEVANTER, which is scheduled for release on November 25th will be postponed until December 9th. Once again we apologize to the fans who have waited a long time. We ask for a lot of support for Woojin who will take a new path, and we also ask for warm support from STAY for the eight members of Stray Kids who will once again go towards dreams with their compass. Thank you,” — JYP Entertainment. Woojin himself is the oldest member and also was positioned as vocal from Stray Kids. Before his debut with the boy band the owner of the hit “Double Knot,” he had become a trainee at SM Entertainment and Fantagio. He also trained with NCT members, and became close friends with Jungwoo from NCT U and Jihoon ex-Wanna One. Stray Kids was scheduled to release the album Clé: LEVANTER on November 25th, 2019, but this had to be postponed until December 9th, 2019. Stray Kids debuted with nine members namely Bang Chan, Lee Know, Hyunjin, Felix, I.N, Changbin, Han, Seungmin, and Woojin in 2017. The boy band from JYP Entertainment was formed through a reality show. Since their debut two years ago, they have released a number of mini-albums such as Mixtape, I Am Not, I Am Who, I Am You, and Clé: Miroh. Even on October 9th, 2019, Stray Kids released their music video titled “Double Knot.” The music video is also expected to be the last for Woojin along with eight other members. There were no rumors before that talked about Woojin’s departure or the problems that Woojin had.

Stay’s Reactions To The News

This news suddenly made Woojin’s name become the trending topic of the world on Twitter social media. STAY, the name of Stray Kids’ fandom, expressed sadness at Woojin’s departure from the group. Many did not expect that Woojin’s departure would be this fast. Even right when Stray Kids was going to make a comeback, Woojin had to leave the group and stop his career as an idol for now. Fans also made it to the social media and used the hashtag #ThankYouWoojin to express gratitude for Woojin’s hard work. Stray Kids hasn’t given much to their fans because they’re still rookies. On several uploads, fans expressed their sadness and distrust regarding Woojin’s departure and expressed gratitude to Woojin.   https://twitter.com/jisuunie/status/1196760950470254595?s=20   https://twitter.com/amusingghost/status/1191557055858929665?s=20

— Tasha is Chan’s bestie (@tashatheEgg) November 4, 2019 As reported from NetizenBuzz, those who know the news headlines about Stray Kids’ Woojin’s departure left comments and reactions about the article. It’s a pity that Woojin’s career had to stop here too. However, it was indeed Woojin’s personal decision to leave the group because of his personal problems that could not be disclosed to the public. [+21, -2] They had to postpone the album, retake all the jacket pictures, edit the music video, and record over his parts with other members… what a hassle [+166, -5] He must’ve done something, tsk tsk. All JYP rookies need to stick it out for three years, tsk tsk. [+10, -0] Is leaving groups a trend lately … ??? So many news about idols leaving their groups.

The Reason Why Woojin Left Stray Kids

Until now there has been no news or official explanation from JYP Entertainment why Woojin had to leave the group suddenly without any prior notice. Based on one of the fans’ theories that can be revealed, in YUSRIL KIM’s YouTube channel, he informed us of the conspiracy theory that had been circulating actually had a notification in the “Double Knot” music video about Woojin’s departure.

Based on the explanation of YUSRIL KIM, “Double Knot” is the title of a song that has the meaning of a knot with two bonds. The YouTuber also shared that the lyrics that were sung had a fragment which meant ‘Tie your loose shoelaces. Move.’ Loose shoelaces mean opportunities and if we waste the opportunity, the opportunity will be lost, so we must tie the opportunity tightly by using a double knot and the opportunity to loose will be less. “Double Knot” itself is a song that defines the determination and great purpose of Stray Kids to achieve freedom. From the “Double Knot” music video there is also a scene showing an iron fence and spotlights that look like it is a prison. There is also writing that proves that at a certain moment, one of the members of Stray Kids sings with a hidden meaning as a goodbye. Then in the next scene, there are 9 keys that describe it is the initials of each member of Stray Kids and there is also a road like an airstrip that reads ‘Take Off’. When combined, the scene means that Stray Kids will soon take off or fly somewhere. After that, there were lyrics sung by Woojin which meant: “Wherever I go, don’t mind me.” Followed by one of the hidden meanings which means goodbye. After that, there is also a scene that shows Stray Kids members running in different frames and each is not in the same scene, which means their egos are still very large and they will run as they please. Followed by a part of the lyrics that describes the streaks of black lines that mean sadness and feeling depressed. After that, the lyrics sung by Woojin in “Double Knot” also lead to a departure or separation. “Wherever I go, don’t mind me. I go wherever I want, go-go, I go my own way, so get out of there. I go wherever I want, go go.“ – Stray Kids’ Woojin in “Double Knot” The lyrics associated with the statement are one of Hyunjin’s parts, where he said: “I can make it a dramatic ending, like a director. Life is a masterpiece.” Not only the song and music video lead to Woojin’s departure, but the date of the release of the song titled “Astronaut” and “Double Knot” were close together which seemingly makes it a clue indicating Woojin’s departure could be sought from both songs. At the end of the “Double Knot” scene, we can also see a white sweater as an outfit worn by Woojin in the music video that reads ‘Remember’ and means that he hopes that everyone will still remember him as a member of Stray Kids.   That’s all about the reasons and news of the former member of Stray Kids Woojin, his departure from the group, and the most recent news featured in this article. Let’s continue to support him in his current activities and hope that in the future he will do his individual promotions so that he will get lots of love and support from the fans who are waiting for him!

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