TWICE’s Members Body Type

TWICE’s members have some differences when it comes to their visuals. They have different heights and weights, affecting their different body types. Not only that, but they also have different body types when there are changes in their weight. Here’s TWICE’s members and their body types list :   All types are beautiful, and they have the benefit of having different shapes. Do you have the same body types as TWICE? Well, let’s get more details about TWICE’s members’ body types in this session below!

TWICE’s Jihyo’s Body Type: Inverted Triangle

A body shape such as an inverted triangle is often known as a wedge. This body shape usually has a broad chest and shoulders, which makes the waist and hips appear slimmer. TWICE’s Jihyo has an inverted triangle body type and can be seen from her bust and shoulders, which are much larger than her waist and hips. After all, she has a beautiful appearance, but Korean idol mostly doesn’t have this kind of body type.

TWICE’s Nayeon’s Body Type: Triangle

TWICE’s Nayeon’s body type is the owner of an inverted triangle body shape with several characteristics. she has broad or broad shoulders, shapeless hips, and an athletic appearance. If you look closer, TWICE’s Nayeon has wider hips than the other parts of her body. Besides that, she also has a more petite upper body from her waist until the shoulder.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s Body Type: Rectangle

TWICE’s Jeongyeon has a body shape that is almost like a model. she has a height of 167 cm and a weight of 49.1 kg. This body shape is considered proportional and is ideal for K-Pop idols because TWICE’s Jeongyeon looks flawless with her body type. Rectangle’s body type has the same shoulders and hips. This body shape can more freely determine its style, so many appreciate TWICE’s Jeongyeon fashion style.

TWICE’s Momo’s Body Type: Petite Hourglass

TWICE’s Momo’s body type is a petite hourglass. This body shape has natural curves that are so beautiful. Don’t hesitate to highlight it if you have an hourglass-shaped body with full breasts, sharp waistline or curves, full buttocks, thighs, and hips, like Marylin Monroe. TWICE’s Momo also has an ideal body proportion with sufficient muscle mass for her body shape, which is considered athletic. As the principal dancer of the group, TWICE’s Momo is very confident with her petite hourglass body type and has a slight waist compared to her hips and bust.

TWICE’s Sana’s Body Type: Rectangle

TWICE’s Sana’s body type is a rectangle and is usually owned by thin bodies, where the size of the shoulders, waist, and buttocks are the same width. She usually looks feminine, wearing clothes that create curves. On the other hand, TWICE’s Sana is also one of the famous sexy members, which her aura shows off while wearing an outfit that is very glamorous and shows her curves like a model.

TWICE’s Mina’s Body Type: Triangle

TWICE’s Mina’s body type is a triangle, which is the same as Nayeon. she also has a pretty ideal body proportion and beautiful abs. The triangular body shape is one of the most common body shapes. He is also a member who has a toned body line, especially when it comes to her legs. Instead of having skinny body parts, TWICE’s Mina, with her beautiful triangle body shape, has solid legs and is often shown by her muscular thighs.

TWICE’s Dahyun’s Body Type: Triangle

Just like TWICE’s Nayeon and Mina, TWICE’s Dahyun has a body type in a triangle. In this body shape, the shoulder line is narrow and tends to decrease so that the impression is hunchbacked. The hips tend to be comprehensive with a large groin. Visually the lower body is wider than the upper body.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung’s Body Type: Rectangle

TWICE’s Chaeyoung’s body type is a rectangle, supermodel, or ruler body. The body shape that looks straight is caused by the waist shape that is not too well defined. If the size of the shoulders, chest, stomach, and waist circumferences are the same, then it can be ascertained that TWICE’s Chaeyoung has a straight body shape.

TWICE’s Tzuyu’s Body Type: Petite Hourglass

TWICE’s Tzuyu, the youngest member, has a petite hourglass body type. It has a smaller body at the waist. Usually, this body shape will be visible on the bust and hips of the same size, but for TWICE’s Tzuyu, she has a small bust. This body shape has advantages since it looks very curvy. This body shape has an ideal shape because the proportions between the lines of the shoulders, waist, and hips match. Well, that was all for the information about TWICE’s body type, which shows that they have different physical appearances. Nonetheless, everybody types are beautiful, and let’s give TWICE much love. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!

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