Bada is the hidden member who completed Hinapia into a 5-member girl group. As the youngest member, Bada’s role is quite complete in the group. She was officially introduced to the public on October 28th, 2019, and she fills the role of a dancer as well as a vocalist and a rapper of the group. In addition, this member also attracted attention with her visual that was said to be similar to Twice’s Tzuyu. Now, of course, that was a little introduction to her. But, that was not all. If you’re still curious to know her better scroll down this article below!  

Full Profile of Hinapia’s Bada

Stage Name: Bada (바다) Real Name: Kim Ba-da (김바다) Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae Date of Birth: May 28th, 2002 Zodiac Sign: Gemini Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse Height: 163 cm (5’4″) Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs) Blood Type: A  

Fun Facts about Hinapia’s Bada

She was officially introduced on October 28th, 2019 She used to be a model Her nicknames are Hidden member and Kim Sea (because Bada means sea in Korean) She is the hidden member of Hinapia She was the last member to be revealed She is the youngest member of the group She studied at Incheon Daejeon Elementary School and Bupyeongseo Girls High School She is the only member with no entertainment background Netizens say she has similar features with Twice’s maknae, Tzuyu She likes cleanliness as it is said that her room is very neat She joined the team through an audition process


Learn More About Hinapia’s Bada’s Personality

Ever since Bada was introduced as the ‘hidden member’ of the group, many fans greeted the news positively. Fans showered Bada with complimenting comments for her outstanding visual appearance (that is said to be quite similar to Twice’s Tzuyu). The fans even had expectations about her nature and personality since she seemed to command a strong aura through her features. “Is this really happening? Wow she’s very beautiful,” said fans. “Wow the aura is so strong,” continued other fans. “She’s only 17 years old and already looks like this, amazing,” continued other fans. “She looks like a mix of Twice’s Tzuyu and Iz*one’s Hyewon,” said other fans. “My dear Bada, congratulations on your debut,” said other fans. See? Even in her first appearance, many fans already liked her aura and many fans even guessed that she has a strong personality. Bada, although didn’t come from the entertainment industry and was relatively new in the scene, displayed her willingness to work hard to fulfill fans’ expectations. In Hinapia’s debut showcase, she said, “I’m really nervous about debuting. I worked hard so that I wouldn’t let anyone down. Please look forward to what we have to offer.” True to her words, Bada is indeed a hardworking person and willing to put in work to prove her talent. And yet, fans were wrong when they guessed that she seems to have a cold aura, because Bada is one of the cutest members of the group. Her chubby cheeks and cheerful personality will light up the room instantly.

Hinapia’s Bada’s Focus Fan-cam

Bada is one of the dancers of the group, so it is no wonder that fans are enchanted with her dancing skills. In various of her fan-cams, we can see how precise she is with her moves whether it’s a dance cover or a stage performance.

Bada displays her serious charm and cold expression on stage even though she’s known to be a cutie pie in her real life. Here, take a look at a few of her fan-cam videos!


Cute Side of Hinapia’s Bada

As we all know, Bada has a bubbly and cute personality. It’s not even fake but she’s just naturally cute. Her maknae charisma, alongside her cute natural personality, has earned her the title of the group’s baby.

She’s also known to be funny and witty and isn’t even scared to act silly or react to something.  

Hinapia’s Bada’s Cover Songs

Bada also likes to do cover videos, be it a dance or a song. Although she’s a good dancer, she’s known as an even better singer. Check out the few videos below to see her singing skills!

Woah, she’s even good at covering an English song!  

Hinapia’s Disbandment

Although we’re just getting excited to see the former Pristin members and a new member that is Bada join the group Hinapia, unfortunately, the group had to end shortly after it just started. Not even a year into their debut, Hinapia was officially disbanded. OSR Entertainment announced the disbandment of Hinapia by releasing a statement on Friday, August 20th, 2020. “First, we want to apologize for bringing bad news to fans who have always loved and waited for good news from Hinapia,” wrote a representative from the OSR Entertainment agency. In a written statement, OSR said they had disbanded Hinapia and also terminated the contracts with all the members. “Our agency has spoken at length with the members for quite a long time. We have all come to the decision to disband the group and terminate our exclusive contracts with the five members,” the agency wrote. The agency hopes that fans will continue to support each member to be active again in the future. “The Hinapia members are set to be active in various fields in the future, we hope that fans will also support their new start,” wrote the agency. The agency also wrote a thank you note for the support and love given to HINAPIA during its nearly a year of debut. “Thank you for loving Hinapia until now and we apologize once again,” read the agency’s final words. The disbandment decision is reported to be caused by the company’s difficult situation after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. All the members agreed to terminate their contracts and disband the group after only nine months. Through her Instagram account, Bada shared the unfortunate news with fans. But although it is an unfortunate piece of news, she thanked the fans for consistently supporting her even though she still feels lacking and inexperienced. Bada wrote a message in the caption, “Hello. This is Kim Bada. First, I am sorry for conveying bad news to our fans. I had fun on stage with my members while being a singer, and I was really happy to be able to meet fans while promoting. Thank you to the OSR staff who made me able to stand on stage as a singer and I’ll try to see fans in the future and show a good side of myself. I was lacking and inexperienced, and thank you to all the fans who loved and supported even that part of me.” She currently shares her daily life with fans through her personal Instagram account. Follow her Instagram to learn more about her current activities! We miss you Bada, but we’ll be sure to support your future activities! So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding Hinapia’s former member and cute maknae, Bada! What do you think about her? Let’s have a chat about her in the comment box below!

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