HINAPIA’s Minkyeung’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Kim Min-kyung (김민경) Stage Name: Minkyeung (민경) Birth: Chuncheon, South Korea, July 29, 1997 Age: 23 years old (International age) / 24 years old (Korean age) Zodiac Sign: Leo Height: 172 cm Weight: 49 kg Blood Type: B Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual Years Active: 2016 – Present Label: OSR Entertainment, Pledis Entertainment Associated With: HINAPIA, PRISTIN, PRISTIN V, Produce 101 Instagram: @minkyeung_297

HINAPIA’s Minkyeung’s Fun Facts

– HINAPIA’s Minkyeung is an only child. – HINAPIA’s Minkyeung went to Kyunggi High School, Korean Art School, and Dongduk Girls University. – HINAPIA’s Minkyeung initially debuted as a PRISTIN member with the stage name Roa. – HINAPIA’s Minkyeung started her career as a trainee at the end of 2013 during middle school and attended a practical music school as well. – HINAPIA’s Minkyeung appeared in NU’EST’s JR & Minhyun’s “Daybreak” MV and Raina’s “RESET” performance. – HINAPIA’s Minkyeung also appeared as a backup dancer in Orange Caramel’s “My Copycat” MV. – HINAPIA’s Minkyeung participated in the survival show Produce 101 and ranked at #42. – HINAPIA’s Minkyeung also made a duet with Han Dong-geun for the single “Falling Slowly.” – HINAPIA’s Minkyeung loves to cook. – Writing songs is one of HINAPIA’s Minkyeung’s specialties. – HINAPIA’s Minkyeung signed a contract with OSR Entertainment in October 2019 after her contract with Pledis Entertainment ended. – HINAPIA’s Minkyeung was the first one to debut in a new group. Then, she recruited other members and found a new agency for them.

Learn More About Hinapia’s Minkyeung’s Personality

There are two versions of Minkyeung, and they are Minkyeung on-camera and Minkyeung off-camera. In front of the camera, Minkyeung will transform into every possible personality that is far from her actual personality which made her get the nickname Ice Princess while on-camera. She used to be told to hide herself and present something that people wanted, but, actually, she is a cheerful, warm, and cool person.

Hinapia’s Leader, Minkyeung

As the leader in Hinapia, Minkyeung revealed that she didn’t have any difficulties leading the other members. She gets along with them very well, and she became the mood maker of the group as well! Although she said that there were no difficulties as the leader, through certain circumstances, she would joke and say that she didn’t want to be the leader. Even though she sometimes acts like a childish person, she was a good leader! According to Bada, Minkyeung looked like the leader the most when she was sorting things out and deciding what is wrong or right. Minkyeung was really good at that, and she would be straightforward while telling them what is right for them. It also made the members think that Minkyeung was a cool leader. Well, has a charismatic personality which helped her become a great leader in Hinapia!


Hinapia’s Minkyeung’s Focus Fancams

If you take a look at Hinapia’s Minkyeung’s focus fancams, we bet you will fall for her charms even more! For example, there was a focus fancam of Minkyeung during a “Drip” performance. She looked effortlessly chic and gorgeous with a black outfit that suited her cool personality on stage as well as her visual appearance! People have known that Minkyeung has talents in dancing, singing, charisma as a leader, and a stunning visual as well. Even during live performances, her voice sounds as good as ever, not to mention how good she was at singing while dancing on stage!

During another “Drip” live performance, Minkyeung’s focus fancam became one of the most awaited content! This time, she appeared in a casual and simple outftit, but it didn’t make her charm fade. Turns out, it emphasized her beautiful dance along with the rhythm! When her solo part came, the crowd couldn’t get enough of Minkyeung’s sophisticated aura! What do you guys think about her focus fancam appearances?

Hinapia’s Minkyeung Talks About Pristin’s Disbandment

Through MBC’s VIDEO STAR, Minkyeung revealed her thoughts regarding Pristin’s disbandment. She used to think that her career with Pristin would last a long time because Pristin was quite popular and people were happily welcoming them as K-pop idols. According to her, it was like something had left her life when she realized that her career with the group was over. She also went through ups and downs after Pristin was officially disbanded, but she made a breakthrough after asking the other former Pristin members who still had the same desire as her to try to debut again in a new group. Minkyeung also revealed her sadness with a bunch of tears that made the other cast members of VIDEO STAR become sad as well.

HINAPIA’s Minkyeung’s Latest News

Several months after debuting with Hinapia, Minkyeung once again has to let go of her group. On August 21, 2020, the group was officially disbanded after OSR Entertainment gave the announcement through Hinapia’s official fan cafe. Previously, Hinapia fans became quite suspicious about the future activities of their idols since the official links of Hinapia started to become inactive in June 2020. Their official fan cafe is also no longer active even though it was one of the easiest ways for Hinapia members and fans to communicate with each other. Then, the unpleasant announcement was revealed that Hinapia was disbanded. According to Minkyeung’s statement on Instagram, Hinapia’s members and the agency discussed the decision a lot, and due to the agency’s internal problems, the members eventually terminated their contracts with OSR Entertainment. Some sources also said that the group couldn’t make money during the pandemic situation because the entertainment industry limited activities and live shows. You can take a look at Minkyung’s Instagram updates here: Let’s always support Minkyung and her career in the future. Write down your thoughts about her below!

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