Full Profile of RiSe

Full Name: Kwon Ri-se Date of Birth: August 16th, 1991 Origin: Fukushima, Japan Blood Type: B Height: 164/166 cm Education: Fukushima Korea Junior High School | Tokyo Korean School | Seikei University (Economics and Business Administration) Language: Korean and Japanese Death: September 7th, 2014 Death Place: Suwon, South Korea Active Years: 2010–2014 Position in LADIES CODE: Sub-vocal Agency: KeyEast Entertainment | Polaris Entertainment Social Media: LC_Rise (deactivated)  

Facts about RiSe

Pre-Debut Story

RiSe was a Korean descendant who was born in Japan and lived there until she was in middle school. She went back to South Korea to pursue her dream to become a singer. However, she returned to Japan a few years later when her father passed away. RiSe became popular through her appearance in the MBC survival show Star Audition The Great Birth in 2010–2011. As a free agent, she appeared in the MBC show We Got Married with David Oh. She ended her free agent time by signing with KeyEast Entertainment for three years before moving to Polaris Entertainment and debuting with LADIES CODE.  


RiSe debuted with the girl group Ladies Code on March 7th, 2013, with the song “Bad Girl” from the group’s mini-album Code#01. The group performed on several music shows and gained public attention for their songs and performances at the same time.

LADIES CODE’s relationships between members are close. RiSe was known to be close to EunB and Ashley as they shared the same room at the dorm. LADIES CODE members also celebrated RiSe’s birthday with fans together.

Ladies Code slowly rose to be one of the most popular girl groups right after their debut. Their unique songs and charm in several songs such as “Pretty Pretty,” “So Wonderful,” and “Kiss Kiss’ brought them increasing popularity. However, it all turned into sadness because of a fatal car accident that took place on September 3rd, 2014.  

Car Accident

LADIES CODE went through a car accident on September 3rd, 2014, around 1:30 a.m. KST. The group was on the way back to Seoul after attending the recording of the KBS Open Concert at DGIST as it was their last performance of the “Kiss Kiss” promotion. The reason behind the accident was because the group manager driving the van was driving with a speed of 137km/h (85 mph) in a 100 km/h (62 mph) zone for a distance of 30 km (19mi) on a rainy condition which made the road slippery. The manager lost control of the vehicle and caused the group’s van to hydroplane and skid several times before crashing into a protective wall in the vicinity of the Signal Junction on Yeong-dong Expressway. Unfortunately, there were no airbags deployed in the van at the time so RiSe and EunB received fatal injuries which made them hard to identify by paramedics.

Before RiSe made her last breath, she was taken to the Catholic University of Korea St. Vincent’s Hospital. She was given emergency CPR and later taken into surgery three times. During her fourth surgery, RiSe’s blood pressure began to drop rapidly which forced the medics to move her to the intensive care unit at Ajou University Hospital. RiSe resumed surgery before dying at 10:10 am (KST) on September 7th, 2014, at Ajou University Hospital.

Her funeral was held two times. The first time in Seoul Memorial Park, South Korea on September 9th, 2014. Many artists attended her funeral or sent flower wreaths. Several artists were SHINee, KARA, Bestie, Super Junior member, David Oh, Secret, former survival show mentor Lee Eun-mi, and idol Roh Ji-hoon. After the first funeral, RiSe was cremated before being taken back to Japan for the second funeral held for family and close friends.  


When she was alive, RiSe had not released any solo songs even during her active time with LADIES CODE. Before her official debut with LADIES CODE, the songs she had sung during MBC Star Audition The Great Birth were all released online. April 14th, 2011, MBC Star Audition The Great Birth Part 1 (8090 Sing a song) – Hey Hey Hey

May 27th, 2011, MBC Star Auditions The Great Birth Part 8 (Songs You Are The Most Confident About) – Like a Virgin



RiSe’s first appearance on a TV show was through an MBC star audition. Through her amazing appearance as well as her singing and dancing ability, RiSe slowly gained popularity even before her official debut with LADIES CODE. Here is the list of RiSe’s appearances until her last breath.  

Music Videos

October 25th, 2013, What You Want – Kanto featuring INFINITE Kim Sung-gyu


Tribute To EunB and RiSe

After the news of Rise’s and EunB’s untimely demise, a lot of artists extended their condolences at the funeral, music shows, and other shows as well. Here are some of the tributes that appeared on camera.

LADIES CODE received the MBC Music Star award the following year at the 2014 Melon Music Awards. The award was received by the other members who survived the accident even though they were not present at the show. During that time, all the singers who were present on the show stood up from their seats as they paid their respects to their passing. “We lost Ladies Code’s Eunbi and RiSe through a tragic accident. We will remember their beauty and passion forever.” — EXO Baek-hyun.

Fans from all over the world are celebrating her birthday every year even after she has passed away. The fans commemorate the day by sending wishes. In 2020, Ashley, Zuny, and So-jung shared their memorable photo with RiSe alongside the birthday wishes to celebrate her birthday. “I remember EunB and RiSe’s bright faces. These are the friends who expressed their desire to receive an award at the end-of-the-year ceremony, but before they got to see it happen they had left the world. I hope that this trophy gets received well in Heaven.” — Jeon Hyun-moo. https://twitter.com/LC__Ashley/status/1294798873508999168   That was all for the information about the eternal member of LADIES CODE—RiSe. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below and remember RiSe, but also support the other LADIES CODE members!

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