Not only are HISTORY known for their quickly rising careers, but they have also managed to get appreciation and steal the attention of the public with their excellent skills and talents. If you don’t know HISTORY, it’s a good idea to get to know the members one by one. In this article, we are going to discuss HISTORY’s Jaeho who successfully started promoting as a solo artist recently. Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s check out the complete article about HISTORY’s Jaeho to the latest news by scrolling down!

Full Profile of HISTORY’s Jaeho

Real Name: Kim Jaeho (hangul:김재호) Stage Name: NANO (Hangul: 나노) Date of Birth: September 17, 1992 Star Sign: Virgo Weight: 58 kg Height: 174 cm Blood Type: B Official Sites: Instagram @nano92 YouTube: NANO

Fun Facts about HISTORY’s Jaeho

About HISTORY’s Jaeho’s Personality

As a boy group member, there must be many different personalities even though they are related to the same job as an idol. In this section, we invite you to take a closer and more detailed look into the personality of the HISTORY member that we have been discussing. As many fans know, every idol also has his own charm behind their talent in singing or dancing. So, usually as individual fans, there are certain personalities that characterize an idol that attracts the attention of their fans. Let’s check out HISTORY’s Jaeho personality below!

Focus Fan-cam

One of the videos below is a fan-cam focus from HISTORY’s Jaeho taken while he was performing the song “Queen” with his group. This song is one of HISTORY’s comebacks that took place in 2016. The focus thread below also shows several compilations of different clips when HISTORY’s Jaeho performed at outdoor events. With his charisma, HISTORY’s Jaeho looks really cool performing in that comeback era.

One of the fan-cams that we can watch below is HISTORY’s Jaeho who is promoting with his group and singing “Dreamer.” In the video, HISTORY’s Jaeho looks very elegant with a black shirt and black trousers that make his appearance on stage more charismatic. Not only that, but the sleeves that are rolled up to the elbows also make HISTORY’s Jaeho look even more charming, plus other accessories with glasses, the member who was born in 1992 looks very charming.

Not only when performing, but some focus threads when HISTORY held a fan signing also show HISTORY’s Jaeho who looks charming when interacting with fans. HISTORY’s Jaeho also looked happy and smiled at the camera that was recording him during the fan signing event. It can be seen that HISTORY’s Jaeho’s visual is very interesting as an idol. He also looks friendly to his fans and occasionally gives a pose to just take a photo.

What do you think about HISTORY’s Jaeho’s personality when the fans caught the moment?

HISTORY’s Jaeho Being Funny And Cute

In one of the HISTORY vlogs, Jaeho showed his very funny action. There is a scene where he eats kimbab, but his expression is very strange and shows that the kimbab tastes unusual. Then, on a special HISTORY variety, Jaeho with his eyes covered by a cloth tried to grab something that was an eel in the aquarium. With feelings of disgust and fear, HISTORY’s Jaeho screamed and jumped when his hand touched a long, slippery object. There are also scenes where HISTORY’s Jaeho really enjoyed Sunmi’s “24 Hours” of choreography. With his seductive and very funny moves, he is not shy about showing his dance moves and proves that the song originally sung by the female solo artist is one of his favorite songs which makes it very easy for him to dance when he hears the song playing. Not only on one occasion, but HISTORY’s Jaeho has also shown his talent in dancing on several interview shows and it all automatically made the members laugh at his behavior. As written in HISTORY’s Jaeho fun facts, he also loves to show his strengths in aegyo and make everyone laugh at his behavior. It can be said that Jaeho is the member considered to be the mood maker and can make everyone laugh just by looking at his face or paying attention to his every behavior.

HISTORY’s Jaeho’s Fall During Performance

In April 2016, HISTORY’s Jaeho reported that he fell off the stage and injured his hand, which he accidentally broke his own thumb to be more precise. At one of the performances HISTORY held on Show Champion to promote their comeback song “Queen,” the stage was held outdoors and it was raining at the time.

Every idol who comes to perform puts himself at a very dangerous risk because the stage becomes very slippery due to the heavy rain. When HISTORY performed, they looked fine and it seemed that their performance was going well as usual until in the end, HISTORY’s Jaeho was seen tripping and falling on stage. There was a loud banging sound from the microphone he used during his performance. After HISTORY finished their performance that day, Jaeho uploaded a photo of his bandaged left hand and showed that the part that was badly injured was his thumb. The photo caption uploaded by HISTORY’s Jaeho reads: “I’m okay, as a man I should be able to take even this much,” (seen above) posting another photo that captures his fall, saying, “A professional’s pose #FallingDown #WithEdge.” Even though the photo was deleted because it invited pro and contra comments from fans, the tragedy was well known to many people, especially among fans of HISTORY.

Debut as NANO

FAVE Entertainment seemed to want to surprise STORIA (the name for HISTORY fans), especially after HISTORY suspended group activities in May 2017. Then because Song Kyungil and Na Dokyun were serving in the military and now, one of the members, Kim Jaeho, has announced his solo debut with Nano as his stage name. This multitalented senior of FAVE Girls, JBJ, and THE BOYZ at LOEN Entertainment often gives spoilers for songs he produced himself through live Instagram. The news about his debut as a solo artist was made. This certainly makes fans happy who are looking forward to Kim Jaeho’s comeback as a solo artist. Kim Jaeho did a live broadcast on his Instagram account on January 28th, 2018. He announced that he was shooting a music video and mentioned that Jei, the leader of FIESTAR, will be helping him again by starring in his solo debut music video which will be released in February 2018. Not only Jaeho, but Jei also broadcast live on his Instagram account to promote Kim Jaeho’s debut. A few moments later, Jei posted a photo of himself and tagged Jaeho’s Instagram account. Therefore, it was certain that Kim Jaeho will soon debut solo. Previously, Jei also starred in the debut trailer and reality show HISTORY Panda PR in 2013. This gave off a Deja Vu impression and made fans throwbacks to their debut days. Meanwhile, Kim Sihyoung is busy with individual activities and Jang Yijeong is currently active as a producer on the Devine Channel. The debut of Jaeho, who has now changed his stage name to NANO, was finally launched with the release of his song “Forever You and I” with acoustic arrangements and the R&B/Soul genre as well as a vintage touch produced by HSND produced.

The first music video he released on February 20th, 2018, looked very colorful and aesthetic. As of today, the video has received 117,530 views and 7.3K likes. NANO seems to really show off his bright character and also his excellent singing talent. Apart from that, FIESTAR’s Jei also looks really pretty in the music video as a model. What do you think about HISTORY’s Jaeho making his solo debut as NANO with the song “Forever You and I” (Prod. HSND)? After almost two years of making his solo debut, NANO also frequently uploads content on Instagram with some photos or selcas from him. Let’s take a look at the last few feeds that NANO has made on his Instagram page!

A post shared by NANO (@nnano92) on May 7, 2020 at 4:05am PDT Translation: “Moon Jong-up_HEADACHE (feat.YUNHWAY) that I participated in came out. Everyone is in a lot of trouble!” Well, that’s more or less all the available information about HISTORY’s Jaeho and also the latest news from him at this time. Although previously he had been actively promoting as a member of HISTORY and debuted under a well-known agency, his career still had to go on especially, since he had the chance to become a solo artist. All risks must be taken and it proves that HISTORY’s Jaeho has a big responsibility as a musician who still wants to keep working and greet fans through the songs he produces. Let’s keep giving lots of support and love to HISTORY’s Jaeho who is currently promoting as NANO so that he too can make a comeback as soon as possible!

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