Full Profile of HISTORY’s Sihyoung

Stage Name: Sihyoung Birth Name: Kim Si-hyoung Position: Rapper, Visual Date of Birth: May 15th, 1992 Zodiac Sign: Taurus Height: 182 cm (6’0″) Weight: 63 kg (138 lbs) Blood Type: A Twitter: @_kimsihyoung Instagram: @k_s_h_26  

Fun Facts about HISTORY’s Sihyoung

He has a sister Dok-gang-i is his nickname because he resembles one of the characters of a gangster movie He graduated from Busan High School of Arts He was an ulzzang and a model for showganzi prior to his debut He was a member of Ulzzang Shidae 3 He made an appearance in the comedy TV variety 얼짱시대 (Ulzzang Generation) Season III He was often mistaken as SHINee’s Taemin’s older brother He was a trainee for three years Out of 4000 people, he was chosen as the New Ulzzang Comic dance is his individual talent Although he seems reluctant, he also can sing as a vocalist Other members and fans usually tease him and call him ugly for his horrible selca skills because he can’t take a selfie/selca easily Vegetables are his favorite food No matter how much he eats, he never gains any weight He claimed that he tends to walk or do things alone so it’s hard to be friends with him when you meet him for the first time He acts as if he is Jae-ho and Yi-jeong’s older brother even though he is the same age as Jae-ho Although his blood type is A, he claims to have an odd personality Since his father is a boxer, he knows about boxing When it’s house cleaning time, he is the one who usually nags a lot to Yi-jeong He likes to watch movies or TV shows in his free time While Yi-jeong and Ja-eho said he ranks number 2 in the group (after Kyungil), he said that he ranks 5 in the group When other members’ moods are down, he always cheers other members He always practices his rap a lot, since rap is usually the last part to be recorded During their debut with the song “Dreamer,” the other members said that he was so nervous that he couldn’t sleep since he had to do a narration with IU He was the model in Fiestar’s “Vista” MV with Kyungil He can also play the piano, but he only knows one song at a time According to Yi-jeong, he is like Kyungil, who can’t make jokes when he’s not in the mood He imitates Dokyun’s expression and talents of gibongie (making and eating leaf-wrapped rice in a funny way) while doing his cosmic dance While practicing the “Might Just Die” choreography, he hurt his hand and both of his wrists a lot He almost got caught at the Paris airport before they went to Berlin when they transited there during the shooting of “What Am I To You” MV trip in Germany because the immigration police thought that he looked like a drug smuggler He was the fastest runner among other members Since he can jump high, he’s been chosen as the group’s representative on MBC’s 2014 ISAC Since he loves to watch that show SBS’ Law of the Jungle, he wants to appear on that show His wide (pacific) shoulders, long legs, and his low voice are his charming points His sexy moment is before he takes a bath He has a habit to bite his lip when talking or whenever he gets nervous Black and red are his favorite colors Soccer and bowling are his favorite sports Sydney, Australia, is his favorite dating place He likes to be prepared for everything when going on a date with a girl His ideal type is Emma Watson or a girl who’s not fake or sly and probably someone who resembles his mom


About HISTORY’s Sihyoung’s Personality

Since Sihyoung filled the spot between the hyung-line and the maknae-line, his personality lies in a bit of the middle. Sometimes he could be a very mature hyung to his fellow members, but other times he isn’t scared to embarrass or ridicule himself in order to get a laugh from the other members. Due to his nature, Sihyoung can be concluded as a not shy guy. He often isn’t afraid to do aegyo or imitate the others as his specialties. Although he sometimes displays his responsible and disciplined nature to the younger members, even Yi-jeong is scared of him sometimes. Well, you could never get bored with his personality since he is such a funny guy! Check out this video below to find out more about his personality and funny moments!

He is also a very confident and self-assured guy. “I like myself the most,” he said in one of the videos.

According to other members, he is also a very hard-working person. Even though the rap part is usually recorded in the end, he often studies and practices alone to deliver his lines perfectly.

And well, just because we love goofy Sihyoung, check out his videos above!  

Focus Fan-cam

Although Sihyoung is a goofy person, he is a very serious performer. When he performs, his passion for rapping, music, and performing really shines through and fans can even see that by the way he moves. Imagine, a crazy visual with good dancing skills and a strong aura. He is indeed a true performer!

Apparently, fans can really see that looking from the way they flocked around the comment section with praises for Sihyeong, below: “His facial expression is the reason why he’s History’s visual.” “Another thing about my bias Sihyoung is that he doesn’t make me fangirl regularly, he doesn’t make me go crazy and scream at the top of my lungs, but for some reason…he’s just quietly there in my heart and mind. He doesn’t have to do anything extraordinary because he’s just automatically #1 for me. That’s just how I feel about him, even though it kind of doesn’t make sense to me either lol.” “I think I might just die from watching this video.” “I love this group all the members are sexy as hell, but Si-Hyoung my god those eyes I die every time…” “I SWEAR IF SOMEONE DOESN’T CAST HIM AS A PRINCE SOON, I’M COMING TO KOREA TO DO IT MYSELF. So gorgeous 👌❤️ He’s the one consistently trying to take over my bias list 😝❤️❤️”

Well, although he acts cool in his stage performances, apparently he still consistently shows his goofy persona when meeting his fans. But, maybe that’s what makes fans love him!  

HISTORY’s Sihyoung’s Visual

Sihyoung took pride in his strong features. He said that due to his unique features, he can display both the manly and pure side of himself. Well, isn’t it understandable? After all, the guy has the perfect VISUAL.

Well, to be fair, he was an ulzzang model prior to his debut. He was a member of Ulzzang Shidae 3 and even made an appearance in the comedy TV variety 얼짱시대 (Ulzzang Generation) Season III. Out of 4000 people, he was chosen as the New Ulzzang, a very prestigious title for his face kkk~ Well, no wonder fans are crazy about him. I mean, who wouldn’t be with this kind of face?  

HISTORY’s Sihyoung’s Singing “Only Human”

Yes, we know that Sihyoung is closer to be an angel than a mere mortal… even when he sang the song “Only Human,” he looked and sounded like an angel. He sang the cover of the Japanese song “Only Human” at an event at the Abeno Hoop Osaka on December 13th, 2015. Though he is a rapper, his singing skill is really good and decent enough that he could pass up as one of the main vocalists! Check out his performance and vocal skills in the video below!


Since then, he consistently updates fans with his daily activities as Kim Sihyeong. His latest social media updates (both Twitter and Instagram) was on June 23rd, 2020, when he shared an update with the caption, “Hye Jung-ah Eun-ah… I still love it…”

— HISTORY 김시형 (@_kimsihyoung) June 23, 2020 Now, his Instagram can no longer be found. Apparently, there is a possibility that he just deactivated or deleted his IG account as can be assumed by a fan’s comment. One fan comment on his latest social media update, “You deleted Instagram prince of the night? I hope you are recovering well, please take care of yourself a lot. I did not want to bother you I just think I will miss you a lot prince… I did it for you, I hope you may be smile with it.” Well, we don’t know what happened or the full story behind his deleting his IG account, but we also do hope everything will be fine and he can come back with a brighter smile! So, those are all the things that you need to know about HISTORY’s former member, Kim Sihyeong! What do you think about this article? Did it help you get a better understanding of the details and news of Sihyeong? Kindly share your thoughts on the topic in the comment box below!

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