Through the course of their career Twice have had since debuting in 2015, it has been almost 6 years now. And since then, they have released many albums and songs, whether written by Twice members themselves, or written by JYP, or other songwriters. Now, in this article, we are going to talk about one of their songs written by one of the Twice members as well as the leader, Jihyo, entitled “Ho!” “Ho!” was the third track by Twice included in their 5th extended play titled What Is Love? The song was released by JYP Entertainment and distributed by Iriver on April 9th, 2018. Keep reading this article to get more information and details about the song. Here is the full audio version of Twice’s “Ho!” that was uploaded on Twice’s Official YouTube Account.

Background of “Ho!”

“Ho!” was set to be released for Twice’s 5th extended play titled What Is Love? as the third track. JYP Entertainment announced the news of Twice’s comeback with the EP, including the promotion schedule, through their official Twitter account on March 25th, 2018. Including “Ho!” as the third track in the EP, 5 other songs were included in the EP, alongside the lead single of the same title as the EP, “What Is Love?” The one in charge of writing the lyrics for “Ho!” was the leader of Twice, Jihyo. Jihyo was not the only Twice member that has participated as a songwriter in the EP, Jeongyeong and Chaeyoung also wrote a song together. The teaser for the EP’s tracklist which included “Ho!” was released by JYP Entertainment on March 29th. Through the release of this EP with “Ho!” as the third track in 2018, Twice became the first Korean female act and the 5th music act overall to earn a Platinum certification from the Korea Music Content Association. Here are some of the photo teasers from Twice’s 5th extended play titled What Is Love? where “Ho!” is included.

The Group Photo Teaser










Story of “Ho!”

Jihyo took part in writing the lyrics for “Ho!” together with Micky Blue, The Elev3n, and Joren Van Der Voort as the composers. And The Elev3n was the one in charge of the arrangement. Even though this song was released in early April which is still a spring atmosphere, the lyrics describe the summer atmosphere which is synonymous with the right time to fall in love. The lyrics contain the feelings of falling in love that are felt by a woman going crazy with all the emotions.

MV of “Ho!”

The song “Ho!” by Twice does not have an official MV because this song was not the lead single. However, we provide the lyrics version as another option for you. Here are the lyrics of “Ho!” by Twice.

“Ho!” Performance

Even though Twice did not promote this song on any TV show like the lead single, “What Is Love?” still, you can watch the live performance of this song in their concert. So, below, we have provided a live performance video of “Ho!” by Twice that you can watch. “Ho!” by Twice – Live Stage in Concert (Twicelights in Seoul)

“Ho!” Achievements

Through the comeback with Twice’s 5th extended play title What Is Love? where “Ho!” was included as the third track, the song has achieved many things on charts. Here are the details of “Ho!” Achievements: Song Charts Song Charts  

Ho   2018  by Twice - 53Ho   2018  by Twice - 36Ho   2018  by Twice - 18Ho   2018  by Twice - 55Ho   2018  by Twice - 46Ho   2018  by Twice - 98Ho   2018  by Twice - 17Ho   2018  by Twice - 56Ho   2018  by Twice - 1Ho   2018  by Twice - 57Ho   2018  by Twice - 24