Here is the full audio version of Twice’s “Hold Me Tight” that was uploaded on Twice’s official YouTube account:

Background of “Hold Me Tight”

Twice made their third comeback in 2017 by releasing the 4th extended play called Signal on May 15, 2017. In that EP, the song entitled “Hold Me Tight” is included and set as the fourth track. JYP Entertainment made an announcement about the release of both the EP and the song on April 18. Through this comeback, Twice collaborated with their producer, J.Y. Park “The Asiansoul,” for the first time since their debut for the lead single with the same name as the EP, “Signal.” Also, by releasing this song, the leader of Twice, Jihyo, joined again to promote the group as a whole after taking a break for some time because of a knee injury. Here are some of the photo teasers from Twice’s 4th extended play called Signal where “Hold Me Tight” is included.

The Group Photo Teaser










Story of “Hold Me Tight”

Judging from the lyrics, it looks very clear that “Hold Me Tight” by Twice talks about the anxiety of a woman who is waiting for a confession of love from the person she likes. Unfortunately, even though she has given many signs and chances, the man is still insensitive. She wants to take the initiative and make a move first, but she is too shy to do it. JYP Entertainment released “Hold Me Tight” by Twice on May 15, 2017. It was written and arranged by Jowul and distributed by Genie Music. The music of this song was composed by Jowul, Scott Granger, Brian Judah, Johnny Marnell, and Roahn Hylton.

MV of “Hold Me Tight”

“Hold Me Tight” by Twice was released by JYP Entertainment as the fourth track on Twice’s 4th extended play called Signal, so this song does not have an official MV. Here is the lyric video of “Hold Me Tight” by Twice:

“Hold Me Tight” Performance

Twice performed “Hold Me Tight” live once during their concert Twiceland Zone2. If you want to watch the live performance of “Hold Me Tight,” we have prepared it here. “Hold Me Tight” by Twice Live Stage in Concert (Twiceland Zone2)

“Hold Me Tight” Achievements

“Hold Me Tight” might not be the lead single for Twice’s 4th extended play, but this song has achieved some things on the music charts. Here are the details of the “Hold Me Tight” achievements on song charts: Song Charts

Hold Me Tight  2017  by Twice - 70Hold Me Tight  2017  by Twice - 74Hold Me Tight  2017  by Twice - 98Hold Me Tight  2017  by Twice - 46Hold Me Tight  2017  by Twice - 6Hold Me Tight  2017  by Twice - 17Hold Me Tight  2017  by Twice - 56Hold Me Tight  2017  by Twice - 62Hold Me Tight  2017  by Twice - 19Hold Me Tight  2017  by Twice - 14Hold Me Tight  2017  by Twice - 17