The album which features a lot of pop dance and hip-hop songs was released on April 22nd, 2019, and has six songs with the title track “Fancy“. The album was produced by JYP Entertainment in conjunction with Republic Records, one of America’s leading record labels that have worked with well-known artists such as Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Julia Michaels. Several Twice members participated in writing the lyrics for their comeback album, Fancy You; they are Momo, Jihyo, Sana, and Chaeyoung. Jihyo wrote the lyrics for the third track “Girls Like Us“, Momo wrote the lyrics for the fourth track “Hot”, Sana wrote “Turn It Up” as the fifth title track, and Chaeyoung wrote “Strawberry” as the sixth track. “Hot” is the second song written by Momo after “Shot Thru The Heart” for the mini-album Summer Nights in 2018. Twice’s main dancer wrote the lyrics for “Hot” along with Kang Eun-jong.

Background of “Hot”

“Hot” is the fourth track on the Fancy You album. This pop-dance song was written by Momo from Twice together with Kang Eun-jong, composed by Jonatan Gusmark, Ludvig Evers, Moa Anna Carlebecker Forsell, and Josefin Glenmark. Moa Anna Carlebecker Forsell and Josefin Glenmark are Swedish singers and songwriters. And this 2-minute-59-second song was arranged by Ludvig Evers (Moonshine). “Hot” is a pop song featuring different guitar riffs. “Hot” has a fairly fast melody and beat and sounds upbeat and cheerful. It is similar to the other songs on the Fancy You album. The songs on this album have a very bright and cheerful melody, which shows Twice’s confidence.

Talking About A Woman’s Confidence

Many fans think that this song written by Momo really describes her. Momo is one of the K-pop idols who are known to be very confident in their dancing skills. Through this song, Momo shared that confidence with the listeners of “Hot”. “Hot” is a pop-dance song that talks about self-confidence. The lyrics of this song describe a woman’s confidence and love of herself. Confidence is like “everyone turned to see her beauty and were mesmerized by her charisma”. The lyrics that really describe self-confidence and self-love are the lyrics sung by the youngest member of Twice, Tzuyu. The lyrics are: “Even in plain clothes, I’m different I’m already perfect to the tip of my foot.” And also the lyrics sang by Momo after Tzuyu: “Even if you’re not, your heart will be drawn to me. Because you’re already into me, yeah.”

No Rap Part

Unlike other Twice songs, “Hot” does not have a rap part. The two Twice rappers, Dahyun and Chaeyoung, did not rap in this song. The two members sang along with the other members for “Hot”. Despite not having rap parts, “Hot” is a very easy listening and catchy song. This song is very thick with a pop-dance feel because of the music and also the repetition in some parts of the song. The most interesting repetition is in the chorus of the song with the lyrics “Burn it up, hot baby. Hot hot hot ooh, hot hot hot ooh, hot hot hot ooh, hot hot hot ooh. Burn it up, hot baby.” The repetition of the lyrics in the bridge part of the song also sounds fun: “Catch me if you can, catch me if you can. If you really want to see me again. Catch me if you can, catch me if you can. If you really want to see me again.”

Audio of “Hot”

The audio version of “Hot” was released on April 22nd, 2019, on Twice’s YouTube channel. To date, this audio has been listened to more than 1.4 million times and has received 37k likes.  

Achievements of “Hot”

“Hot” and five other songs have brought Twice many awards and new records. The album Fancy You was very successful commercially. Twice became the first Korean girl group to surpass first-week album sales of more than 150,000 copies. The album also debuted at number 2 on the Gaon weekly album chart and topped the Japanese Oricon weekly album chart. Fancy You debuted at number 4 on the Billboard World Albums chart. The album also received a Platinum certification from Gaon for achieving sales of over 250,000 copies. Congratulations Twice!

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