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HOT ISSUE’s Yewon: Full Profile

Real Name: Park Ye-won (Hangul: 박예원) Stage Name: Yewon (Hangul: 예원) Birth: Gyeonggi-do, Goyang, South Korea, January 11, 2004 Star Sign: Capricorn Height: 170 cm Position in the Group: Vocalist Family Members: Father (Park Jung-hak), Mother, Older Sister (Park Ji-won – born 1993) Education:

Balsan Middle School (Graduated) Taejang High School (Attendant)

Nationality: Korean

HOT ISSUE’s Yewon: Fun Facts

HOT ISSUE’s Yewon: Debut Era

Competition in the K-pop industry is indeed very tight, and those who have just debuted in K-pop groups must have a unique identity and steal people’s attention. Not only that but fans will also definitely look for the advantages of K-pop groups that have just debuted and give appreciation for their hard work. Therefore, the debut era is one of the most important moments so that K-pop idols can optimize their talents and promote well for the public. HOT ISSUE is a girl group from S2 Entertainment that also proved that it can give the best performance from its debut single “GRATATA.” For your information, HOT ISSUE’s Yewon trained in several agencies, and she said that she had a competition between trainees back when she was a former trainee in Play M Entertainment. “I was always anxious and had a strong compulsion to do well. Now, I have a different compulsion. While preparing for my debut, I felt that I was on a team. I am following the members well,” she said. HOT ISSUE’s Yewon also said that she’s been doing Korean dances since she was young. She didn’t know much about K-pop, but she got to know 4Minute while showing off her skills in elementary school. “I realized that I can impress many people with just singing, dancing, and facial expressions. From then on, I fell in love with K-pop,” HOT ISSUE’s Yewon said. As a newcomer in the K-pop industry, each member also has their own goals to achieve as an idol. In order to do this, HOT ISSUE’s Yewon said that she wants to do a refreshing concept someday with all the HOT ISSUE members. On April 15, 2021, HOT ISSUE’s Yewon released two pictures of her individual teaser images. In the first picture below, she looks very beautiful with soft makeup and letting her long hair loose while holding a sniper with some flowers on it. HOT ISSUE’s Yewon looks very elegant with this look, especially with her black outfit that gives a mysterious vibe. In another teaser picture, HOT ISSUE’s Yewon appeared with another concept and looks really cool with her blue highlights. In this teaser picture, she has a cold aura and gives off a strong impression from her teaser image for the 1st EP titled ISSUE MAKER. On April 23, 2021, HOT ISSUE’s Yewon was seen in her individual teaser music video. In this 21-second video, it shows a new appearance from HOT ISSUE’s Yewon with her blonde hair. You can see her clip while dancing to the “GRATATA” instrumental in this teaser.

On April 28, 2021, HOT ISSUE finally released its music video for the first time titled “GRATATA.” The 7 members definitely look really great in their first appearance in their debut music video. Besides that, this song also has a strong concept with a powerful synth and was produced by AIMING. “GRATATA” has a meaning of the members wanting to be snipers for their goals in the future and receive the attention of fans and the public.

On May 2, 2021, HOT ISSUE held its debut stage that was aired on SBS’ Inkigayo and performed its debut single “GRATATA” on this stage. You can watch HOT ISSUE’s Yewon on the left side of the group with silver-blonde long hair that can be easily spotted on the stage. She gave her best performance on the stage and obviously caught many people’s attention with the group’s debut performance.

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