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Full Profile of HOTSHOT’s Junhyuk

Stage Name: Junhyuk (준혁) Birth Name: Choi Jun-hyuk (최준혁) Position: Leader, Main Vocalist Date of Birth: April 21st, 1992 Zodiac Sign: Taurus Nationality: Korean Height: 183 cm (6’0″) Weight: 67 kg (147 lbs) Blood Type: B Twitter: @92JUNHYUK Instagram: @92tobor  

Fun Facts about HOTSHOT’s Junhyuk

Ulsan, South Korea, is his hometown He has a younger sister Playing the piano and buying clothes are his hobbies He has a really, really, really long tongue Prior to joining HOTSHOT, he trained under SM Entertainment with fellow member, Timoteo He made an appearance in Double K’s “랩운동” MV. Choi Giraffe (최기린) and Choi Leader (최리더) are his nicknames Meat is his favorite food He managed to enter the top 24 in Mnet’s Superstar K2 He studied at Sehan University According to his opinion, he is the best vocalist in the group, the one with the best personality, the most handsome, the one who eats the most, and the one who does fanservice the most He can do an imitation of Oh Gwang-rok, but the other members disagree and he promised he would work more to improve his imitation Before debuting in HOTSHOT, he along with Yoonsan released a song titled “Sexy Hae” On January 29th, 2020, he enlisted in the military His ideal type is a girl who looks a little bad and has an Oriental look, as well as a girl with a sense of humor


About HOTSHOT’s Junhyuk’s Personality

Well, if we’re about to speak of Junhyuk’s personality, one thing is for sure: he is a highly confident guy. He once described himself (yes he described himself) as “the best vocalist in the group, the one with the best personality, the most handsome, the one who eats the most, and the one who does fanservice the most.” While what he said might be true, his overflowing confidence is surely a breath of fresh air in the midst of other idols’ shy nature.

A post shared by 최준혁 (@92tobor) on Dec 30, 2019 at 3:02am PST He’s right about being the one who does the most fanservice though. If you open up his Instagram, you can see how he’s constantly checking on fans and giving fans a heads up about his current whereabouts. He even shared updates when he was in military service. On top of that, he also shared a thoughtful handwritten letter to his fans when he was about to enlist, explaining his reason to fans and encouraging them to be healthy and happy. He also was very appreciative of fans’ gifts and events as can be seen in his Instagram highlight. Well, no wonder fans love him! And on top of that, he’s very enthusiastic about interacting with his fans.

He also has a bunny! Fans are gushing over his pet. He surely is a loving guy. Since he’s the leader, he’s also very responsible toward the member. He often is a spokesperson of the group, but he’s not overshadowing the members. He lets the other members speak their minds.

In conclusion, Junhyuk is a precious and loving guy, both to his fans and the other members. The world is grateful to have him.  

Focus Fan-cam

Although there are only a few of Junhyuk’s fan-cams out there, he was still shining in every fan-cam! Whatever the song, whether it’s energetic or somber, he perfectly captured the mood and performed passionately. His personal fan-cam alone has been watched for more than 14.000 views, and fans are filling the comment section with praises: “In the MV I thought he was hot… but… HE’S JUST SO ADORABLE HELP,”  “WAAAHHHH I loved this!! JunHyuk is such a cutie, I love his smile. Just yesterday I was wondering why there were no MNET fan cams of them, and then this showed up. Wish the other members had them too.” “Junhyuk is gorgeous ❤️😍❤️” “Awww his little smirks are so cute,” “<333 I can’t get over his cute smile * __ *” And yes, he was gorgeous in every fan-cam. Check out his other fan-cams below!


HOTSHOT’s Junhyuk’s Singing Paul Kim’s “Me After You”

As the main vocalist, it is undeniable that Junhyuk has got a great voice. We don’t know how to describe it, but Junhyuk’s voice is a unique combination of soothing and deep, and in turn, his emotions can be felt by only listening to his voice. Just by listening to his voice, you can capture his passion and seriousness for singing, although he also always delivers the best expression when he’s singing. Well, if you want to know what we’re talking about, check out Junhyuk’s cover video of Paul Kim’s song “Me After You,” below!


Military Service

In 2020, Junhyuk started military service. He wanted to start his military service secretly without publication, therefore his announcement was released suddenly on January 28th, 2020. The announcement was released by HOTSHOT’s agency, Star Crew Entertainment, through the official fan café: “Hello, this is Star Crew Entertainment. Meanwhile, Junhyuk apparently also prepared a personal letter that he addressed to fans. He apologized for giving this news suddenly and did not say goodbye before starting military training. He wished to quietly say farewell to his family and enter the military, so we did not announce the date, location, and time of his enlistment, but he joined the military as an active member today. We hope you understand that no formal schedule was carried out. Please support our artist Junhyuk who will faithfully carry out his military duties and come back more mature.   The weather is cold. Are you keeping warm? Did you catch a cold? You must be careful of the cold. I think it’s been a while since I wrote a letter, and today, I’m going to be telling HOTPLE something different. It’s sudden news, so I’m really sorry… but I’m enlisting in the military! I feel very bad that I won’t be able to see you before I go. I will be healthy and strong, so I hope all of you will be healthy and happy as well. I am nervous because of the enlistment, but I will go while thinking of my happy memories with you. Don’t worry too much and continue to be happy as you are now. I will always support you and be grateful to you. And I love you! We will miss you, Junhyuk! But we’ll be definitely waiting for you! So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding HOTSHOT’s visual leader, Junhyuk. What do you think about him? Have you fallen for his charms? Let’s have a chit-chat about him in the comment section below!

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