Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning look mesmerizing with their visuals, not to mention their youthful charms that make people think that they are all the same age. However, based on their international ages in 2022, Karina and Giselle will be turning 22. Meanwhile, Winter will be turning 21, and Ningning will be turning 20 years old. You can check out Aespa members’ age order on the table down below:   Based on their birthdays, Karina is the group’s oldest member, and Ningning is the group’s youngest member. However, their actions sometimes speak differently as the youngest member can be as mature as the oldest member and vice versa. Get to know the full explanation about Aespa members’ age order here!

Aespa’s Unnie Line

First of all, let’s start with the Unnie Line or the members who are considered the oldest. For the Unnie Line, there are Karina and Giselle who were born in 2000. In the group, Karina is in charge as the leader, lead rapper, center, and main dancer. Then, Giselle is in charge as the main rapper and sub vocalist. As the Unnie Line in the group, both Karina and Giselle take care of the youngest members very well. Despite their shy personalities, they can get along with each other as well as other members. Karina and Giselle are caught up with their savage image very often, but they also have a motherly side as the oldest members of the group. Simply, Karina was caught taking care of the youngest member by tidying up their appearance, helping them while getting ready, and doing a lot of skinship with them. Meanwhile, Giselle has acted as a cool older sister towards the youngest members. She even acts hilariously along with them with no doubts!

Aespa’s Middle Line

Winter is marked as the only member in Aespa who is considered as the Middle Line. Although, she can be considered in the Maknae Line as well. Being born in 2001, she doesn’t have that much of an age gap from the Unnie Line or the Maknae Line. Winter is in charge as Aespa’s visual, lead dancer, and lead vocalist as well. In terms of personality, Winter is considered the funniest member in Aespa. She shares many hilarious jokes with the members, especially Ningning. She was even caught being unintentionally funny on many occasions! Besides, Winter is well-known for her caring personality towards the members, and she takes care of them very well, especially the group’s maknae Ningning.

Aespa’s Maknae Line

In Aespa, there is only one youngest member, and it is Ningning. Not only considered a maknae but Winter is in charge as the group’s main vocalist with her incredible vocals. As the youngest member, Ningning appears with a bright and cheerful personality. She and Winter are often caught bursting into laughter with their jokes very often. Her unnies in the group also take care of her very well, and Ningning has shown many adorable moments as the group’s maknae. Especially, when the oldest members start teasing her, Ningning gives various adorable reactions! However, Ningning also has her mature side which was revealed by the group’s leader, Karina. According to Karina, Ningning can be very mature as if she is the oldest member during certain occasions. For example, during photoshoot sessions, Karina said that Ningning looks very different and gorgeous, and she takes care of the members very well. So, what do you guys think about Aespa members’ age order? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media for your fellow MYs!

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