The fact that ITZY’s members debuted at a young age has made people respect them even more. The members were born in the 2000s, and currently, they are in their 20s. As the leader, Yeji will be turning 22 years old in 2022. Meanwhile, Yuna will be turning 19 years old in 2022. You can check out the members’ age order from the oldest to the youngest here:   From the table, you can understand the conclusion that Yeji is the oldest member in ITZY and Yuna is the youngest one. People may misunderstand the real oldest and youngest member in ITZY because all of them look like they are the same age, especially when certain members act adorably or mature enough to be compared to their real age!

ITZY’s Oldest Member is Yeji

The oldest member in ITZY is Yeji who is also the leader of ITZY. Yeji was born on May 26, 2000. Just by looking at how gentle and caring she is towards ITZY members, we can easily tell that Yeji is the oldest member of ITZY.

ITZY’s Maknae is Yuna

Yuna is the maknae or youngest member of ITZY who was born on December 9, 2003. Among ITZY members, Yuna is the only one who was born in 2003. ITZY members often baby her because she is naturally cute and no one in ITZY who is younger than her. However, you probably can’t notice that she is the youngest because Yuna is the tallest member of ITZY.

ITZY’s Unnie Line

Yeji and Lia are ITZY’s Unnie Line or the oldest members of ITZY who were both born in 2000. As one of the oldest members, Yeji has a motherly side that is loved by her fellow members, and she always pays attention to every detail of them. For example, Yeji always takes care of the youngest members while filming their music videos and even compliments them for doing a good job or for looking amazing with the concepts. Just like Yeji, Lia has always listened to the youngest members and understands them very well as the group’s unnie. Even when they make mistakes, Lia always tries to understand the situation and doesn’t want to hurt them by saying something directly.

ITZY’s Middle Line

Ryujin and Chaeryeong were born in the same year which makes them the same age as the group’s Middle Line, and they both were born in 2001. Ryujin is simply always kind to the other members, especially when they are sensitive during the tight schedules according to Yuna. She takes care of both the oldest and youngest members very well or simply pays attention to the other members and fixes things that bother their appearances. Aside from Ryujin, there is Chaeryeong who is very kind and loves to joke around with the other members. Yuna once revealed that Chaeryeong is one of the older members who has good chemistry with her.

ITZY’s Maknae Line

ITZY’s maknae line only consists of Yuna since she is the youngest member who was born in 2003. As the maknae or the youngest member, Yuna has always lightened up the mood with her adorable actions, and even the oldest members agree that Yuna is considered as the group’s “Baby.” Although she is the youngest in ITZY, Yuna is very sincere and thankful towards the oldest members. She even cried while presenting her thank-you speech to her unnies because she meant it. Despite her position as the group’s maknae, Yuna is famously known for her charismatic vibes, good communication skills, and her kind manners! That’s everything about ITZY members’ ages and the age order of the group! From the oldest to the youngest members, all of them are very careful and lovely towards each other. No wonder ITZY can show good teamwork and has a strong bond as a whole group! So, what do you guys think about the age order in ITZY? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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