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South Korean actor Born: September 25, 1982 (age 39 years), Jamsilbon-dong, Seoul, South Korea Height: 1.85 m Agent: VAST Entertainment Alma mater: Chung-Ang University – M.A. in Theater and Film Partner: Son Ye-jin (2022–) Birthday: September 25, 1982 Age: 39 Years, 39 Year Old Males Sun Sign: Libra Born In: Seoul, South Korea Famous As: Actor

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Hyun was born and raised in Seoul and has one older brother. He graduated from Youngdong High School and then studied at Chung-Ang University, where, in 2004, he majored in Theater Studies. In 2009, he enrolled at the same university to obtain a Master’s degree. On January 1, 2021, Hyun’s agency confirmed that he is in a relationship with actress Son Ye-jin, his co-star in The Negotiation (2018) and Crash Landing on You (2019–2020), since c. 2020 after Crash Landing on You concluded. On February 10, 2022, Hyun and Son announced their marriage through a letter posted on their personal SNS. Their respective agencies confirmed the wedding ceremony will be held privately in Seoul in March 2022, with parents and acquaintances of both families. Hyun Bin was born in Seoul, South Korea to a typical Korean family on 25th September 1982. He was a curious, and a silent kid, who didn’t speak much and was quite keen on becoming a detective after watching a lot of detective TV series and films. He and his younger brother would play all around the house, enacting their favourite detectives. Hyun Bin had a very average life, other than the fact that he was considered extremely good looking and in the high school, one of his seniors advised him to try acting and join the theatre club in the school. After he joined the theatre club, there was no stopping him as he had finally located his calling in life and he would practice for hours at a stretch, honing his skills. One other major event happened during high school, one day when Hyun was riding bike with his friend, a man shouted from the back, asked them to stop. They stopped and he said that he was a talent manager and that Hyun must give him a call back. This was pure fate and luck, and Hyun just knew that he was destined to be there, in the entertainment industry, and then came the difficult part of convincing the parents. Hyun talked to them, but they refused to let their son to go on the highly uncertain career path. They wanted a safe career for him, and it took 2 years for Hyun to persuade them. They advised him to enrol into the Chung-Ang University, which they thought was the best place to learn acting. Hyun did small jobs at the theatre productions within the university at first, but then eventually started acting, and kept improving his craft as the time passed. Hyun Bin has been in relationship with many actresses, his first known girlfriend being Hwang Ji-hyun.

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