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I.B.I’s Sohee’s Profile

Name: Kim So-hee (김소희) Stage Name: Sohee (소희) Birthday: January 20, 1995 Birthplace: Busan, South Korea Occupation: Singer Years active: 2016 – present Agency: N. CH Entertainment Group(s): C.I.V.A, Girls Next Door, I.B.I Position: Lead vocalist (I.B.I) Height: 162 cm Weight: 41 kg Zodiac: Aquarius Chinese zodiac: Pig Nationality: Korean Blood type: A Instagram: @soh_eee

I.B.I’s Sohee’s Fun Facts

Before she signed a contract with N. CH Entertainment, she was a trainee and artist from several agencies such as Music Works and LOEN Entertainment. She studied at Samsung Girls’ High School. Singing is her hobby. She became a trainee for 1 year and 4 months. Sohee has a YouTube channel named 김소희는 Kim SoHee, and her Facebook account is named officialkimsohee. Her specialties are dancing and singing. She was a former member of Girls Next Door that was made from the TV program named Idol Drama Operation Team. Sohee signed a contract with N. CH Entertainment in October 2019. She has many songs that she sings for K-drama soundtracks such as “Good” (with So Soo-bin) for Crash Landing on You‘s OST, “Navigation” (Shopping King Louie‘s OST), and many more. Her role model is IU, and she described why she likes IU. Sohee left Music Works on July 11, 2019. Sohee easily forgets some things, and she easily falls down. In Mind Link, she says that she has a driver’s license, and she wants to drive to Busan and go with the members (Nature) to show the sea there.

About I.B.I’s Sohee

The lead vocalist of I.B.I does have a pretty face, is cheerful, and is cute. Sohee really loves those people who support her and also cares about other people. Even so, it turns out that she is also a person who doesn’t easily memorize the new dance choreography fast, but she still tries her best!

I.B.I’s Sohee’s Career Journey

In 2016, Sohee started her career by joining the South Korean mockumentary TV show that was formed by Mnet under named The God of Music 2, and she became a member of the group project C.I.V.A (CIVA). Then, after that, she participated in a survival show program that aired on Mnet named Produce 101 Season 1 from January to April 2016. In the show, she almost got the chance to get into the top 11, but it turned out that fate said differently, and she had to be eliminated in the final episode with a rank of 15. Here is her appearance on the show when she was a contestant!

Even though Sohee couldn’t debut with I.O.I, in the same year, or more precisely on August 18, 2016, she debuted into a group managed by Kakao M named I.B.I where the group consisted of the contestants who were eliminated. In I.B.I, she got positioned as the lead vocalist, and the group released one single named “Molae Molae” in 2016. However, this group only had a contract for 1 year. Then, in 2017, they disbanded. After I.B.I disbanded, Sohee carried out her activities as an Idol. And, in 2017, she was called to be one of the cast on the TV reality show Idol Drama Operation Team which was broadcasted on KBS. This program consists of 7 idols with different groups, one of which is Red Velvet’s Seulgi. In that program, Sohee and others idols became scriptwriters to write their own stories as well as act according to the version that they write. From this reality show, there’s a new group named Girls Next Door, and they debuted with the song “Deep Blue Eyes.” The group made their debut stage on Music Bank on July 14, 2017. Because the group is a group that was formed in a project on the reality show program, the group didn’t last long, and the members returned with their own activities. Maybe you would like to see Sohee’s performance with Girls Next Door, and you can watch it in the video below!

After the reality show finished, Kim Sohee debuted as a solo singer on November 8, 2017. In her debut, she released her first extended play (EP) The Fillette with the main track “Sobok Sobok” featuring Fiestar’s Yezi.

I.B.I’s Sohee’s Appearance in King of Masked Singer

King of Masked Singer is a program produced by MBC. This program is a South Korean variety show with music singing where all the singers’ faces will be covered with masks. This program first began airing in 2015, more precisely on April 5, 2015. The participants in this program can be from various types and even idols because their faces are covered with masks so the judges can’t find out who is behind the masks, and they vote for the participants according to how they feel. One of the idols who participated in King of Masked Singer was Kim So-hee (Sohee). She appeared on episode 27 in 2018. The Produce 101 former contestant used the name Jewelry Sauna to hide her real identity, and she performed a duet with Open-Air Bath by singing a song from Lee Hye Jin and Joo Young Hoon entitled “Just the Way We Love.” You can watch it by clicking on the video below!

In that competition, Jewelry Sauna was defeated by Open-Air Bath. She only got 43 votes from the audience while Open-Air Bath got 56 votes. After getting the votes, then Sohee sang again with a different song. She sang “Roller Coaster” by Chungha while taking off her mask, and it made all the judges as well as the audience surprised. Sohee then continued to sing with a bright smile, and everyone around enjoyed the song until the end. After the song ended, Kim So Hee then introduced herself by saying, “Hello, I am Kim So Hee. Glad to see you!” Kim So Hee sang beautifully. Her voice was so good that it hypnotized everyone that they didn’t recognize who was behind the mask because they really enjoyed her voice and the performance. Watch and listen to her voice when she sings “Roller Coaster!”

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