Learn More About South Korean Singer Seogoong’s Music Career

Seogoong who also has stage name I’M is a singer with a diverse history in South Korean music. He has the real name Park Hyun Ho and initially was a member of a boy band at debut, however, he later decided to pursue a solo career. Let’s get to know I’M or Seogoong, and check out his music career journey in this Channel-Korea article!

Full Profile Of I’M (Seogoong)

Full Name: Park Hyun Ho Native name: 박현 호 Group: Topp Dogg Label: Hunus Entertainment Height: 179 cm Birthplace: Seongnam Date of Birth: May 1st, 1992 Zodiac: Taurus Blood type: A I’M or Seogoong made his debut as a member of boy band Topp Dogg under the label Stardom Entertainment on October 22nd, 2013. This entertainment label then united with HUNUS Entertainment. I’M is incredibly talented as a rapper which is what landed him a place in Topp Dogg, but he possesses skills in pop singing as well. Members of Topp Dogg include Sangdo, Hojoon, B-Joo, Xero, Yano, and Seogoong. Later on, Sangdo, Hojoon, B-Joo, Xero, and Yang joined forces and decided to create their own sub-unit XENO-T and they started promoting as such on February 21st. In the beginning, they were originally a thirteen-member group build by Cho PD in 2013 under Stardom Entertainment and then they moved to Hunus Entertainment. After several line-up changes their name became XENO-T in 2018 without Seogoong in the band anymore.

Debut As A Solo Singer

Seogoong started pursuing a solo career rather than as a member of a group under the new stage name I’M. I’M made his solo debut with the release of the music video titled “Try.” This music video was first broadcast on October 15th. I’M is now part of a new agency, he has signed a contract with DreamT Entertainment which also produces several other popular K-Pop stars including Girls Day, MA P6, and MC Mong. I’M promised to produce good music. He now wants to be popular not as Topp Dogg’s Seogoong but as I’M. He said: “Please, give me support and love always.” Dream Entertainment also announced on Dream T Entertainment, “Former Topp Dogg member Seogoong has signed on with us last October, and he’ll be debuting solo with the name I’M on October 15th.” I’M added, “Not as Topp Dogg’s Seogoong, but as I’M I will greet fans with more maturity and good music. Please give much love and support.”

I’M (Seogoong) Songs

I’M released the song titled “Save Me” on March 30th, 2017, under 1theK entertainment. His voice is really soft and strong. In the music video, he wears a white shirt and white pants. He is looking handsome like a pure man. The song is about relationships. He shows his skill in solo dancing in this music video. You should check this one out!  

I’M released his song titled “Try” on October 14th, 2016. This pop ballad really shows his vocal ability which is strong and soft. He could hit a high tone easily. I’M is wearing a blue denim jacket and long jeans in the video for the song. This song is about the man who only has a heart for this one woman and wants this woman to come back in his arms. I’M really has great vocal abilities and maybe this is why he quickly managed to succeed as a real solo singer.

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