Yep, the iconic boy group from YG Entertainment, iKon, is a group that made a debut in 2015. They came from one of the biggest K-pop companies in South Korea. So, it would be impossible if someone who is into K-pop doesn’t know them. However, some people still don’t really know them that well. They are not just a group who made one popular song. In fact, iKon has a lot of good songs that you can listen to. The members of iKon are all talented and charismatic too. So, we will discuss one of the members of iKon. It’s the youngest member and one of the tallest members of iKon, Jung Chanwoo! Let’s see all about Chanwoo in the sections below!

iKon’s Chanwoo’s Profile

Jung Chanwoo or Chanwoo is the maknae of iKon. He is the only member who was born in 1998. When iKon made a debut, he was only 17 years old or 18 years old in the Korean age. He was not yet legal those days and still went to high school. But Chanwoo being one of the tallest members in iKon making him just like a giant baby. In iKon, Chanwoo’s position is sub-vocalist. He is also considered as the visual along with Yunhyeong. Chanwoo is the only member in iKon who didn’t join the pre-debut survival show that iKon joined in. Chanwoo is also popular being the “little Lee Min-ho”. There are more things about Chanwoo, but first, we will give you the profile of Chanwoo. Check it out below! Full Name: Jung Chanwoo Given Name: Chanwoo Stage Name: Chanwoo / 찬우 Korean Name: 정찬우 Nickname: Chwanwoo, Chanu, Jjanu, The Most Clever Child in the World, The Nicest Child in the World, Maknae on Top, etc Birth Date: August 28, 2000 Birth Place: Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea Nationality: Korean Height: 180 cm Weight: 65 kg MBTI Type: ISFJ Family: Parents, older brother Education:

Yongin Seowon Elementary School Yongin Seowon Middle School Seowon High School

Position: Sub vocalist Instagram: @chan_w000 Debut Year: 2015 Agency: YG Entertainment Group: iKon

iKon’s Chanwoo’s Facts

Now that we have seen Chanwoo’s profile, we know some basic things about him, such as his birthday, hometown, and even MBTI. But that essential info is still not enough to understand him better, right? If you don’t know about Chanwoo enough, then you won’t find something that makes him special. So, here it is! We will give you some interesting facts about Chanwoo that will make you understand why the members of iKon love him so much. Check out Chanwoo’s interesting facts below!

Chanwoo really likes to play games. Chanwoo is one of the tallest members in iKon despite being the youngest. iKon members really like to tease Chanwoo. Even so, they said that Chanwoo is smarter than them. There is also an MC in Korea named Jung Chanwoo. He hosted the Cultwo Radio show. He is also close with Chanwoo because they share the same name. Chanwoo’s desire to win is powerful. He gets upset when he loses. Chanwoo had a fan-cafe ever since he was young. Chanwoo is a fan of a baseball team in Korea called LG Twins. It was because his family is also a fan of LG Twins.

iKon’s Chanwoo’s Pre Debut

We mentioned a bit that Chanwoo is the only member in iKon who didn’t join the pre-debut survival program of iKon back then. The program was called “Who Is Next”, it’s the survival show which aired in 2013. The program separated 11 trainees into 2 groups, Team A and Team B. The members that are now debuting with iKon are Team B. It has 6 members, which basically iKon excluding Chanwoo. So, what happened with Chanwoo, and why he didn’t join “Who Is Next”? And was it his dream all along to be a K-pop idol? Well, all the questions that probably popped up in your mind right now will be answered in this section! Let’s see the story of Chanwoo before he debuted as iKon’s member! The little Jung Chanwoo from Yongin-si maybe not predicting that he would debut as an idol back then. He was a little boy, also the youngest in his family, who grew up outside Seoul. He spent his childhood in Yongin and went to the schools there too. However, as a child, Chanwoo has been a good-lucking boy. He got cast as a model of TVXQ’s music video, a song called “Balloon”. In that song, Chanwoo portrayed the younger role of Changmin. The song was released in 2006, and Chanwoo was still 8 years old or 9 years old in the Korean age system. He even lost his tooth, even though he still looks so cute and handsome. Little Jung Chanwoo caught attention due to his cute and handsome looking. People even started to make a fan-cafe for the little model. Then, in 2007, Chanwoo debuted officially as a model for a commercial of Madecassol. He became the boy who got injured because of playing soccer. It seems like the career of child actor Chanwoo has grown even bigger each year. But he was still focusing his education on Yongin, so he didn’t move to Seoul just yet.

iKon’s Chanwoo as an Actor

Chanwoo starred as a model of commercial and music video back then. Because of that, he stole attention and got cast for much bigger projects. Chanwoo started to reach the big screen. He starred in a movie called “Lost and Found” in 2008, where he portrayed the young Park Dong-sik. Not only in a movie, but Chanwoo also portrayed roles in some K-dramas. He started his first drama debut in 2008 as well. Chanwoo was portrayed in “The Great King Sejeong” as the young Prince Yang-nyung. Some other popular dramas that Chanwoo starred in is “Boys Before Flower”. Well, who doesn’t know this drama? It’s one of the all-time popular dramas in Asia. The drama aired in 2009 and has Lee Minho as well as Goo Hyesun as the main leads. Chanwoo was portrayed as the young Goo Jun-pyo, the role portrayed by Lee Minho. In 2013, Chanwoo once again portrayed the younger role of Lee Minho. He portrayed the middle school version of Kim Tan in “The Heirs”. It seems Chanwoo’s gorgeous face is really matched with Lee Minho’s stunning visual. Besides those dramas and movies, Chanwoo also starred in dramas such as “Cain and Abel”, “The Slingshot”, and “No Limit”. He also starred in a movie called “Gabi”.

iKon’s Chanwoo as a K-pop Idol Trainee

Seeing how Chanwoo was quite successful as a child actor, you probably guess that he might be an actor someday. Instead of portraying the younger male lead’s role, he could actually be the male lead, right? But things don’t turn that way—Chanwoo all of a sudden walk into a path that led him to become an idol. One day, Chanwoo’s friend wanted to go to an audition in Gangnam, Seoul. Chanwoo as a good friend, followed his friend and support him. Not only that, but he was also joining the audition as well. It was really out of a sudden because he didn’t prepare that much. But Chanwoo at least has time to get ready the day before. Chanwoo prepared to sing a song, little dance, and of course, showing his acting. Since Chanwoo has the experience and has starred in dramas and movies, he was most confident with his acting skill. On the day of the audition, he sang a ballad song called “Should I Say I Love You Again” by Kim Dong-ryul, which he regretted later. He also danced to Nick Bass’ choreography. And lastly, Chanwoo did some acting from a scene of the “Marine Boy” movie. At first, Chanwoo thought he messed up his audition since the judge didn’t react. They were so calm. But Chanwoo was serious about his will. Even though he didn’t prepare a lot, he was really meant it. Chanwoo wanted to improve his skill if he gets accepted as YG Entertainment’s trainee. And it turned out that Chanwoo actually passed the audition. He got a call that said he was accepted as a trainee. He couldn’t believe it, and he told his parents and friends about this too. As expected, his friends and family were so happy about this.

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